Mikel Arteta must find a way to keep his Arsenal players hungry and focused

Lack of focus and complacency are massive dangers for Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta has worked what could be seen as a minor miracle at Arsenal this season after taking over as their permanent manager at the end of last year.

He took over a directionless team and has made them one of the best teams in 2020.

The wins haven’t been coming consistently but the signs of improvement are there for all to see and this team can only get better.

However, in times like these, teams have to prepare for complacency and that is one thing Mikel Arteta has to watch out for.

The Spaniard would have been disappointed at Arsenal’s loss to Olympiacos at the Emirates, but that defeat shows just how easy it can be for teams to allow their opponents to want it more.

Olympiacos was far more determined and they fought for it, while Arsenal seemed to have underestimated the Greeks because they won the first leg.

This can become reoccurring and spoil the Gunners’ momentum and Arteta has to keep an eye out for that sort of attitude to take hold.

The big task for the Spaniard now would be to keep his players hungry for more success as well as staying focused in games.

The goal has to be to win one game at a time, and Arteta has to drill his players to keep their hunger for success and stay focused in their remaining games this season.

Because the loss to Olympiacos did look like a team that was complacent and had lost focus. That cannot afford to be allowed to happen again, starting with the West Ham game tomorrow.

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  1. Anyone else thinks Arteta makes substitutions a bit too late? I still can’t see the reason why Martinelli came on so late against Olympiakos. Was he carrying an injury?

    One of the things I liked with Umery was how proactive he was with his substitutions. It was a welcome change from the 75 min substitutions from the Wenger era.

    1. The ends justifies the means, Twig. With all his half time and early substitutions, things would have been worse than this if we hadn’t sacked him.

      1. Really.
        Let’s wait and see arteta’s end
        Emery also had 22 match unbeaten at the beginning of his tenure.
        I hate when people turn to the slightest available chance to disgard something valid only because they want to defend their man.
        The truth is arteta have not been been as active and decisive from the touchline with his subs and tactical change.
        We have struggled in many cases and he acted late which have cost us points.

  2. Closing the canteen at colney is probably the closest we will get to Arsenal players being hungry

    1. The fact that this Arsenal team is in the position they are in the EPL, should be motivation enough, let alone the high wages they are on.
      The motivating factor for Arteta needs to be what was lacking for Emery; support from the Board in the transfer market, so the underperforming players can be replaced, sidelined and ultimately moved on.

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