Mikel Arteta ready to sell troublesome Arsenal midfielder

Mikel Arteta has come across as a man of few words, but that doesn’t seem to mean that the former Arsenal midfielder isn’t a disciplinarian.

The Spaniard had to defend his players at the weekend when Neal Maupay accused them of lacking humility.

But there is one player who may have gone too far and he could be sold by Arteta in the summer, according to Mail Sports.

The report claims that Arteta may have gotten tired of Matteo Guendouzi’s antics and the Spaniard would be open to letting him leave the Emirates if the right offer comes.

Guendouzi was one reason why Maupay accused Arsenal’s players of lacking humility (ESPN).

He had grabbed the winning goal scorer by the throat at the end of their match, an incident for which he somehow managed to escape punishment.

However, Mail Sports also claimed that he had been taunting the Brighton players during the game by telling them that he earns more money than they would ever earn, among other things.

It further claims that this wasn’t the first time that Guendouzi would get into Arteta’s bad book since the Spaniard became Arsenal’s manager. He had also fallen out with Arteta in their Dubai training camp also.

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  1. Whatever sort of arrogant, sheer unpleasant little git goes round taunting opposistion player s about them earning less money than he does! This rotten apple should be sold indouble quick time, preferably to the creche where he belongs until he grows up! I doubt many Gooners want his type at our club and I certainly do NOT!

  2. I think he’s in the Last Chance Saloon. A shame really as he was showing initially, some ability without getting involved. It seems getting involved is now a part of his psyche to the detriment of his football.

  3. I don’t think these reports from Mail sports about Matteo are wholly true.
    I lost count of their rumors about Arsenal be it transfers etc. that never came true.
    Opposing players taunting each other I believe sometimes becomes a common occurrence on the field of play. Especially due to how some events might have panned out and causing tempers rise.
    Brighton players are not without fault, have taunted before or probably on the day, did taunt Matteo or Arsenal players as well. Therefore, if the rumors are true that Matteo taunted the Brighton players, it could equally be true that his taunts were in response to theirs or vice versa.
    So it is better to leave that for the players to sort out themselves before you unknowingly become unfair to any.
    Matteo at least imo proved aggression. Something that our players lacked throughout the game. Arteta I don’t think may be tired of him as mail sports wants us to believe. He only may only have to help him direct his energies and aggression to his play. He will come good.

    1. Did you not watch the Brighton game then? If you did, your eyes would tell you what you wrote is nonsense. There are several incidents in his book now and he has form , so just open your eyes and learn what has already happened.

      1. I watched the Brighton game and Matteo was not the worse performer although the whole team underperformed for my liking.
        The lad is not a top player but I think he can be a decent squad player for the team and even if we miraculously buy the pre madonnas he will still come handy when injury or fatigue sets in. Our current injury situation can be a lesson.
        I am not sure of the several incidents in his book that you refer to but I cannot berate an Arsenal player just because a media outlet bent on selling stories chose to write rumors about that player.
        And what was his crime? He taunted Brighton players in order to anger or provoke them and his action on Maupay. His latter action was not right but it never makes him a rotten apple for which he must be sold to a crèche.
        I am for the taunts on any day. He did that to get at the opponents and it sometimes works.
        There may be truth or untruth in the report regards to the words that he is being reported to have used so I wouldn’t want to dwell on that. Can’t trust these news outlets …and that has been my point. Especially when we do not know what the players actually said at each other during play. Or you do think that opposing players do not taunt Arsenal players? They actually do.
        Can you imagine what Troy Deeny or a certain Diego Costa etc. could say and have said to our players on the field of play?
        I can only hope that Arteta is able to coach the lad to properly channel his energies within the 100 minutes or so of play.
        For what I wrote being nonsense, well, it is a free world and opinions are like noses; everybody has one.
        I can only tolerate your opinion and learn from it where necessary.
        Arsenal will rise again!


    2. You are right bro . Arsenal fans want our players to be sweet disciplined princes on the pitch . The last time we won anything , the players we had behaved like Guendouzi . They were all sadistic barbarians that would beat opponents both with skill and sheer aggression and mental torture. I don’t know what universe some arsenal fans leave in . Trash talk is part of sport. If you don’t like it , you just don’t play. I play rugby , and I’ll tell you , the best teams don’t just beat you with skill . They get into your head by saying hurtful things. This applies to every sport. I know cases of patrice evra saying things to arsenal players on the pitch .

  4. Doubt it is true, but if the fee is big, sell this guy. Poor all season, poor attitude, and another player that has regressed, and doesn’t seem to be willing to work hard enough. The fact he’s already bragging about the money he makes tells us a lot about his personality. If he had the talent to back it up he’d at least have an excuse, but even Xhaka is more essential than him.

    Guendouzi is a whole lot of headless chicken running around, and there is very little refinement to his game. I know he’s young, but if he’s not willing to grow what’s the point of keeping him around if we can sell and get players that actually want to be here for something beyond a wage. I just really struggle to see what is so great about this player and he’s definitely not a future leader.

  5. I like players with a bit of spike, we can do with a few more. Sledging is all part of the game, it goes on between players. Naughty boys in football is not new, Keown, Keane, Vierra, Costa etc etc all used the dark arts. We talk about our softies who dont care, you cant always have it both ways. Maybe he should learn to be a bit more sneaky but we need a few bully boys, we get bullied too often. I doubt very much that there is any truth in it, keeping Luiz and selling our young guns is giving out all the wrong messages. I dont want a nicey nicey team and i dont want a team of thugs but nice people win nothing, the winners in sport have to have a ruthless streak. The guy has endless talent, if Arteta cant mould him someone else will and that will be a massive minus on Arteta. Real, Barca and Juve have been sniffing after him, he may or may not end up at any of them but they see something.

  6. Some Arsenal fans are jokes, believing what ever garbage these media throw out these days. Did they do lip reading or what? No one is dum enough to go around saying things like i earn more then you with out any reason. Would any of the fans do that unless you say it in response to something. He is young, passionate and technically good. Why do English youngsters get away with murder and foreign players can’t make small mistakes in young age, is beyond me. Having a disagreement with manager is not big issue things happen, it has happened to most of us at work…issue would have been if he failed to show up on training, faked injury or just did not listen to manager at all. Most of the fans here including me wanted Arsenal to sign Jack Grelish from West ham what about his behaviour so far. Arsenal fans can’t digest that their academy is full of below AVG talent, all they want is to get rid of talented young players we buy from out side and replace them with home grown hardworking donkeys. The kind of fans Arsenal fans have turned into we deserve managers like Jose M.

  7. I’m not sure that the article covers the whole episode,probably the bits they think will sell their crappy paper,he would be a better player if he channelled this aggression into part of his play,he is not a great player and maybe he never will be,it is the only part of him that I like but he went OTT with the throat grabbing,Arteta needs to calm him down and get him to use it to help the team control a game not brawling when its finished.

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