Mikel Arteta responds to lack of experience remarks with class

Mikel Arteta is happy to accept he lacks experience.

New Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has divided opinion on whether he is the right man for the role and one of the biggest concerns is his lack of experience in management.

Earlier this week Arsene Wenger brought up the Spaniard’s suitability when asked about his former player,

‘I believe that Arteta has certainly a great future, he has certainly learned a lot in his first position as an assistant coach and after that as well he will have to deal with the fact that he has no experience at that level and he will have to get surrounded well.

Fair and honest comments and it seems that Arteta agrees entirely with his former boss, telling BT Sport per The Metro:

‘He’s right. I won’t convince them today that it’s something different than the reality. ‘But there are a lot of things in those three years [at Man City] that I have been doing that are really relevant to create a high-performance environment, and this is what we want to do here.’

I like this about Arteta, he does not respond with any negativity or acts defensively. Instead, he openly admits that Wenger is right and points to what he can bring to the club despite that lack of experience.

Arteta comes across as very determined based on what he has said this week and appears to have a very strong character. He is going to need that in the weeks and months ahead as he tries to grapple with the multitude of problems he has inherited.


  1. MA has certainly, and voluntarity, even eagerly, jumped into the deep end. We will soon find out how strong a swimmer he is. THE SIGNS ARE HUGELY POSITIVE, IN MY VIEW!

    1. Hi Jon, I certainly think he has all the ingredients to succeed but will require time n support from owners as well as fans to create a new blue print for this club. I certainly want our beautiful football back so I feel happy n entertained when I see my team play.

    2. Jon
      Arteta wasn’t my first choice but I have a good feeling about this one
      UE wasnt my first choice either but didnt have the same feeling as I have with arteta
      He going to do good things for us..may take a bit of time but we can wait
      Onwards and upwards

  2. Emery got EL final in his first season so Arteta must at least
    get EL final in May to justify changing managers.

      1. I agree. We have more deadwood players now and some, Ozil in particular, but others too, whose long contracts make them far more difficult to shift than much of the deadwood which Emery inherited but was able to move on. But it must be said too, that Emery was a dreadfully bad manager AND man manger too. Wenger, by contrast, despite his many managerial faults, was always a good man manager and could be understood by players and fans alike, Emerys disappointingly slow attempts to learn any proper English ALWAYS set him up for failure. A man who cannot communicate in ANY managerial positionin life, is doomed to fail. You would have thought out “right on” board might have realised that before appointing him. We fans had no idea at that time that his English was so awful. But we soon learned,unlike him!

    1. UE had more time than Arteta though and bought some players which I doubt Arteta will be able to do until the summer, all I want to see is clear vision, tactics and attractive football! And if he can sort out our woeful defensive stats then it’s a big plus but I think that will happen next season after shipping peeps out and getting in saliba and hopefully another good CB 👍

      1. Sergio, Arsenal was in no better position when Emery took over. Let’s get this right; Emery was the head coach, employed to select and coach the players made available to him. He did not get the players he wanted.
        Arteta is just starting on the journey (first match next week) and I sincerely hope that he is supported by the Board to a greater degree than Wenger or Emery.

        1. Arsenal finished 6th before Emery took over, now we’re 11th. The squad Wenger left was better than this, Emery turned down Santi and Ramsey, and about players he wanted, we’re talking about someone who preferred Nzonzi to Torreira (smh), and allegedly Sokratis, to Diallo (Sven’s first choice). Top for was in the bag last season until he blew it with his “tactics” and team selection, and then went on to lose the EL final to a sub par Chelsea team, one that struggled to beat Monchenglabach (or whoever the hell they played) in the semis, yet you keep making it seem as though Emery did an awesome job or something, u really need to look back at his tenure, and reassess, but first, take those rose tinted glasses off. and Agu Eman, what happened to “supporting whoever the club hired as coach”?. I’d hv preferred Ten Hag, Conte, or Poch, but now that we have Arteta, he has my full support unless he proves that he doesn’t deserve it, and I’ll be sure to be fair in my assessment of him.

