Mikel Arteta needs Brentford win to end PL award’s hoodoo

Mikel Arteta was named the Premier League Manager of the Month for August, before subsequently seeing his Arsenal side lose to Manchester United, and the results echo something similar from Tottenham last term.

Our noisy neighbours were full of cheer come the end of August 2021 with new manager Nuno Espirito Santo having guided their side to top of the table with straight wins including beating champions Manchester City, but everything fell apart soon after, going on to lose every match the following month, and was eventually sacked on November 1 after failing to turn things around amidst reports of fallout with the players.

While I’m struggling to believe Arteta would be at risk of losing his job any time soon, the fact remains that we did lose our only league game in September thus far, with him having been named as Premier League Manager of the Month for the previous month and we will have to weary of the threat posed by Brentford, who opened last term with a win over us, and will need to be respected.

The pessimist in me has worries ahead of the game with the Bees, probably emphasised by the loss to Manchester United, but we have been playing some top football so far this season and we should really be winning this regardless.


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    1. Gai
      Evening Pathey is available he won’t be fit enough for the physicality that Brendflord would pose and he may also be oitvof form. I heard Zichenko has injury concern. This game may end in a draw I am not optimostic we shall win. We have not been very clinical in front of goals lately.

      1. Gai
        Even if Pathey is available he won’t be fit enough for the physicality that Brendflord would pose and he may also be out of form. I heard Zichenko has injury concern. This game may end in a draw I am not optimostic we shall win. We have not been very clinical in front of goals lately.

      2. It’s been a while since he got injured, so I hope he’s fully recovered and I heard Ghana are calling him for their matches

        Zinchenko still has two days to heal, otherwise Tierney or Soares should play

  1. Arteta is a nice guy, I like the passion he has for the club
    For me he is still learning the trade and will have ups and downs, he will make costly errors and might not deliver on the big stage
    He is sure going to do his best for AFC, but his best will not be enough

  2. Why do fans become either pessimists or optimists, instead of the far more educated and sensible REALISTS?
    What exactly is it in some people that they are attracted to pessimism or optimism?

    Neither one is likely to bring contentment, as only realism is of any actual use and is a sensible thing to be!

    To speak openly about being either one or the other, is to admit publicly that you are not, shall we say, the sharpest tool in the box. Just my take on things.

  3. Brentford are clubs we should be beating to be honest. If we consider ourselves a top 4 club, we should be getting 3 points against the Brentfords of the world.

    Not saying it should be a walk in the park, or that we easily roll over Brentford, but we should not be struggling to create chances or get forward.

    Of course respect your opponent, but we should go for their throat and never let up in the match.

    1. Durand
      We are a top 4 club
      Look at the table
      Beating clubs like Brentford villa e t
      We beat villa , city draw against
      I beleive we will beat them but there are no shoe Inn games in the league it is s so unpredictable from 1 week to the next and top can lose against bottom
      Manure took a hell of a beating at Brentford and then turned us over

      3 points for us with a hard fought game but we need match them with everything
      They are a decent outfit and well drilled

  4. We should be beating them even with a few injuries and I think we will.

    I think the little break we had would be beneficial.

  5. We should be winning agains the likes of Brentford.
    No more If’s or But’s.. We have got to beat these kinds of teams..

  6. Despite that the big Bee Ivan Tony “The Bolter” might lead the Bees attack againsr the Gunners defence in the EPL match encounter between Brentford and Arsenal at the Community Stadium in a lunch time kickoff match on Sunday.
    It’ll will not matter to Arsenal of whatever the big Bee Ivan Tony and his cohorts have on offer to bring against the Gunners in the game.
    For, Arsenal who will certainly not jeopardize their leadership at the summit to drop any points in this match Sunday. Will rise up to any occasions in the game to face the Brentford challenge squarely. Which they could pose to them in the match and give the Bees a thorough beatings of their lives in the game. To consequently make them compellingly pay for the sins which they had committed against against Arsenal in the same fixture last season. With the Gunners downing 4 hefty Bees in the game as they fire their guns into their mists. Which renders big Bees attacker, Ivan Tony who was hit incapacitated in the game unable to get onto speed in the ,match to cause Arsenal any havoc. As no any Gunners got stung even for once by any Bees in the match,
    Brentford 0-4 Arsenal @full-time +.

