Mikel Arteta opens up on his current relationship with Pep Guardiola

Mikel Arteta maintains regular contact with Pep Guardiola despite an unhappy exit from Manchester City.

Contrary to reports from some sections of the media, Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola are still very close friends and the Spaniard insists that he is still in close contact with his former boss.

Manchester City was reportedly angry at Arteta for leaving them halfway through the season to take up his dream job at Arsenal.

The defending champions would have preferred for him to have left them in the summer but Arteta thought the opportunity to manage Arsenal at this time was too good to turn down.

The Spaniard has now cleared the air on rumours claiming that he has fallen out with Pep and made it clear that he still regularly communicates with his fellow Spaniard, whose team is struggling to replicate their form of the last two seasons.

“Absolutely I miss working with Pep,” Arteta admitted as quoted in the Sun.

“I am a big friend of his and I admire him so much”

“We had a lot of joy and a lot of success working together and I always talk with him”

“We share a lot of things in our life and we discuss everything”

“He was a big part of my development as a person. A lot of the experiences I have gone through have been next to him”

“It was a privilege to work with him and of course I took a lot of things on board”

“I have known him since my time as a young player at Barcelona and I have learned a lot of things from his time in management.”

Arteta will be hoping that he can build his Arsenal side in time to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City for the league title in the not too distant future.


  1. The headline sentence of this article may be completely misleading. Who says it was an unhappy exit. Who exactly was unhappy? Was this confirmed in any way? Sensationalism? Pep was very supportive and it was widely reported in the media. So details of umhappiness please, otherwise the veracity of your articles comes into question, just like The Sun and others

    1. You are consistent SAGooner, no matter the article, no matter the source, no matter the links within an article you will criticise it and add almost no contribution to the debate. Yup, very consistent.

    2. Firmly agree with you. No evidence I have seen to say they had ever fallen out. Both are hugely wise, humane and wise men and such types rarely fall out with each other. I don’t say NEVER, just rarely.

      But what DOES happen regularly is that the media try to make a story when there is NO story there. Being a wise man, as I flatter myself I am, I am more inclined to believe something that regularly DOES happen than to believe something that only rarely happens.

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