        2. Ozziegunner, I would add that I believe Arteta will prove – and has already proved at City – that he will be a FAR better coach than either Wenger or Emery, both of whom were shockingly negligent about our “defence”. The constant changes by Emery bewildered players and fans alike. I am convinced that Arteta will not do this. ISEE HIM AS A MAN WITH A FIRM PLAN WHICH HE WIL STICK TO. Depite the unhappy fact that he too will be hindered by our appalling owner’s meanness and neglect, I DO believe that in good time MA will much improve things. We all need to be patient and most will certainly be so, as we surely all see the mess we are left in right now.

    2. You are at it again!
      Why do you keep taking a pop before the man has started
      Emery = 18 months which equals longer than May 2020

    3. You keep mentioning this each and every time at the slightest opportunity. The truth is that it was sheer determination from the players (the so-called Wenger’s dross), in the presence of a new manager, that drove them that far, even the 22 games unbeaten run and not any special ability from Emery. Even then, fans who could see saw that the team had no pattern, that it was only a matter of time before Emery infection caught up with them. And it did catch up as we all saw it first hand.

    4. Are you serious, since when making into EL final became a standard?? UE literally distorted this team n our football. As long as i see good tactics n attractive football I will be behind Arteta. To make this team into title contenders again will take time n effort so as long as we can see right step taken by Arteta in this direction we are fine. Patience is the key.

  3. He’s an intelligent guy no doubt.

    I’m happy to reserve judgement for the time being and give him a chance. But the board is playing a dangerous game appointing Arteta considering the state te club is in at the moment.

    I think he’s going to have to get very tough with some of these players and it’s going to end ugly.

  4. You cannot be holding Mikel Arteta to deliver the EL final this season because Unai Emery did last season because Unai Emery inherited a stronger team from Wenger than the one he left for Mikel Arteta.

    1. Restless, was it Emery who allowed Ramsey, Monreal and Koscielny or Mhikatarian (who most fans slated) to leave or go on loan? Emery was employed to coach the players provided to him.
      Also look back to the squad Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch, most of whom would be playing instead the players in the squad today.

      1. I keep saying this out squad is not bad as ppl make it sound like. We have one of the deadliest striker who has proved his worth everywhere, then we have another world-class striker in Laca. We have world class world cup winning no 10…I can go on and on. Most of our players are internationals n play for international teams who do pretty well in big tournaments. We have two biggest upcoming talents in martinelli n Guendozi…it was the wrong tactics n football philosophy that led us to here n we have lost confidence so are massively underperforming….look what Sanchez was for us n look what happened to him at Man U. Ozil is similar he is a player who performs good when played with right tactics n surrounded by quality players. With right tactics n coaching I still think we could have made it into top 3.

      2. ozzie, That Bruce Rioch team of 1995 would walk into todays top four and all of us who were watching then will know that, despite us finishing fifth that last season before Wenger. Of course Wenger came in and was an immediate sensation. But we already had a true and legendary defence, thanks entirely to George Graham, whom many(though never me!) will always underrate, chiefly because of how his reign ended.

        1. Interesting point you make about George Graham Jon- such a shame you still haven’t answered the question I put to you WEEKS AGO about the very same person.

  5. Stating the obvious, the minimum for Arteta is to avoid relegation while improving the on field performances and team cohesion. It will probably mean several of the big name players leaving either in January or the summer, hopefully for reasonable transfer fees that can be re-invested in talented enthusiastic younger players. Although I would like Arteta to change Torreira’s mind and persuade him to stay, Napoli’s current offer is too low anyway.

    In terms of more aspirational targets, apart from sorting out the teams mentality issues and the defence, I think the most we can realistically hope for from Arteta is that we dont embaress ourselves in the Europa League, whilst qualifying for the competition next year.

  6. Emery had to deal with garbage like Jenkinson Elneny Mkhitarian
    Iwobi Wellbeck Lichsteiner and old stages like Koscielney + Monreal
    Arteta does not have to deal with all this dross as Emery cleaned it out for him.
    Remember he had no English language and no PL experience and never got
    any of the payers he really wanted.
    Yet he still got to the EL final and missed PL by just 1 point.
    Emery did not have Bellerin Chambers Tierney Luiz Caballoss Martinelli or Pepe.
    This season the club again refused to buy quality centrall defenders.
    He also had to deal with Ozil and Xhaka debacles.
    Arsenal were in 3rd place a point behind Man City when the fans demanded Ozil play.
    So Emery was forced to play Ozil and the club dropped down the table.
    Arteta played in the PL 8 years and has been in England 12 years and speaks English.
    The club will give Arteta the players he wants starting in January
    which the club did not do for Emery.
    So Arteta has massive advantages over Emery.
    So with a stronger squad and vast PL experience Arteta has no excuse.
    EL final in May or sacked in June.

