Mikel Arteta refuses to rule out Guendouzi playing for Arsenal again

Matteo Guendouzi is currently spending the season on loan with Marseille in Ligue 1, and manager Mikel Arteta is refusing to rule out a return to Arsenal at the end of the season.

The 22 year-old had a major falling out with the Spaniard after our PL clash with Brighton back in June 2020, which resulted in the midfielder being forced to train alone.

Guendouzi has since been sent out on two different loan deals, enjoying a first-team role in the Bundesliga with Hertha Berlin, before joining Marseille in Ligue 1 to continue that run of regular action, and it remains to be seen whether the French side will look to try to sign him on a permanent deal.

While he is impressing in France, enough so that he was once again called up to the squad as his side lifted the UEFA Nations League finals of late, Arteta has admitted that there is a chance that he could return to Arsenal in the future.

“For right now, he’s gone for the season,” Arteta said during his pre-match press conference(via Arsenal.com). “I think he’s having a really good spell at Marseille, and it’s part of the plan we made with him. He’s continued with his development and we’ll make a decision at the end of the year.

The Spaniard was then asked if he believed Guendouzi has played his last match in our famous colours, to which he replied: “I think you cannot say that about a player that is owned by the club.”

Does Matteo deserve another chance to prove his worth to Arsenal?


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  1. Think both have a lot to learn; a young player who needs to learn his role, and a young manager who needs to learn how to manage players.

    If Arteta has such thin skin and can’t manage out spoken players, then maybe he should consider a career change.

    Man management is a big part of the job; simply can’t freeze out or expel everyone who disagrees or privately questions you.

    1. Totally disagree with your view. It is clear to many far sighted Gooners that what MA is doing is insisting , not hoping but INSISTING on a new and all together team spirit and he knows that rotten apples will immensely harm that all important team spirit which he HAS managed to instill.

      And far better than many thought possible.

      Observant MA observers will have also noted on many occasions how he hardly ever gives specific individual player messages to media types and he is wise not to do so.
      What you call “thin skin”, I call correct strict team methods for the benefit of all and above any one individual. Hurray for that too I say!

      So I am sorry but on this I think you are very wrong Durand.

      1. Jon
        Thanks for your comment, and no need to apologize my friend, we merely have a difference of opinion. A very civilized debate, so please allow me to delve a bit further into my explanation.

        I mentioned “thin skin” because anything contesting MA appears to be dealt with unevenly and overly harsh in my opinion. For example, Willian was off to Dubai despite Arteta saying not to, and unless fined behind closed doors, no action was taken towards the player.
        Managing egos at a big brand club is part of the job, a skill Arteta is developing perhaps, but by no means mastered.

        World class talent oft times carries world class egos, and a balance has to be found for the betterment of the club. Wenger was able to do that, time will tell regarding Arteta.

        I feel the squad is stronger with Guendouzi instead of Elneny, Saliba instead of Mari, AMN at RB instead of Soares.

        All tweeted public comments regarding playing time, and were either frozen out or loaned, and both in some cases.

        I merely questioned if the best decisions were made regarding the players; meaning best for the club, not for a new young manager eager to stamp his authority.

        I think a fair question to ask, especially as the decisions weakened the club, even leaving us without adequate cover in some positions.

        1. as you’re well-aware, we do agree on a vast majority of Arsenal-related issues, but I do have to take issue with one particular aspect of your above post…that said, I do agree with most of the sentiments you expressed

          you made reference to how Arteta might learn how to better manage “big egos”, much like, as you would suggest, Wenger had…I would argue that Wenger failed quite miserably in this regards, once we moved to the Emirates and Dein was ushered out of the building

          that “new” Wenger largely avoided vocal leaders, charismatic players or anyone who might potentially usurp his monopolized reign…so much so that he oft-times used the armband in a totally disingenuous fashion for his own selfish purposes, which is why there was a period in time when it seemed like anyone wearing the band was almost assuredly gone in the following summer window…furthermore, he likewise recruited players, like Arteta and Merts, with the full understanding that they were coming on board to be Wenger’s locker room stooges

          unfortunately, this appears to be the model that our current manager has adopted, which is only logical as he not only witnessed the latter, far more fragile Wenger first-hand, he’s likewise shown a propensity to take the path of least resistance

          as we’ve seen so far he’s shown an inclination to give exemptions to those deeply imbedded within his camp or to individuals, like Xhaka, who seemingly have the ability to make his life infinitely easier, while ostracizing, excommunicating and/or freezing out those supposedly “harder” to manage individuals who might express their justifiable displeasure or display even a modicum of fieriness, even though their respective actions in question are exceedingly similar in nature

          it’s my opinion that whenever a manager opts for a course of action that’s infinitely more concerned about his own selfish interests than the best interests of the organization as a whole, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to move on from said individual, much like was the case with our former longtime manager

  2. The way he behaved at Brighton was an act of complete disrespect which tarnished the very image of our great Club.The fact that he was justifiably punished was an act of strong Management not bad man management.When on loan in Germany his behaviour brought the German team manager to question his “attitude” so Arteta is not the only close proximity professional who has chastised the arrogant young Frenchman.Let’s hope he has learned his lesson and matures into a more decent individual.As to his football ability, I doubt if he is better than Lokonga, but that is just my personal opinion.

    1. I have to say I am slightly torn on this one. I don’t think fabregas would have been above the sort of taunts guendouzi apparently made, but I do think cesc would have been more clever about it. Either way, it’s not really great for the reputation of arsenal, and I really don’t think that’s the issue.
      Same goes for many other top arsenal players of the past, it’s just that perhaps they’d all have responded more positively to their managers after the fact.
      Aside from the Brighton incident, he’s got a bit of a reputation, and (like you, I think) I really question whether his ability/potential is worth the baggage he brings.
      Agree on Lokonga, it’s more obvious to me what he can bring to a team.

  3. Agree Grandad – however I do question the way he handled Ozil…. and this is NOT backing the player, but the way he was excluded so publicly.
    Never seen that kind of treatment of ANY player in over the years I have followed our great club.

  4. Arteta is only protecting the value of an arsenal asset. Guendozi has emotionally moved on, so did Arteta and arsenal. He will be sold Jan or in the summer. Guendozi needs to learn humility and grace. That sometimes comes from challenges on and off the pitches. So far he has failed and it is Arteta’s job to protect that asset.

  5. To be fair to Guendouzi, we lost to Brighton. Arteta may wanna take a lil blame 🤷
    Leno clearly blamed Maupey for his injury.
    He was calling the Brighton players 💩, I bet they’ve been called a lot worse.
    He put his hands on Maupeys neck, so what? Ian Wright did a flying double footed stomp on Schmeichel and I loved him a little more ☺️.
    Not saying he’s the answer to our problems, rather I feel Arteta and us overly sensitive fans could have shown a bit more understanding and empathy for the young sideshow Bob looking Frenchman.

  6. Oh my God
    there was a time when 5 arsenal players where suspended after a game against man united, that was them fighting for their team. Wenger pushed moringho out of his way, that was him looking out for Alexis. What quendozi did, was him fighting for his team mate who got injured by a criminal who deserve a jail time.
    what cant u guys understand? He is passionate about the team and protective of his team mate. When last did we see such thing happen in our team? Even ian right comended him for wat hid for leno. Arteta is full of ego period.

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