Mikel Arteta praises Raya’s “resilience” after howler against Tottenham

Arsenal bolstered their bid for the Premier League title with an impressive 3-2 victory over our arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Seizing the opportunities presented to them, the Gunners surged to a three-nil lead within the opening 40 minutes.

While facing challenges in the second half, Mikel Arteta’s side managed to weather the storm.

Addressing David Raya’s awful error that allowed Spurs to claw their way back into the game, the Spaniard remarked, “It’s part of football. I wasn’t pleased with the approach we took in that moment, but these things happen. Sometimes you misjudge the situation, attempt a pass that doesn’t come off, and have doubts.”

Arteta then praised his players for their resilience, stating, “What impressed me was how David quickly recovered after his error and provided solid performance alongside Gabriel Magalhaes, who is quite imposing. That resilience is what I admire about our players.”

Arsenal boasts a cohesive unit of 11 individuals who fight for each other. Much of the team’s success this season can be attributed to their collective effort, portraying them not as 11 individuals, but as a unified team.

This unity is a hallmark of the most successful teams.

Despite their strong performances this season, Arsenal may not clinch the title, but they are making it as hard as possible for Man City to win it as well….



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  1. Must be a new spud dirty tactic, getting Ben Davies to be their new ball boy, but probably the only way they could get a goal, and a tactic to watch out for in the future. 😉

  2. So Ramsdale gets benched and replaced for howlers and lacking composure allegedly, yet Raya gets praise for “resilience?”

    That “distribution” from Raya led to a goal and resurgence of the spuds.

    Up to that howler they had been tamed and no threat really.

    1. ^ this exactly!

      Come on lads, let’s see you praise Raya for most clean sheets and defend Edu and Arteta for spending $35m of this summer’s budget on this… It’s got to be ringing hollow by now…

      I hope Ramsdale gets a move to Bayern or Leverkusen or something along those lines, he doesn’t deserve this much disrespect

  3. I don’t like Raya. I know we qualified because he took 2 penalties, but how much of that was really skill? he simply chooses the side and depends on how lucky he is to go the right way, the way he jumped ahead of Harry Kane’s penalty proves this… If we want an evolution for Ramsdale, in my opinion of course, we should without a doubt invest some money in Pickford who, if he signed with us, I’m sure that in addition to the golden glove he would compete for the award for best goalkeeper in the world. Apart from this option I would keep Ramsdale which has a lot to improve if given the opportunity

    1. Or, how about we invest in a better manager that can actually coach and improve their current squad (like Emery or O’Neal did), rather than one who spends close to billion dollars and gets more than half his transfers wrong and still has no silverware to show for it?

      1. @Rootkit
        Wow, I know many people talk about Arteta-lovers or fanboys, but your comment on Arteta there would indicate that ‘you don’t think he has done a good job” Am I a little close?

      2. Rootk1t. Whydont you wite a whole article and tellus all your,maverick views in detail?

        Andthenrunfor the cover will need. And you might also want councelling to improve your odd view about what being a Gooner means!
        That is,IF you even are a Gooner, AND NOT A SPUD TROLL as I much suspect.

  4. Arsenal will regret the mistake for ten bloody years if they let Rammy go for this second rate goalie. Awful!

  5. It was a bad time to make that kind of mistake, but that’s the game we play. Arteta and other managers expect the odd mistake from the GK when asked to pay out from the back – it’s high risk but apparently high reward.
    After the mistake I do think he was very assured taking crosses, so I think arteta’s assessment is correct (resilience).

    1. It was a bad mistake. Although, (perhaps in retrospect!) it was probably not too bad a time given that we were 3 goals up. It game Spurs some momentum. Despite this however, it was really another bad mistake that lead to their second goal as they had few real chances.

  6. I’m pretty sure Aaron made the same sort of mistake in last years away Derby, the one where Richarlison made an absolute disgrace of himself like this year as well, on that assault on Gabriel – that was a stonewall red card, and nothing has been said about that. Spuds keep bleating on about a phantom penalty that given the penalties that have been disallowed was not even close, how can a bloke fall over after touching the guy behind him? According to the spuds, might as well clear the penalty area as soon as they enter.

    1. Anyway my point was that Aaron recovered, and saved us, pretty much like Raya. I don’t think there’s more than a fag paper between them in so many ways.

  7. I dont see Raya as an upgrade on Ramsdale. Im not impressed with Rayas distribution, which he was bought for. And for me Ramsdale isca better shot stopper. I can have my mind changed but not for me on this situation.

    1. In a nutshell, I haven’t seen anything Raya does as an improvement over what Ramsdale could do. Would Ramsdale have had us in a worse or better place, in the league this season? My Opinion is No But thrre are no cold hard facts to say either way.

  8. I just dont understand why this is still up for a debate. MA made it clear Raya is his preferred option, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Raya would probably win the award for clean sheets, but some are still talking about Ramdsale, not even the beginning of the season…..its just the reality, not ur fantacy or dream league

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