    1. You must be the most deluded i’ve seen on this site..
      Setting the same target for Arteta who hasn’t even begun his job.
      Emery blew his chances with weird tactics and team selections.

      Arteta can’t be sacked even if the team finishes 15th with no EL

      So deal with it.
      His season starts fully from the next campaign after he must have shipped out the deadwood

    2. I agree with much of Agu’s analysis but for a few points. There is no doubt about the lack of support for Emery from the fans many of whom have unrealistic expectations.
      The number of first team players that had to be sold or loaned out was far too large and would have been a challenge for any manager. The poor roster was a terrible legacy of the Wenger era. To compound this was the lack of adequate replacements. Arsenal took an age to confirm Kierney who arrived injured, did nothing about the right back situation and did little about central defence and midfield.
      Fans incessant calling for players such as Ozil who has done little since his return also did not help matters.
      FL has been given lauded by some fans despite poor results, and except for a short period against WH, poor quality football;
      Arteta will likely be given better support and I feel needs a lot of investment to strengthen the squad. Where I disagree with Agu however is that we do not know if MA will get the players he needs. Also, even if he does fans will still need to be patient.

      1. It was solely Emery fault we lost Ramsey. The guy was willing to sign the contract. The Arsenal chiefs asked Emery if Ramsey would be in his plans and guaranteed a first team position, Unai said no. So the offer to Ramsey was withdrawn. It was Emery that played Cech instead of Leno in the EL final. Leno should have started that match. It was Emery that played 7 defensive minded players against West Ham last season and we lost 1:0.
        It was Emery’s PSG that could not finish the job against Barça despite winning the first leg by 4 goals to nil and even scoring early in the return leg. Emery is to blame. You make do with the players you have. You have to motivate them. Towards the end of last season, we lost at home to Palace, lost by 3 goals against Leicester and Wolves. Lost to Everton. We could not beat Brighton at home. We should have been 3rd but Emery could not motivate his team. How many stars are in the Leicester and wolves team? And they are playing good football. Emery is solely responsible for the mess we are in.He should have been sacked after that loss to Chelsea at the final. In fact we need to sack him again for taking us to mediocrity

        1. Skills1000, what is the evidence that Emery was the cause of Ramsey’s contract offer being withdrawn due to his dragging out signing? It should be remembered that Emery openly stated that he wanted to build the midfield and team around Aaron Ramsey.
          If you saw the game, the loss by PSG at Barcelona, after a big home win also saw two of the dodgiest penalties ever awarded given to Barcelona.
          I am supporting Mikel Arteta 100%, with the hope that the Arsenal owner and Board do the same.

    3. Unfortunately our squad is much weaker this season than last season. I’ve never understood why so many fans fell for the pr nonsense in the summer that we had strengthened. I would say we have somewhere between 7th and 12th best squad in the country. A top 4 finish this season was never a realistic target. Top 6 would be a fantastic achievement. A reasonable target for Arteta now would be a top half finish.

      1. I disagree it’s the wrong tactics n coaching that led us here, I bet if you would given this squad to lamps, roger or Arteta to finish in top 4 they would have bitten your hand of. On paper in based on past we have one of the deadliest of attack. A good midfield. Only department I see struggle in n would not have changed under any manager is defence but that too was CB positions. I think when rightly coached n deployed terney n bellerin can be one of the best wing backs in world.

    4. Funny thing is all those players you just mentioned as garbage were in squad when we made it into the EL finals and when UE got his own players n got rid of all the players he didn’t wanted he left us in fight for religation so by your theory it’s actually proved that UE was garbage.

      1. Mohsan, Emery did not get the players he wanted, but had to coach those provided to him.
        Hopefully this is not repeated for Arteta.

