Mikel Arteta prepared to sacrifice Arsenal’s top stars to start his revolution

A massive turnover of Arsenal players is expected to take place in the summer.

Mikel Arteta faces a tough summer as he ponders whether to sell his big-name flops to bankroll a summer spending spree or keep them in his plans for the future claims a report in the Sun.

The former Manchester City assistant manager has struggled to get wins out of his current team and he feels the senior players are letting him down.

The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are into the final 18 months of their current deal and remain unsettled.

Aubameyang is keen to play Champions League football and the Gunners are unlikely to be able to offer that to him next season.

He would have just 12 months left on his deal in the summer and he has to either sign an extension or get sold as the Arsenal transfer policy is that no player can be allowed to leave for free.

Alexandre Lacazette has also struggled under Arteta and the Frenchman could be sacrificed in the summer if Arsenal succeeds in keeping Aubameyang.

Shkodran Mustafi and David Luiz also risk being chopped off as Arteta considers if they are part of his plans going into the future.

Mesut Ozil is also another player who Arteta would look to sell because of his high wage.

The German hasn’t exactly been pulling his weight recently and Arsenal would be more than happy to sell him off, but buyers are scarce for a player that is yet to score in the league this season.


  1. What every happens there will still be Arsenal,

    Maybe a champions league Arsenal or a non champions league Arsenal…

    Some players will leave and some will stay.. Managers may go, managers may come in
    But the name will remain Arsenal

    Gunners for life

  2. Absolutely players & board.players their playing like bored player and board their not buying parcefic players like if team coinciding goal we need defender. If lose in middle we get deep six .but they buying unwanted players team need center back they buying winger team need center midfield they buy a young player s so were confused

  3. I think the board will keep Laca (he still has two years left on his contract) and sell Auba. The front three will be like this:
    Martinelli/Saka — Laca/Eddie — Pepe/Nelson

    I predict the team will invest heavily in midfield and defense. Mustafi is a goner. On the contrary, Arteta seems to be impressed by Luiz’s leadership quality and his passing range. Judging by his tactics so far, ball-playing defenders will be preferred especially that teams like to overcrowd the middle of the park and/or man-mark our two holding midfielders. Speaking of which, I have a big hope for Pablo Mari, I heard he is a left-footed defender with good passing ability.

    1. I 1000000% agree With Your analysis except that i know no thing about Oabli Mari. Lacazete is key for me eventhough he is not scorin goals now daysc

    2. The problem with Arsenal are the highly corrupt Arsenal board, they have been hiding under Arsene Wenger’s jacket, but now if they fail to improve the squad and keep conniving with agents to bring substandard and downgrades then Arsenal will pay the huge price.
      They have refused to improve the team by buying the necessary players in various defence areas, what you sow is what you reap.
      The players the are buying can not give what they dont have and that is quality

  4. Sokratis’ should go and Luiz should stay. But then, Mikel Arteta is the boss and he chooses who he wants.

    Whoever wears the red and white with the Arsenal badge on it will get a cheer from me. I trust MA call completely and I believe he will deliver the goods if given enough time and resources.

  5. I think when we consider by age I hope to loose Ozil,Aubie,mustie,Luiz these players can’t do than that please let’s sell for potential players to progress
    LONG #live Gunners

  6. Granit xhaka should not be paryt of that list. He is a key player in our team en granit deserves that respect again.

    En please, I’m sincerely requesting arteta to give granit back the role of leadership in the team. He is a classic captain

  7. Arteta has brought back Arsene wengar’s team.l’m proud of the playing style wengar introduced to Arsenal.

    1. Agree and now arsen is guesting back he can see it for himself. We miss him and gives us all a chance to tell him and respect him. Thank you arteta

  8. By all means sell Ozil, Mustafi, Aubameyang, Xhaka and bring in one dynamic striker, two creative midfield players and a monstrous defensive midfielder. Play 3-5-2 with two fast runners on the wing sides. Loan out Nelson and Willock and bring in two natural wingers.

  9. If Auba is to be sold, we must take in no less than 90m for him. Remember Higuain, was well into his thirties, with one season on his contract, and he went for 90 odd million. Auba has more about him than Higuain, more height, speed, stamina, and is every bit the goalscorer. If he had two seasons left, I’d say we’d be looking at 130 – 150 million, how much did Suarez go for and that was about five years ago. Look at Neymar, Auba is in that top bracket – with what he does best, he’s at the top with all the top pros, who else could fill in for a Ronaldo or a Messi, not many above Auba. This is Auba in a mid table side, what would he be like in the best of teams.

    Laca, when he’s on song he is a hurricane, good solid numbers all round, involved with a lot of good. This season however, it’s just not up to scratch, if there is a chance that he could put in another season like this one, that is dreadful for Arsenal, if he continues like this his price is coming down. He needs to snap out of it, where have all those sweetly struck strikes gone.

    Fans are trying to bring up some usual suspects, but the usual suspects have shown an upturn in form, esp on the defensive side, and I’m late in saying this, others have already stated as much. One thing that looks great, is, we look like we can begin building things around Martinelli and Saka, and even Pepe to an extent – Pepe will be that hopeful magic, hoping he can dribble past two players and pull a goal out of empty air, work to be done but he has got the traits to learn how.

    AFC future, we need to to remember that going forward it will be long term thinking as the best way to go. I would prefer it if we brought in one CB and one CM on good money, bring in the right ones, than to sign four or five players. This along with our academy, should see a long term plan develop.

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