Mikel Arteta pinpoints the games that lost Arsenal the title

It’s too bad Arsenal didn’t come out on top in the league, but their performance throughout the season was absolutely outstanding. They wrapped up the 2023–24 season with a solid but narrow victory against Everton, ending with a total of 89 points, just 2 points shy of the league champions, Manchester City.

That said, Mikel Arteta has identified the moment he believes they lost the league. He cites Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa in April and Spurs’ 2-0 loss to Manchester City as the games in which his side lost the title race.

“For sure [the 2-0 defeat to] Aston Villa at home [in April],” Arteta said on Sky. “In the first half, it should have been 4-0. Maybe the story would have been different.

“What happened last Tuesday [Man City’s 2-0 win over Tottenham, maybe we could have been champions,” Arteta added.

“These are the margins that are so, so, so small.”

There is no doubt about it; Mikel Arteta definitely has a valid argument. If they had managed to defeat Villa in April, there’s a strong chance they would have clinched the league title, beating City by a point.

It would have been really awesome if the Gunners had won the league this season. They’ve been absolutely brilliant, breaking records left and right in their pursuit of glory. If they had won, this season would have been truly memorable. Well, they’ve definitely learned some lessons from this season.

Looking ahead to next season, let’s hope they can apply those lessons and have a successful season that ends with league glory. Third time lucky!

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  1. I believe this is still a truly memorable season despite coming second. Again! The team performed admirably throughout and we ‘lost’ on a single game against Villa rather than across 3 matches as we did last season. And losing to Villa is no insult, despite their result on the final day against Palace.

    There’s much to be proud of and happy about this season. The fact that this team, which aside from a few members, is largely inferior to Pep’s side, can push them to the final day speak volumes and is reason to be optimistic for the future.

    1. I could make the argument that two poor VAR decisions cost us the title. Gift goal to Newcastle and the dumbfounding no call for Man City vs. Liverpool. I like VAR, but I think the Refs are deliberately making these mistakes in hope of having it removed. I can’t believe those two mistakes were by accident. JMO.

  2. Tottenham would have finished in the top 4 for Europe if they had beaten ManCity with Villa loosing 5 nil to palace on the last game. That’s the only good news to come out of that Tottenham ManCity game as Tottenham shoot themselves in the foot trying to spite Arsenal, but loose out on the new European League by finishing 5th, just two points shy of qualifications. Serves them right.

  3. I’m definitely not a fan of inquests after the fact. It’s done nothing will change we need to concentrate on the next season. I suppose Pep could point to the draws against us, Chelsea twice and Palace to say MC should have won by over 10 points. It’s such a pointless exercise (sorry for the pun) and to blame Spurs for us not winning the PL and Son deliberately not scoring is ludicrous.

  4. Indeed Andrew, we should already be thinking of next season and I’m sure MA is doing just that.

    The most ridiculous thing is that city115 will not be brought to answer those charges until August, after the new season has started.

    Meanwhile the club keep putting two fingers up at the rest of the PL and have taken a leaf out of Trump’s delaying tactics.

    Imagine if they win the fa cup this week and have their winners medals presented, just as they did on Sunday, by the powers that be – what a farcical situation!!

    MA could be seen as having two PL titles taken away from him by a club that cheated – I’m certain he will be planning to go one better next season and I can’t wait!!

  5. I was happy with the movement of Timber in his short cameo, I think he will give us a lot especially going forward as he inverts very well. same was ESR although he is yet to reach the heights that he once set for himself. Maybe it’s time Arteta signs competition for Saka and Odegaard and a left back. Tommi is good but he looked more comfortable in the CB after replacing Gabriel. I’m not sure if our type of football needs a number 9, although it is clear that we need clinical finishers in the frontline, I just don’t think it will work if we get an outright number 9. I think next season will be ours, all we need is to believe.

  6. We wasted quite a number of chances this season. In some games where we could have scored 5, we ended up with only 1 or sometimes 2. At times, few times, we utilised the chances hence the few high scorelines we had. It’s for this reason that I think Arteta will be shopping for a top striker. We need to win the EPL next season, regardless of how good Man City will be. If it will require us to win all games, so be it! That is, each game should be treated as a final. The players should be well rotated and Arteta should stop with player favouritism at the expense of the team and limit experiments to preseason and if very necessary, some cup competitions. It’s the only way. If we fall short again, the team will loose steam and believe we are actually bottlers in EPL. That will affect us for a long time to come.

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