Mikel Arteta responds to questions about Arsenal’s top-four ambitions

Mikel Arteta not focussing on top four just yet

Mikel Arteta has revealed that he would prefer to improve his Arsenal team than to target a top-four finish after the Gunners beat Newcastle United 4-0.

The Gunners’ win over the Magpies was only their second league win under Arteta and it brought back the conversation about the Gunners securing a top-four finish.

Despite their huge win, Arsenal remains a long way from the top four and stay rooted to the tenth position.

Arteta was brought in to steady the Arsenal ship but now that he seems to have placed the club in better shape, fans will be expecting European football next season, but Arteta remains focused on making his team a better side before thinking about finishing the season in a European spot.

Arteta said per Arsenal.com: “The ultimate target now is to improve as a team and win against Olympiacos on Thursday and improve on today’s performance.”

Manchester City has been banned from the Champions League for the next two seasons, but Arteta isn’t focused on that to help his team’s chances.

When asked if he thought Manchester City’s ban would make it easier for Arsenal to qualify, he said:

“I don’t know. A week ago before we went to Dubai and we drew at Burnley everything looked like it was too far and it’s going to take an incredible run to do it, but it feels a little bit closer. But it’s going to depend on us and we need to improve as a team and be more consistent over 90 minutes.

“If we’re able to do that, performances will lead to much better results and if that’s the case, we will be in the mix for the last few games of the season.”

Arteta is saying all the right things but he knows that a top-four or even top-five spot is within reach providing the lads replicate the win over Newcastle on a regular basis.


  1. So then, provided we win regularly by 4-0 as the article says we need to we will get top four. CANT ARGUE WITH THE OBVIOUS COMMENT , BUT MERELY THE BONKERS PREDICTION!

  2. If we get a similar result to Newcastle over the next few games then I will start to believe – we haven’t been able to do that yet this year though.

    Sunday in the second half was awesome and if it is a trend starting then Europe might be in reach (to agree with Mr. Fox, BIG IF), especially if there proves to be an extra spot open. But we really are a long way away from that yet.

    I liked Arteta’s comment about wanting to build – we got to this place over multiple years so it may take some time to rise out of the ashes like the fiery phoenix that we can be (how was that for exciting visuals)

  3. What hes saying is completely true.Lets get some wins first,Use our momentum in the best possible way.

    Atletico madrid are showing how to defend against liverpool.
    Haaland has fallen into a rough patch in the 1st half

      1. He missed some good chances in the first half but boy those 2 goals are unstoppable specially the 2nd one.This guy has everything to be the next big thing in europe.

        And liVARpool😂😂😂😂

        1. That 2nd goal was awesome!! What a talent that young man is!
          Oh I loved it, Shakir….. aww poor scousers… they’ll have to cheer themselves up by going carjacking 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Yay Liverpool lost!!! Listening to their fans moaning about how Atletico are a Spanish West Brom – score a goal and shut up shop 🤣🤣🤣 aww gutted….. thank you, Atletico…. 👍 Yippee!!!

  5. MA is absolutely right about building the team first and collecting a run of wins before we can think of Europe. Greece next. Glad the pools lost and what a guy this Haaland is.

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