Mikel Arteta names his biggest success in charge of Arsenal thus far

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has claimed that his biggest success since returning to the club is to make it feel like somewhere that they can all belong, somewhere that the players can meet their full potential.

The boss turned 40 yesterday, highlighting just how early on he is in his managerial career, with him currently the youngest manager in the top division.

Despite his age, he has done a fine job at the Emirates and can feel proud of the work he has done, but what he is most happy about is the atmosphere that he has created behind the scenes.

“Until now I think one of the biggest successes has been to create – as a club – a culture and an atmosphere where our players, staff and everyone can feel that this is a place where they can fulfil their potential,” Arteta told Arsenal Media on his birthday.

“It is a place where they can grow, they can participate and everyone can add value to the club. When you get that, you create a real sense of belonging and that’s something more powerful than just personal interest. I think that’s been one of our biggest wins so far.”

The feeling in and around the club does seem to be great at the minute, and you have to give the manager the credit for that as he appeared the be the instigator in creating the model.

We could well enjoy a number of years under his guise as things continue to go to plan, and keeping that atmosphere may well be key to an extended reign for the Spaniard.


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  1. I’m not a fan of Mikel Arteta, but I must admit the guy has transformed Arsenal 2 a club it once was, with believe & confidence growing amongst fans & players alike. Should he deliver champions league futbol, I will eat my humble pie & become his fan, & support him like Arsenal unconditionally.

    1. The wiser fans among his former detractors have ALREADY changed their formerly foolish minds. Seems you will only do so when 4th place is gained.

      There are in life always a section who fail to see what others easily see, until its so blindingly obvious that even they cannot miss it. You will get to see it eventually. I personally saw it a long time ago.

  2. Interesting, he also talked about communication and the need for all players coming in to make the effort to learn the language

    I wonder if Saliba has used his extended loan time to do so?

    I still haven’t seen him play but also never seen an interview or press conference he may have done so I genuinely don’t know

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