Mikel Arteta names one thing that his team has to get better at

Mikel Arteta has urged his Arsenal side to become more lethal in front of goal if they want to catch the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.

Arsenal has struggled in front of goal for the past few seasons, their struggles make it easier for them to draw games instead of killing them off.

Although they have won the FA Cup and Community Shield within the last three months, they still struggle for goals sometimes and in their latest game against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup, it was the Reds who created the better chances and the game ended goalless in normal time.

The Gunners drew six home games in the league last season and 14 league games in total.

Their inability to kill games off is a problem for Arteta and he knows that it will stop his team from being up there with the top teams in the Premier League.

The Spaniard also challenged his team to make it hard for others to visit the Emirates and get away with a point.

‘Obviously that’s something we have to improve dramatically. We want to give ourselves the best chance to be as high as possible in that table,’ Arteta said as quoted by Mail Online.

‘We have to do it at home. I know it’s going to be crucial, our home form. Away we have improved so much already, let’s keep trying to do it but every game is tricky… sometimes small details make the difference.’ 

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  1. Recruiting better players?

    I’m more than happy with MA but
    at some point all this talk gets
    predictably pointless if your
    collective talent doesn’t reach top
    4 level.

    1. So your saying it’s become “predictably pointless” now, and we’ve been improving and we’re only at the start of the season?

      1. I stated that MA has my full support and he has been
        very impressive in his short spell as manager but the
        reality is he isn’t competing for the EPL title or CL
        futbol with this squad, especially the lack of talent
        in the middle of the pitch.

        Jorginho on loan simply doesnt move the needle
        enough when TP is there for the taking. Even
        Diawarra or Soumare would be welcomed additions.

        I hope for a last minute miracle on Monday but not
        holding my breath quite frankly

  2. Apparently targeting Jorginho now 🤔 this club is becoming a serious laughing stock! Partey to Chelsea and we pick up Jorginho you can see it happening!

        1. Argh!!!!!!! Don’t bother then 😂
          Right, I now have my optimistic head on… the most important piece of business was Auba – done!! I’m disappointed about TP/HA.. but surely we have a back up plan and no not just Jorginho… can you see the chavs letting him go?? Whoever comes in may pleasantly surprise us.. assuming someone does come in, still 2 days left… look at how many people wrote Rodriguez off as well as saying Ancelotti was past it… and look at Everton now!!
          We’ll be alright, Kev….

          1. I remember an article with us being linked to James and most people on here were no way I don’t want James, no thank you next etc..and now everyone will be saying we missed the boat on that one 😂😂 Everton are playing well Sue but we’ll see where they are and if they’re the real deal when they play Liverpool next, you would expect them to beat Brighton, palace, west Brom and they’re best result was against a very poor Totts team 😀 they might let him go if they sign Rice or Partey and we will as usual pick up their scraps 🤪 i would much rather Auba played centrally Sue I think he would be more effective especially in the big away games 😀

            1. I’m not sure I would have expected Everton to beat all 4 teams you’ve mentioned 😂 not the usual Everton team!!
              One thing’s for sure though, come Monday night when you wake me, if nobody has come in, even though ‘they tried’… this will prove that the board have no ambition whatsoever and are more than happy not challenging and just floating around mid table ish and have let MA down big time! We shall see…

              1. I know what you mean Sue but if they beat those sides last year nobody would have said anything.. 4 games in long way to go, we were buzzing winning our 2 opening games and then we got found out at Anfield 😂 plus they got backed in the transfer market more so than us 😩 oh you don’t need to be woken for that Sue, we already know they have no ambition, and kroenke probably couldn’t name one Arsenal player 😂 I don’t expect any business Sue maybe Jorginho if they sign someone! I will look forward to that hopefully they bring in Mike Barnes and Terry Silver from the karate kid 3 😀

                1. Well, I can’t see much happening tomorrow, Kev, so Monday it is… do I phone in sick and spend all day engrossed in deadline day?!! 😂😂 Nah, don’t think I could handle it!!

                  Ali will be in it!

                  1. No Sue you go to work save yourself the pain of Jim white and his yellow tie 🤣 do you remember the transfer window when we needed players, Wenger was in France reffing a match ? 😂😂 I don’t understand that she was in the first one she was Danny’s teenage gf and now she’s married with kids and so is he so I don’t see how they write her in, but I suppose the 80s nostalgic fans wanted it.. I was only 2 when it came it out but you probably saw it in the cinema Sue 🤪

                  2. Hahaha I’m only winding you up Sue I know you were just a pup back then 😛 well it’s official sky sports Jorginho links are true 😩 Aouar and Partey to Jorginho can only happen to us ☹️

    1. Whilst I try my utmost not to get too negative or pessimistic Kev82, what you say somehow wouldn’t surprise any Arsenal fan these days. Unfortunately, MA is stuck with a problem that he had no control over. The hierarchy at Arsenal bought bad and over-payed bad. Unless that is fixed within the next few days, it looks as though we may well be carrying on this season with what we have!

      I, like many here would be pretty upset about that. But then I guess MA would too?! Don’t blame MA. Blame the board and the people who made the mistakes!

      1. I don’t blame Arteta either GunneRay he’s not been backed by our board or owner.. it’s looking like he’s been given a lump of coal to make a diamond out of! Mari, Cedric, Willian, and Gabriel doesn’t cut it.. IMO that’s a poor window, we finished 8th last season and we definitely needed quality especially in midfield and it hasn’t happened and not looking likely to happen. At least we’ll be put out of our misery on Monday night.

    2. Really could make one flip, if this is true….. Jorginho?!!….. TF for?!…. it would be concerning really….. because it would only point to some new found obsession with “washed-up” Chelsea players. And what would really make it worse is Partey actually joining them…. that would be too much to stomach….. really difficult being an Arsenal fan 🤦🏾‍♂️……. only hint of positivity I can find is that Aubameyang signed a new contract, and I mean….. he couldn’t have done that without knowing for sure the club is going to make the right recruitments to mount a challenge…. This window should jst b over already!..

  3. Without touching a dime of our transfer budget, we could easily become more lethal in front of goal by introducing the young Balogun into the line-up.
    He is a young, dynamic player and striker with the ability to shoot naturally from both sides. We could create space for him by sending Willock out and loan.

  4. To retain the ball and pass it forward. MA is Turing into UE 2.0, we are back to same sh*t. Play with out the ball and soak up the pressure then when you get 1-2 chances you convert ..win the game. The team was not setup like this when he managed the team last season I don’t know what’s gotten into him since start of this season. Seems like he has stopped talking to pep and joined UE chat group.

  5. Can our fans stop living on Mars and come back to earth? Which Club other than Chelsea has spent a lot of money this season? Houssem Aour was linked with PSG, Juventus, Real Madrid etc but none of them went for him. What conclusion do you make there? Either he was overpriced or he is not as good as the hype surrounding him. Besides all teams are wary of overspending money because they are uncertain about the future because of covid 19. If we sign someone well and good, if we don’t let’s reintegrate Guendouzi and Ozil afterall they are still our players. We can work on Guendouzi and bring him back into top form. Nobody has ever doubted Guendouzi’s ability. He has only been having disciplinary issues which are not related to his performance. These can be corrected.

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