Mikel Arteta offers an olive branch to outcast, will he take it?

Mikel Arteta has offered Matteo Guendouzi another chance to make a career for himself at the Emirates after revealing that he has wiped the slate clean with the troublesome Frenchman.

Guendouzi was frozen out of the Arsenal first team after the Premier League restart because of his on and off-field antics.

That wasn’t the first time that the Frenchman had been in the bad books of Arteta and this time, he had to train alone and away from his teammates.

He wasn’t even seen as the club celebrated their FA Cup win over Chelsea earlier in the month and he refused to toast the victory by posting it on his social media.

It appeared that he would be on his way out of the Emirates after reports emerged that Arsenal is trying to use him as a sweetener in their pursuit of several transfer targets.

However, Arteta has now assured the Frenchman that he will start the new season with a new set of opportunities just like all his other teammates.

‘I have been really clear that everybody starts from zero. He is going to be part of the team and at the moment he is like any other player in our squad,’ he said on Thursday via Mail Online.

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  1. Guendouzi needs to put his head down and let Arteta help him succeed.
    I know he’s young and rash, but there’s something in him, he should channel all that anger into his game and come out good… I fell in love with the boy in his first season when in some games he stood up and acted way above his age and led the team, both vocally and in a sportsman way.
    The boy has balls, that alone earns my respect.
    You can piss on a lot of kids these days, they easily get bullied, but this boy doesn’t want to be one of that.
    Was he not the one Fellaini tried bullying and pulled his hair but he still made sure he ran the midfield that day?
    I want more of that for him, he needs to be humble and needs to grow the right way.

  2. Oh also, Arteta on Leno/Martinez: “I don’t want to keep them both happy, I want the one that is not playing to be upset & then challenge the next player to make him better, or if not, earn his place to do that. I personally don’t see any difference with GK’s to full-backs.”

    This man knows exactly what to say and males it easy to love him.
    I’m glad the coach also knows the same thing I’ve been pointing out about Martinez & Leno. Nobody should be a guaranteed starter and they both need to fight for the spot whoever is not ready to fight can hand in a transfer request and have the bidding team pay 50 million upwards for Leno,
    35 for Martinez.
    We need both to stay and fight for this club, not making threats

  3. It will be interesting to see if the sentiments expressed by MA are also applied to a certain highly paid midfielder!

      1. Ken, AMN off to Wolves for £20 million, a club above Arsenal, which they now strengthen.
        By the way congratulations on deflecting attention from the obvious target of Grandad’s comment. 😉


    1. Bollocks Jon… Though I’ve never been on the Partey hype train, I do think we’ll get him and another midfielder.
      I’m certain we’ll get Partey, I can bet it.
      I won’t be satisfied if we only get Partey, but the silver lining is that Fabrizio said Arsenal board and Arteta “Are in love with Aouar, and they will try to buy him”.
      The bad news is that, we might not b able to afford Aouar.
      Guendouzi will leave eventually.
      You really don’t expect Mikel to come out publicly and say we don’t need him do you? It will drive down his market value.
      So Mikel is only being smart, whoever wants to come get him knows they need to pay well, and if we can’t move him on this window, we’ll still have another year to develop him

      1. Leaving aside your juvenile expletive which is there for no sound reson that I can think of, Eddie, I agree that I much want Partey and I am 99% sure MA wants him too.l But wanting and getting, esp at Arsenal witlh Scrooge Kroenke as our owner, are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT concepts . I AM MERELY BEING PRACTICAL and I repeat my view -which I fervently hope is wrong- that MA’S recent verbal overtures to Guendouzi appear to me to show lack of readies avail to buy better.

        All clubs need a minimum amount of midfielders and without Ceballos, as it now seems we will be, we are bare in midfield. I do not even count Ozil, whom I foresee never again wearing our shirt in any match that matters, barring a bad injury run.

        There is right now NOT a single midfielder of any creativity we can rely on. Hence the new overture to Guendouzi. And I DO NOT RATE HIM AND BADLY WANT HIM SOLD . But I also recognize we need numbers to field a full squad. BEGGARS CANT BE CHOOSERS EDDIE.
        If your certainty about “getting Partey ” has any evidential substance to it rathe than just hope, then please tell us all, as it appears to many that we cannot (or will not at least) afford him.

        1. jon, how much do you want Kroenke to give the Board and senior executive given their track record? He has paid off the external loans for the stadium debt and there is apparently £200 million in cash reserves.
          Eddie Hoyte, I personally don’t believe Thomas Partey is overhyped and is the closest physical commanding box to box midfielder, that I have seen in recent times in the mold of Patrick Viera. I am sick of Arsenal being bullied in midfield.
          Hopefully with Atletico Madrid looking at Marc Roca as a replacement, Partey may be going.
          As for Aouar, as much as I like him, there are other CA midfielders out there like Szoboszlai, who are better value for money. Danny Ceballos is apparently available for a transfer fee of €27 million. RM are not interested in loans.
          I would prefer any funds available to get a specialist DM like Diawara, to strengthen the spine.

          1. Your £200 million in the reserves is very optimistic. The financial sector believes it is only around the £100 million mark. With very little revenue coming in the reserves are being used to pay the players and staff and will only last a few months at best. You are correct that Kroenke has paid of the loans but Arsenal still have pay back KSE. KSE (Kroenke) may well defer that payback, but the point is that those reserves were never available for the purchase of player and anyone who thinks they were has got it wrong.

