Mikel Arteta proven right in likely blow to Arsenal

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta closed the door to Matteo Guendouzi after a second falling out with the midfielder, and the youngster is now at odds with his new team-mates.

There was reports that he could return from his loan with Hertha Berlin last summer and vie for a place in the first-team squad in north London, but our manager made it clear that he was not a part of his plans.

We eventually agreed a deal to send him to Marseille on a season-long loan deal, including an option to buy, but the latter now seems an extremely unlikely scenario.

Arsenal would have been keen for that option to have been triggered, with his value already having decreased from his time starring in our first-team, and if his loan now does turn sour as it appears to be, he could well be even more difficult to sell.

Guendouzi has supposedly fallen out with his team-mates, highlighted by an on-field spat with Gerson after the youngster asked when he was going to start running shortly after his side conceded a goal.

It later turned out in an interview on Le Phoceen(via the Metro) that this isn’t the only comment or action which has aggravated those around him albeit in training or on the pitch, and unless there is a dramatic change in the coming months, you would struggle to believe that his future will be to stay in Marseille.

Will Matteo ever grow up and meet the potential he has?


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  1. Sad to see this talented youngsters career be overtaken by his erratic temperament. Has a bright future but for his attitude, difficult to see him at Arsenal ever, unless he does a U turn in his behaviour.

  2. Arteta wasn’t having any of his silliness and it appears that trouble follows him around like a bad smell

    I’m all in favour of a player showing determination and desire but acting like a complete berk endears you to no-one especially your team mates and manager

    I was obviously wrong about the option to buy being virtually set in stone.

    1. No you are not SueP,MG has been one of OM best players this season,their last game against Lens was their first loss of the season and MG first average/poor game,concerning the incident anyone who watched it will tell you it was nothing and contrary to what some are saying it was
      Gerson who wanted to get physical, these claims that he fell out with his teammates or that the dressing is turning against him are unfounded,I also watched the video(which is 8n French) in it they even confirmed that Gerson overreacted to MG remark,they talked about how it was quickly forgotten by both players who hugged when celebrating OM goal,no mention of the dressing room or teammates turning against him simply that when foreign players arrive in a team there can be misunderstanding and needing time to adapt and get used to things.

      1. I’m pleased for him Siamois, I really am if he can play well and lose his ‘I’m disruptive’ label – and only he can do that. I stand by my view that during his time at Arsenal he managed to find himself on the wrong side more than he should. Not ideal falling foul of the bosses. There are many players who haven’t fulfilled their potential due to similar situations. I came close to giving up on Vieira many moons ago. Glad I didn’t though!

    1. It might be Reggie… but only to a point. You rate him and I don’t, so I knew that you’d have a point to make and you probably knew the same about me😊

      1. Sue most of the “made up” negativity strangely is rehashed and blown up by JA, i do wonder why. Is he really a villain? Do we not remember Keane, Cantona, Keown, Merson and many other so called bad boys? Many footballers are not “angels” as long as it isnt a crime, get over yourselves. We need good boys but we need bad boys. Sport would not survive without them. Mac enroe, Tyson, Flintoff and many more, go on to great things but they are bad boys and they are loved. Gouendouzi is not even in the same league as all them, he is Division 3 as far as bad boys go, pathetic to think he is trouble.

        1. Reggie
          If you read an earlier post of mine you will know that I had issues over Vieira years ago. Yes, I remember the bad boys and I don’t actually have respect for the likes of Keane at all.
          I have no issue with being spirited and hard -ish. Insubordination is something else.
          My problem in this case is MG (and only from what I understand) was unwilling to apologise to his manager and needed intervention on another issue by Edu as well. It’s not all about being hard on the pitch – like Vinnie Jones, but having a respect for your manager and the club you play for.
          Added to that, I didn’t think that he is as good as you do – certainly not while at Arsenal. Whatever he goes on to achieve at Marseilles – I wish him well but I’m not sure he’d make it back in London. All my opinion of course and nothing to do with an agenda.
          I only have to read the differing views on Xhaka to know that none of us see thing exactly the same

          1. No worries Sue p im a big boy. I like a bit of a hard edge, so im not worried by it. Sport in history needs good and bad boys or else it would be boring. As far as managing behaviour, some managers can and some cant. Most great teams have a bad boy, especially in football.

        2. 👍 It amazes me, Reggie, some people can’t wait to come and slag him off as they’ve taken what they’ve read online for gospel!! Uh try watching him play and go with the facts! Sheesh…

          1. Yes Sue i agree, i always go with what i see and realise that while a lot of what you read is true, a lot is stretched truth to get headlines.

          2. Read into it what you will but Gouendouzi is playing in Europa league tonight (strong team) and Gerson, the guy Gouendouzi had a go at (told him to work harder) on the bench. So, was the headlines as regards Gouendouzi correct? If it was his manager has backed him!!!!

          3. He’s 22 and has 5 former manager’s on public record about his poor attitude? Hardly a rumour. 2 of those of coaches banned him from 1st team training. At 22.

            Would be tempted to put money on him having another news story when he links up with France over the international break. French camp always leaks to the press, is traditionally fiery and nobody in that squad is going to accept his ego/tantrums in training with their track record. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he gets sent home before the international break is over.

            Worth noting nobody has ever doubted his ability but if he winds up half the squad in the process it is not worth it.

  3. If Wenger was still managing this team, we wouldn’t be discussing this issue. Wenger new how to manage people from different walks of life. Do you want to tell me that before Arteta arrived, there were no difficult characters in the team? It’s all about the style of management. The value of most players are being depreciated by Arteta. Most of players will depart on free transfer. Imagine a player of Lacazette stature getting free transfer. Arteta needs to step up his managerial qualities.

  4. Arteta is failing to deal with difficult characters. If Wenger was still available, we wouldn’t be discussing this issue. Do you wanna tell me that before the arrival of Arteta, there were no difficult characters? It’s all about the management style. Most players will depart on free transfer since Arteta arrived. If Arteta really wanted to sell Gouendouzi, he wouldn’t be hanging his dirty linen in public. How to do expect to make good business from doing that. Arteta want to prove a point, instead of managing Arsenal

    1. I’m not sure where AW comes into the equation, but I’m afraid that Guendouzi aired his own dirty laundry without help from elsewhere. Do you suppose Arteta asked him to? MG is just happy to let it all out which is where the problem lies IMO

      1. By so doing the price of Gouendouzi will drop significantly. Arsenal should scoop more from all players leaving. But the current management can even lose more in order to release a player. Next will be Lacazette who’s gonna depart freely. Maybe Maitland-Niles, Nelson, and Seliba. Arteta should realise that football is business. He should put aside his emotions

  5. Arsenal always allow sores to fester and then amputation become inevitable. We are not a social welfare club. Lets call a spade a spade and not just a digging tool.

  6. AW was like a father figure to these players. The current leadership will toss you through the window for doing a mistake. The media used to say Wenger is protecting his players too much. Ozil and Wilshere were caught smoking but the issue was handled more professionally.

  7. this article should have been called “Release the Arteta Apologists”

    make sure no one lets those pesky facts get in the way of your nonsensical praise of a manager who has proved functionally nothing so far, except that a couple times per calendar year we actually look like a professional footballing team

  8. I AM JUST RELIEVED THAT MA will not be bringing this up himself, nothing special player with a big head and attitude aplenty back to us.

    Other than him never wearing our shirt again, I care nothing for him at all , save to get any fee we can for this dreadful and socially damaged person.

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