  7. ME –


    Martinelli. Odegaard. Saka.

    Xhaka. White.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu.


    SUBS – Nketiah, Marquinhos, Fabio, Partey, Lokonga/Holding.

  8. SJ.
    White partnering with Xhaka at the base of the Arsenal’s midfield and Tomiyasu replacing him at RFB away to Brentford gives food for thought. Yes, it looks ideal.
    But will Arteta suddenly introduces such 2 changes to his team? I doubt if he would. For, he might continue with Lokonga as the 2nd DMF and start White in his starting XI for Brentford on Sunday.
    And I believe the Gunners gaffer, Mikel Arteta will not fall into any PL hoodoo to not win the manger of the month of September after his winning that if August. For, the Gunners will affirm his winning the very next ward by beating Brentford resoundingly well in the EPL on Sunday.

    1. White at the base of our midfield?
      From what I have noticed is that he is not comfortable in possession when little pressure is applied by any opposition player.
      That would be some disjointed midfield. White runs in straight lines, not the best passer, looks like bambi on ice with the ball at his feet. Panic.
      I feel like Our midfield would look like a disjointed drunken dancer when all we need is to keep possession and control the game.

      If we have all been complaining about Xhaka in midfield, a player that is much more natural in tha position then just wait for White in there.
      It just feels like people think that any so called ball playing CB can be easily deployed ad a DM. Midfield needs much more intelligence other than just being a good defender that can run with the ball in straight lines..

      This reminds me of people calling for the likes of Vamaelen / Callum Chambers to be played in midfield back in the day..

  9. Some fans amaze me, see the way most of you talk of Brentford as if the were one kind irrelevant club…. This team is inform and can cause harvoc to any big team. Don’t forget they beat Chelsea 4-1 (@ Stamford bridge last season), drew Liverpool (3-3 last season),beat Man utd 4-0,( this season). Some of you are writing them off at their home again?

  10. A fan name Frank, said last time out we would not win against Man United, because the officiating will be against us.

    It would be interesting Frank take on Sundays game.
    But this is a must win game for Arsenal for more than one reason

  11. White been at the club 2 years never played midfield coach don’t think he good enough surely he would of played at least one preseason game in midfield

  12. Pretty confident the lads will rebound quickly and get the points against Brentford. Won’t be a stroll but I see a 3-1 win.

  13. Lekonga needs game time so he will be playing..he’s doing good……….I’m glad Arsenal fans/supporters don’t fall for the hoodoo nonsense and don’t believe in superstitions

  14. With the Etihad’s Citizens outfit team overtaking us Arsenal today to move on top of the table. No thanks to their 0-3 beating of the 10 man Foxes team at the Monunex.
    Consequently, It has now become mandatory for Arsenal to hit Man City back to regain their leadership on the table. And regain it by doing similar beating to Brentford at away tomorrow Sunday at their backyard community Stadium.
    For, Arsenal MUST NEVER, I repeat MUST NEVER allow Man City to upsurge them at the top of the table this season. Because once they do, It maybe difficult for us to re-upsurge them back.
    For us Arsenal to win the title this season, the Gunners MUST continue to be on top of the table up to season’s end. To this end, the Gunners MUSt take the unfailing responsibility on themselves for Arsenal by continuing to win all their on- schedule, re-scheduled and games in-hand EPL matches this season to not give Man City the chance to beat us to the win of the title. Which I think and believe it’s Arsenal’s time to win it.

  15. Ti be honest the predicted starting line-up featuring, Lakonga, Xhaka and White at wing back looks a bit weak but hopefully we’ll be able to say, “It’s only Brentford” this time round and not Tottenham just yet.

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