      1. Gunner Dev. Oh dear ! Another fan who fails to understand how speech works and that capitals denote emphasis , NOT shouting! Sad really!

          1. Again jon, also in non-netiquette form it’s NEVER used in speech only for emphasis. I like your rands but let’s not pretend no one reads it as it is: SHOUTING. Place what you want to emphasize at the end of the sentence or use bold, italic or at least admit you talk loud.

            But seriously just keep Guendouzi and leave Ceballos in Madrid. 27 million well saved!

  5. Good decision by MA.The boy is a very good player .I was hoping a happy ending to ,in my opinnion,an usual in a dressing room…He hasn’t ,at least,did a MacGuire……..

  6. MA needs to at least suggest he’ll bring MG back into the team, that will make it harder for buying clubs to put it low offers, thinking they’re doing us a favour in taking MG off our hands.
    It’s like want Real Madrid are doing with DC. If they are showing they might keep him his price goes up not down.
    We, as fans, are split over whether we should keep MG or not. Will he be able to get on board with MA’s philosophy or will he upset the squad? Time will tell, I personally am for selling and using the money for a player that will improve the midfield.

  7. I was totally expecting this… @Jon Fox has said it all… Inability to sign a replacement, offload a no of them automatically guarantees their place in the team and with a certain Dani Ceballos leaving, Master Guendouzi is having the last laugh… I also do wonder if the branch extends to Ozil… We’re down to the bottom of the barrel…

      1. Suddenly everyone including you is against selling him? Now we’re all talking about his talent and the prospect he brings… The reality is if no new guy is coming, MG will play and forget competing coz we’ll always be second best with the players we have. Right now we’re even second best to top 5…😀

  8. Guendouzi will be sold for the right price.. AMN as well.. this is serious business you don’t disrespect a club like Arsenal and still pluck from the olive branch no. This statement is strictly business don’t read too much into it.

  9. I don’t get Guendouzi. My most dominant memories are him falling over and conning refs to give him fouls. If he stays I’ll wish him well but TBH I’d do back flips if we get anything close to 30m for him.

    1. Trudeau, Guendouzi obviously needs longer studs on his boots, as he has trouble staying on his feet. 😎

  10. If only he listen to MA I see him be one of our best MD players. He deserves another chance as I think he has the potentials

    1. Agree! Good prospects don’t grow on trees. MA did the right thing. Some supporters want to ship players so they can sign new ones. Money to sign new ones does not grow on trees either.

      1. lcw, they do grow on trees at Arsenal, who sell on AMN, Balogun and Greenwood, yet can’t or won’t sell Ozil, Kolasinac, Socrates, Mustafi, Bellerin, Torreira etc.

        1. You all keep vilifying Ozil the person and Ozil the player. So far not a single player past or present bashed the guy. exactly the opposite. As for Ozil the player he is the best midfielder you have and nobody can take that way from him. Since he is not leaving this year for one reason or the other, let’s hope he regains his best form and contribute to the team, God knows we need all the help we can get.

          1. Another fantasist! How sad for the fantasist personally, to be so hugely out of touch with reality!

  11. Let him be given a chance for sure and let him learn something from what happened. Ozil too needs a chance.

    1. jon fox: out of touch with reality is the one that changes the facts and creates new reality based solely on personal feeling..

  12. Is it a hint saying Partey ain’t coming.

    Also I’m so tired of hearing Gabriel is not being announced because of 14days quarantine while Chelsea keeps announcing new signings recent being Malang Sarr

    1. I thing that the problem with Gabriel signing is a bit more complicated than the quarantine!!!!
      Arsenal will need approximately 63 to 65 millions pounds to buy Ceballos and Partey;the sale of Torreyra,Niles and Guendozi should bring realistically about 65 millions.

    2. The ‘Partey’ could very well be cancelled 😫
      I too, am tired of all of this, Loki…. Chelsea will have signed a whole new team before we announce anything… unless….today is the day… 9 or 10am??!! 😜

  13. If Mikel thinks that using players like Guendouzi can get us competing with midfields like Chelsea, ManCity, Spurs, Liverpool etc,

    Then am sorry JUST WAVE GOODBYE TO TOP SIX even before the season starts.

  14. Although I appreciate that Arteta doesn’t want to further inflame an already contentious situation, by saying anything negative about a currently rostered player, this does raise some serious red flags…it makes me think that, for whatever reason, his value in the marketplace isn’t nearly as high as they had hoped, so they are facing the real possibility that this individual could still be on our squad this season and we certainly can’t afford to have another midfielder in the proverbial doghouse…if this is the case it will further highlight our continued inability to properly navigate the ever-crucial off-season

  15. Thats why I gave up coming to this board…..clueless posters who are experts only in Fifa 2015, keyboard warriors who can only post nonsense showung your lack of football knowledge.
    Guendouzi has the fighting spirit we all want in a llayer. This is his 1st seadon and some of you here are criticising him? Falling down? Really?….shows how much you really know about the game and the epl in particular.
    He is one if the few who actually tries to drive forward but have you actually seen any of our players move to give him options? He is not wanted by MA because MA wants to lay the wenger style, pass sideways to move up a yard. MA only suceeds when we play against a pool or city ie teams who press and play a higher line. MA doesnt lke his players to drive at the opp like wenger. Remember our favourites Santi? Cesc? who attack opposition players and drive? They werent our favs when they first started and its the same with Guendouzi but I reckon give him time if he hopefully stays and he is a future captain

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