Mikel Arteta refuses to discuss Aubameyang’s tattoo-gate

The Arsenal team are now going to Rome to play the first leg of our Europa League tie against Benfica tonight, but in the pre-game press conference Arteta always gets asked about many other subjects that have nothing to do with the game at all.

One subject that came up was the fact that our captain Aubameyang played with a bandage over his hand in last weeks game, with it later beig revealed that the hat-trick hero was covering up a new tattoo, which is apparently against the lockdown rules in the UK.

Unsurprisingly Arteta acknowledged that the club does not take this lightly, but he would not be discussing “internal” matters in public.

The boss told Arsenal.com: “Whatever we do with our players, we keep it internal. It’s true that a lot of the members of our squad have extended families at home and if a player does something that is not within the regulations obviously, the club acts immediately but always privately.”

Of course, normally we would expect to find out the results of these private chats, but now that Arteta thinks “the mole” has been been stopped from leaking any more info, this may be the last we ever hear of it!

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