  7. What Mikel has in abundance is the knowledge of two top managers, Arsene Wenger and Pep Guadiola…as he readily states.

    He also knows what The Arsenal means to be involved with, you can see just how proud he is to be sitting in that chair!!!

    He reeks of class, sensibility, knowledge and humility and that is The Arsenal Way.

    I look forward to seeing him stamp his authority on the players and hope he has the full backing of the clubs owner.

    Can’t wait for the next home game, the atmosphere will be electric and full of exxpectant gooners.

    What an early Christmas present this could be for our fanbase.

    1. Excellent comment, Ken! You’re right, he oozes class…and may well be exactly who we were looking for all along!
      That next home game will have the place rocking. Wish I was going! Next up for me, will be Leeds. COYG

    2. I actually agree with you for once Ken, but the major concern is ironically the influence of Pep, and Wenger, on whatever Arteta’s style/tactics are. Pep’s teams have never been good defensively, and Wenger had completely abandoned even the mere mention of defending by the time Arteta arrived.

      So during his last 5 years of playing, and since as a coach, Arteta hasn’t been in the right environments to learn how to sort out a defence. Obviously he would have learnt about defending from the front, as City do that so well with their pressing game, but get at their defence, and they are poor. Even Barcelona were not great in this area under Pep. On the flip side, maybe Arteta has noticed the defensive flaws of both teams from working under these two great managers, and has decided that is something he wants focus on.

      Fans often talk about Arsenal DNA being ultra attacking, possession based, sexy football, which to some extent, Arteta was involved in during his spell with us. That is another huge worry, as it’s very difficult to pull that off, and be successful. Most importantly though, fans seem to have forgotten that possession based, ultra attacking football ended being an absolute disaster for us! Wenger moved away from what made us so successful during his first decade at Arsenal, and that was a counter-attacking, balanced approach.

      Our number one priority by an absolute country mile is defending, followed by work-rate. Style can take a distant back seat for now, and I really hope that’s what Arteta knows coming into this difficult job.

      1. Ken, as Arsene Wenger was always class, similarly the statement made by Unai Emery on his dismissal and the recent BBC interview commenting on the appointment of Mikel Arteta, also displayed his class.

        1. ozziegunner, his class was never in dispute, it was his ability to man manage, be tactically aware, know his best eleven and inspire the players that let him down.

          I wish him every success in the future and wish it had worked our better for him and the club. To be sacked in such a manner is not what one would wish on anybody.

          1. 👍 ken, I never disagreed that Emery had to go. I just want the players to be held responsible for their part in his demise, rather than given a free pass by many. Also, Mikel Arteta has to be given better support by the Board to address the obvious deficiencies in this squad, otherwise Arsenal will not improve to compete.

      2. TMJW, if he brings top four, CL, cups with attacking football and, as you say, pulls it off, that’s fine by me.

        I agree that the defence is what he needs work on, however, but let’s not forget Saliba is coming in the summer – Tierney will be fit – Chambers and Holding will be performing – Bellerin will be fit:

        I believe we need to look closely at the midfield defence unit as well, but let’s see what he has in mind.

        OT. Hope you are coping with the devastating fires down there, is it as bad as they say?

        1. Ken, thanks for asking. We have had devastating fires for over 120 days. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of national park, forest and farmland have been destroyed in NSW and Queensland. Many people have lost their homes and 6 people, including 2 volunteer fire fighters have died. My friend from Pt Macquarie told us Koala have disappeared in his area. Sydney and points west to Lithgow (including the Blue Mountains), south around Bargo and north right up the coast are ablaze. The air quality due to ash in the air makes the sun a red blob at sunset, covers everything and affects breathing. We are also on water restrictions. I have never seen the drought and fires this bad.

    3. Completely agree Ken, I think we have a gem on our hands. A guy who took the job at this stage of his career where it can leave a stain on his resume if this does not go down well n when everything at the club is crumbling down players, fans n board says a lot about his character. Before you do something first thing you need is to believe you can do it. Arteta has my full support n i am glad board has finally made a good decision keeping the far future in sight as well.

  8. I’m sorry to go completely OT… as much as I’m excited about Mikel, I’m super excited about what has just happened at the Ally Pally!!
    Fallon Sherrock has won again!! She was quite simply superb 👌 Loving it!

