Mikel Arteta requests Juventus duo at Arsenal

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is claimed to be a fan of Juventus pair Dusan Vlahovic and Fabio Miretti.

The Old Lady have been struggling so far this season, not that they have been overly impressive at all in recent campaigns, and that could well leave certain players considering their futures.

The Gunners clearly believe they could take advantage of their struggles, and are eyeing two of their current stars.

Vlahovic is one who has been on our radar for some time, having tried to land him prior to his move from Fiorentina to Juve, but he made his preference clear.

Miretti is a youth product of the Bianconeri, and has impressed since breaking into the senior side last season.

He’s a deep-lying playmaker but has been likened to Kevin De Bruyne thanks to his passing range, and is said to be on our radar.

I can’t lie, I would absolutely love to see both in north London. Considering both are in an underwhelming side, they have shown more than enough quality to have me suitably impressed, and I think both would be huge scalps could we land them.

Juve will definitely be against allowing either to depart however, but if their struggles continue, they may have to consider if any offers which are made.


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  1. Vlahovic probably burned his bridges in turning Arsenal down for that disgraced club.

    Edu (rightly in my view) puts a lot of emphasis on character so it seems to me that they won’t be in for Vlahovic again. That won’t stop “reports” from surfacing over and over again on slow news days though 😉

  2. There is nothing wrong with Vlahovic character , he was just a 20 year old guy who in his mind believe his next big step up would be better staying in Italy and juventus rather than EPL/Arsenal.

    Arsenal was really struggling then , 2 world strikers in Lacazet and Auba failed and Arsenal didn’t make top 4 … many things needs fixing and including many players needs to be faced out completely at Arsenal at that time , So for Vlahovic ,It was not about money for him , he didn’t want to make mistakes in his next step which I think for me it’s right as a 20year old guy.

    Playing for Fiorentina to EPL is different to playing for Juve to EPL … it’s a different ball game

    Now he would have learnt one or two things valuable for his next step again and I believe Arsenal will benefit that experience he’s gained playing for Max-Alegri and juve … bringing that experience to EPL is a + for him and his next team.

    He has a good character , he knows exactly what he wants , an all round striker , A Box 18 striker , he’s good with his feet , his head (All those area balls like set pieces and corner kicks) he has presence and pace also. … that for me is the striker Arsenal needs for that next big step/Level next season.


    Declan rice


    1. Henry, A hearteningly sensible, though sadly rare, post on this thread. Of course Vlahovic is a talented and ambitious player.

      Some of our dimmer witted fans would rather cut off their nose to spite their face than recognise that truth. A truth which explained why our club was so determined to TRY to land him.

      So we failed back then, but more worldly wise fans know that TIMING often alters outcomes.

      Stupid grudges against an innocent player, aged than only around 20/21, are a sign of thoise fans wilful vindictiveness against himfor not then choosing us and NOT a sign of intelligence at all.
      Whether weecould stil lget him is IMO doubtful, but far fromimpossible but not to try or to show interest would be stupidity.

      And ARTETA and EDU are NOT stupid, unlike SOME FANS.

      1. As much as I agree with you and Henry about his talent, character is also of importance. He would have signed for Arsenal if we made him an offer of £350,000 as at then(he was quoted as such), which was completely outrageous even more so given his age.

        There’s an entire scouting team at Arsenal that has been meticulous so far (together with Edu and Mikel of course), we can surely get a striker with similar characteristics hopefully even for less.

        I woulda love him with us though, if that’s still possible. But I’d say every choice comes with a consequence.

  3. Can we just leave Juventus out of the way.
    That boy was too proud to join Arsenal in January and we wasted a whole month pursuing him which in the end cost us champions league football. He chose and made his bed. Let him enjoy his sleep

  4. When playing the big clubs our defense wants to join the attack, no one plays the anchor in case of break away by opposition as proven by Manchester. Please speak to the defense players

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