Mikel Arteta pleased with ‘really good’ Scotland camp despite winless trip

Arsenal have failed to win both matches in their trip to Scotland this week, but manager Mikel Arteta is happy with what he has seen from his players.

The Gunners travelled north on Monday, with their opening friendly against Hibernian the following day, before taking on Rangers in today’s 2-2 stalemate.

The manager insists that he is happy with the time spent in Scotland however, ending their time there with a draw against his former side as a player, and he claims to be pleased with the way his current side performed.

“Overall I’m really pleased with the performance,” he said after the final whistle(via Football.London). “I think we dominated the game, we created so many chances – I counted about eight or 10 clear chances to score. But this game is decided in both boxes.

“We weren’t clinical in the opponent’s box and we conceded two goals from two corners, which were the only chances they had apart from the counter-attack from our own corner.

“So much better from the other day and you tell that physically we were already better in the second game, the organisation was better, individually they played better, but I really liked the collective understanding of the game and how we executed a lot of things we’ve been working on in the training pitch.”

Arteta was then asked how he felt the camp had gone overall, with most of the players having returned to pre-season training just 10 days ago.

“It’s been really good. We created so many chances, but we are not converting enough,” he replied. “Today we should’ve scored many more goals and with the quality of the players we have up front, they have to demand much more of themselves. But at least we are getting there.

“The process is becoming much clearer, much better. I think without the ball as well, we worked really hard and were really efficient. We won a lot of balls in the final third so there are a lot of positives to take.”

I have to agree, mostly we have looked extremely positive and on the front foot, with our finishing seriously letting us down, but that should all come together as our players get their match sharpness and confidence back.


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      1. No excuse at all against completely inferior opponents in both games .
        Our players are PL players who are payed to perform and keep up there lvls regardless of a summer holiday or not.
        2 games in preseason and it’s showed we have a lot of work ahead of us .

        1. We’ve had repeated preseason where we looked fantastic beating top teams and struggled in the season proper. Arteta already said they are running them hard in training so results won’t look great especially with the kids involved. Works done off the pitch.

        2. Pre season Friendlies are meant to build up their fitness, game work, communication, game play and etc…..

          they are humans too……go out 100% and risk an injury may wreck their whole career and playing chances for the rest of the season….

        3. Dan, “no excuse at all”?
          Pre season games are notoriously unreliable as judges for the season PROPER, which is what matters.


    1. Better to not ask questions Ken, unless it’s blaming Wenger or Emery.

      By the way Ken, can we still blame Wenger now that he’s been gone over 3 years? Perhaps Graham deserves his share of blame too.

      Asking for a friend.

        1. Magic 8 ball says “yes” you can support Arteta, but may never ever criticize him though.

          Philosophy and style take time, can’t expect anyone to show these things in only 18 months.

          He hasn’t had a chance to explain his philosophy either, with “the process” and “the project” under way and currently working on their “list” as well.

          I’m sure everything will be made clear soon, be patient it’s only been 18 months.

        1. Actually I have 2 friends, the rest I would call acquaintances. Been friends for over 35 years, golf together, one is Football fan like me, the other couldn’t care less for the game.

          The one who asked is a Utd fan, and was asking why some blame Wenger still when they have basically forgotten Van Gaal and his time and decesions at their club.

    2. Ken, the sooner Arteta bins zonal marking at set pieces the better. The Arsenal defense at set pieces was abysmal in both games, with defenders ball watching and not taking responsibility to track a man. Man on Man marking is a must given Arsenal’s defensive frailty.

  1. Friendlies mean nothing except pride and we aren’t too strong on pride in this squad, some dont even break a sweat. The first game is the next only important result. A win!

  2. Why is people moaning? This is only but a pre season, mind you it’s the kids that are in post. A better keeper could organise the defense better. And I thought Mari’s pass today was crisp.. he is still the best defender at arsenal. He reads the game well. Majority of them are lacking match fitness. Motm would have to be elneny who was everywhere. His engine is made of Volkswagen, man kept running why everyone is tired. I loved our pressing today and boy esr what a talent. I think balogun is trying too much to impress. He should just play his game. I’ll never understand the hype about nelson. I will sell him first before I think of selling anybody else. His individual play is too much. Not a team player. AMN has improved so much. I’ll say it again willock is going on loan to Newcastle. Lokonga will take his place in the suad. Aubameyang needs a psychological evaluation, man seems deep In thoughts. Lacazette is the connector in this team. He’s done very well in this preseason. All in all, a very good outing.

  3. Funny how none of these preseason articles are highlighted at the top of JA. Seems like there’s a bit of an agenda of avoiding these poor results being spoken about.

    I bet if we had won this would have been highlighted at the top.

    1. Seriously they publish regular negative articles because it’s user submitted. It’s not on top because noone (rightly) cares.

      1. I certainly care about Arsenal results regardless if only preseason.

        I suppose you’ll always get the fans that support a manager over and above the club itself. I admire your blind loyalty despite the reality.

        1. By all means care about the performance and result PJ, but tell me when are the team allowed to try things out, start new players etc? By your yardstick never. Pretty rare to ask for a manager to be sacked after 2 friendlies – and you think we are the unreasonable ones!

          1. Guy your yardstick for MA doesn’t even exist because that would require youbto be objective. No-one even mentioned sacking after 2 preseason games, voices in your head?

            Feel free to try things out all you want but we remain without any style of play, not over 2 games but over the last year and a half. Players will always change butvan identify should remain relatively constant….we have none.

    2. Maybe you weren’t aware Martinelli, but all articles appear at the top, and are then superceded by more recent articles. Another of your conspiracy theories debunked – sorry.

      1. Actually some articles(like game reviews) are pinned at the top for a day or 2 and aren’t replaced by new articles….pay attention son.

      2. @Guy, I think Martinell is right. I have been looking forward to the same articles where the games were analysed but can’t seem to find them. Maybe the feeling is that since they are merely friendlies they are not worth the analysis. Personally, I would love to read about all Arsenal games, friendlies or even competitive ones.

  4. Because moaning becomes a habit Lucia – just ask my wife!
    I thought it was a much better performance today against a higher class team.
    Some things worked, others didn’t, but isnt that why we play pre-season friendlies? Auba was a paradox – some really sharp footwork rounded off with awful finishing. Enjoyed Tavares, disappointed with Bolugun. Kind of sums up the mixed bag, but not disappointed. It was a PRACTICE MATCH Ken!

  5. How many times have we heard, “We weren’t clinical in the opponent’s box” bla bla bla..

  6. The lack of clinical finishing by Arsenal forwards, particularly Aubameyang is a particular concern. Aubameyang appears totally out of sorts.
    Also the defense at set pieces, I raised above.
    The pressing and creation of chances were positives.

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