    1. Sue I have tried more getting interested in darts, thoug I do sometimes watch it. It is great theatre and wonderfully staged. But the game itself is rather boring, to be honest, even though there are many great characters. I actively play bowls, all year round and I reckon you would find that boring. But in tactics, change of greens, of weather, it has so many more variables, that give it interest, than darts. But each to his/her own and it was great to see Fallon win again. I firmly hope she wins the whole thing.

      Also great to see womens sport in general and esp our passion, football, come on leaps and bounds. It is comforting that at my age I am certain to meet my maker with Arsenal ladies uncatchable in league titles and cups by any other team. We will win it again this year I think.

      1. Hi Jon, the odd game can be a little boring to watch, but on the whole I love it! That comes from playing since I was 15!
        Never tried bowls, Jon. I know people who play… maybe one day I’ll give it a go.
        Yes, the Arsenal women are flying, once again, and long may it continue! Women’s sport is definitely on the up, as you say, and that pleases me (as you can imagine!)

  9. Welcome MA and good luck, I don’t expect miracles and hope the rest give you a fair shot.

    FL, thank you and I agree 100% with Kev the tactics you employed have started to steady the ship and I believe we are better now than before UE left.

    With FL you could see the game plan he tried to deploy and we were not just headless chickens even if it did not work out.

    MA I believe has now come in at the right time as a few weeks earlier would have had him under more pressure.

  10. am in support of MA
    Pep started like dis too he had a good team and won cup for barca

    same thing with zidane

    let’s give him a chance

    no one believes zidane will win the champions leagues on his first season

  11. One of the steepest inclines in MA’s way is that of noisy, impatient and confused fans. I wish he can have a half season free of vitriol.

    What do you say about double-tongued fans saying they support him and almost immediately writing him off before he starts? The fact is that everybody, himself inclusive, knows he has no experience. But for heaven’s sake can you give the man a chance to fail first before you flush him down the drain?

    I think he will do a good job and will surprise us all. But can people see his success as our collective success and stop being hypocrites by fouling up the atmosphere for him and then crying that the man failed.

  12. I’m fairly underwhelmed by Arteta as manager. No experience – is this really what Arsenal need?
    It’s a big risk IMO.

  13. Arteta was not my biggest wish. I am worried about his lack of experience, and I am also worried he isn’t a big enough name to keep and attract top players.
    But now he is appointed, and we owe to give him a chance with reasonable expectations.
    We can’t expect him to get us top 4 or EL victory. We can hope.
    If he at least by the end of the season has put us on a upward curve, that shows we will be competitive for top 4 next season then I think he has done well.

  14. Fans I’m afraid get carried away with the supreme status of modern day Managers who are invariably lauded by the media who quickly stab them in the back when things don’t work out.The quality of players on the pitch is the most important requirement for any side to be successful and this will always be the case.Emery was successful at Seville and PSG because he worked with quality players which sadly was not the case at Arsenal.This situation has not changed and until a restructuring of the first team playing squad is undertaken,I do not expect Mikel Arteta,who I regard highly, to improve matters significantly.MA has been fortunate in that he has served his apprenticeship under one of the best on the Planet and I am sure he will eventually do well for Arsenal.Forget the adverse comments concerning his lack of experience,it’s his ability which is important.Look at young Martinelli,a young, inexperienced player with bags of ability who is already making a bigger impression than half a dozen of our highly paid experienced recruits.

    1. PSG I agree he had massive funding n good quality players. But then he underachieved there as well they hired him to win champions League n he failed. It would be folish to think Sevilla had a better squad then us. For me if you want to look at quality of the team then look at the season run not cup runs. If you ask all big managers ofcource they want to win champions League but they prefer league title to assess their team and their performance. I was against UE not for results but for the type of football we were playing certain clubs have certain football culture n the football he was playing was not according to our club culture that took years for Wenger to install. If goes n plays same football at Barca n Madrid I bet he will be thrown out by fans even if he wins trophies. It’s not only about winning but how you win it should count as well.

  15. It’s a completely valid argument.
    It’s the reason why I didn’t want him as manager

    But the decision has been made. Now we need to support him. This is also his chance to prove his worth

    I’m just curious to know WHY Kroenke wanted him over experienced managers. Is it because he is easier to CONTROL and limit his budget, I wonder?

  16. Fickle, Nickel, Trickle, Sickle, Tickle, Pickle, Giggle, Fiscal, Jiggle, Wiggle, Seagull, Wriggle, Niggle. Words that rhyme with Mikel ..down on Sesame-Street.

    ……..it’s tougher than you think.

  17. So much garbage in these comments, it’s amazing. What he he must do and what he mustn’t do. What his predecessors did and didn’t. What he inherited and what his targets are, or should be, or must be. And even comments about Bruce Rioch’s team, as if that has anything to do with Mikel.


    GO, MIKEL!

  18. Who ever is in charge is going to use the same frail youngsters who are not able to counter the physicality and fouls in EPL. Chambers Willock Nelson AMN Saka Guendouzi Ceballos Smith Rowe should be replaced with tall and physically strong players like Upamecano..Dembele ..zaha..Frazer…etc. Look at the top four squad … Most of them are tall and physically very strong… Especially defenders and midfielders..Get 2 physically strong defenders and 2 midfielders to challenge top 4. Otherwise just pray for Arsenal to see miracles this season…

    1. SadGunner, this was once a template for winning Arsenal teams as well; however the change began with the loss of Emanuel Petit, Patrick Viera and lastly Gilberto Silva.

  19. If i am in place of arteta i will start rebuilding arsenal team like what klopp did with liverpool. I will sell mustafi sokraris and luiz and keep chambers and holding. I will buy 1 world class centre back(upamecano or koulibally)
    1 good Centre back with solid PL experience and leadership traits(better than what we have now mustafi sokratis and luiz so i will buy Lewis Dunk from brighton) plus saliba coming back nect season we will have 3 good centre backs in Upamecano or koulibally, Dunlk, Saliba and other two good young guns as well in holding and chambers. I will buy one good right back to replace bellerin who is injury prone and niles from starting 11 like perrira from leicester or aarons from norwichor even djibril sidibe playing for everton now came on loan from monaco. LB is least concerned with tierney a good LB and kolasinac although not good enough defensively but he can be ok. I will buy a stronh CDM in Thomas partey from atletico and sell xhaka. I will buy a strong CM like Sergej savic from lazio to replace ramsey because i dont think ceballos is cut out for PL. Then i will sell ozil and buy a CAM from ajax in the form of hakim ziyech if not then i will buy housam aour from lyon he is a great young talent like jao felix . For attack i must say cash in on both auba and laca if they dont wont to sign contracts and avoid the mistake which we done previously with sanchez. If madrid gives us luka jovic in return with aubameyang and some cash then i will take that as auba is getting older now 31. If possible sell laca as well and buy a proper left winger in zaha from crystal palace.
    Leno(GK, martinez as backup)
    Sidibe/perreira/aarons(RB, with bell and niles as backups)
    Tierney(LB, with kola as backup)
    Dunk(CB, with holding and chambers as backup)
    Upamecano/koulibally(CB, with saliba as backup)
    Partey(CDM, with torreira as backup)
    Segej savic(CM, with guendouzi as backup)
    Hasam aouar/ziyech(CAM, with smith row and other young guns like willock as backups)
    Zaha(LW, with nelson as backup)
    Pepe(RW, with saka as backup)
    Jovic(ST, pepe can be backup plus recall nketiah back from leeds he is in fine form and improving like divock origi of liverpool)
    With this team i will play an attacking brand of football and gegenpressing football like what klopp does effectively at liverpool plus counter attacking game to devasting effect.

    1. Raja, what about Martinelli and his progress? He has been Arsenal’s most consist player recently when given opportunities. I personally would prefer to develop Martinelli, instead of splashing a lot of cash on Zaha, with the issues Arsenal has in midfield and defense.

      1. I agree I think we need a proper CM like modric, carzola type who can link defence to attack. Someone who is good in tight spaces n is comfortable with both feet. The biggest void I believe is left by carzola which has not been filled by us. We hoped ceballos was that player but does not seem like it. I am sure Arteta will find some one who fits the bill.

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