Mikel Arteta reveals his gratitude and appreciation towards Arsene Wenger

Mikel Arteta pays classy tribute to Arsene Wenger after being named new Arsenal manager.

New Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has acknowledged the role that Arsene Wenger played in him becoming the club’s manager today.

The former Everton midfielder was signed by Wenger eight years ago and he helped the Gunners win back to back FA Cups before he retired three years ago.

He has gone on to develop his managerial skills at Manchester City where they have won the last two Premier League titles among other trophies.

Arteta claims that Wenger’s legacy made it possible for him to be the club’s manager today as the Frenchman had set the ground running for him to be considered good enough to play for and later manage the club.

‘Well, when I was playing in England I started to realise what Arsenal meant,’ said Arteta via Arsenal.com.

‘Obviously I was born in Barcelona and the club which had the most similar style and most similar values and ambition, it was Arsenal. ‘I always talked to the people around me that I had a dream and it was to play for this football club. ‘There was one man and his name was Arsene Wenger who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to play for this club. ‘And after that he made me captain of this football club and I wouldn’t be sitting here if he didn’t have the vision to give me the opportunity to enjoy this incredible football club.’

Arteta was also close to becoming Arsenal’s manager last year before they chose Unai Emery, he insists that now is the right time for him to be the club’s manager.

‘A little bit close,’ Arteta added when asked how near he came to fill the void created by Wenger’s departure.

‘It wasn’t the right time. The right time came now. I’m glad I learned a lot from that experience. ‘It was great to be part of the process. I was very prepared for this one and it helped.’


    1. Kolasinac a tank? One with many holes in it then! YES WE COULD DO WITH HIM RIGHT NOW AS SO MANY INJURIES, BUT HE IS USELESS AND WILL BE GONE BY NEXT SEASON. Along with many other clowns in defence. A defender who cannot defend is as useless as a chocolate teapot!

        1. Ken, Just to say I agree with MA and he would naturally be proud to have worked under Wenger. What you have never fully understood about my Wenger thoughts, is to be able to separate, as I can , that as a man and human being, Wenger was always and remains a class act. But as manager in his final decade he let a culture of drift and softness gradually take hold and right now we see it at his worst. Of course Kroenke and Gazidis were huge hindrances but they did not make the key and wrong decision to abandon all the power and strength he sought in players in his glory decade and to change, UTTERLY, from power to timid dwarfs , esp in midfield. Neither were they the reason he could not recognise a real CB(with the exceptions of Campbell, Kos, and to a lesser extent , Toure) and neither were responsible for the rotten choices he made over a prolonged period at CB once GG’s back four retired. He alone was culpable as manager.

          Simply put Ken, he became too comfortable in his position of ultimate team power and bit by bit, more hungry, more in touch and more astute managers and coaches overtook his laissez faire culture and I saw this almost as soon as it began, back in around 2007 and a year later was calling for his head for that reason alone. Unlike you KEN , I NEVER put ANY Arsenal employee above the club; NOT THIERRY, NOT DENNIS, NOT WENGER AND NOT ANYONE, NO MATTER WHOM. I love the club and all it’s players, manager, executives etc are simply tools used while they have a value, to aid the club I love. I find your defending of Ozil to be totally contrary to this principle and would love to hear your direct riposte to my views please..

          1. Jon, I could quite simply say “I do not accept your premise” and end the discussion there and then, but I always try to be honest and not duck out of ANY questions asked.

            First of all, I find it difficult to understand how you can call AW all the names you have, try to destroy him on a personal level, take no notice of the results in the latter years that, since he left, the club are trying to emulate.
            You say you respect the man, but cannot explain, no matter how many times you are asked, how with all the “timid dwarfs. dross players, no defence, a weak midfield” etc etc he still kept an established top four club…while the russian roubles in 2005 and the oil money in 2008 changed the landscape completely.
            As an example Jon, what club did city raid for players as soon as they had the money? It was The Arsenal on a regular basis.
            Whenever we took an interest in a player (Mata and chelsea is a great example) they were snatched from under our noses with unlimited money.
            They pushed the value of players up and up and up, to the point where our club had to lower our sights – it is so simple to see and explain Jon, I cannot understand why you cannot grasp the situation.

            AW could only buy the players within the kronkie budget….yes he made some awful signings…now name me one single manager who hasn’t.
            But he was shopping at Tescos, not John Lewis but, yet again it seems, while you acknowledge this with UE and MA, for some reason AW isn’t included.

            You don’t even attempt to answer how this team, that had drifted and had softness imbodied in their DNA, still remained a top four, CL quarter finalists from 2008 to 2016, whilst winning three fa cups in four years.
            You try to explain one of the wins away by a poor referees decision against Hull, but whe people like Kenny Rolfe and I complain about referees, you grandly announce it evens itself out!!!!
            You can’t even bring yourself to acknowledge that achievement and claim you saw it all unfolding before everyone else – well, I wouldn’t want to boast that I wanted the man out who kept the name of Arsenal at the forefront of football during those years.

            On to the GG comment – I didn’t think I would have to point out to you that the likes of Adams, Keown etc praised him for the way he extended their playing career with his intelligence.
            You also seem to have completely forgotten that the Invincible back four were all put together by the man you say neglected defensive tactics.

            Now it seems, I am being accused of putting individuals before the club, just because I use FACTS to try and get an answer from you regarding you incessant claims that AW was useless from 2008 and we had dross, mentally frail, soft, non triers who were drifting into the ether – it is very obvious Jon, that your views cannot fit the facts – so you hide behind the word “premise” when I challenge your OPINION with ACTUAL FACTS.

            I protect the legacy of AW, in my own way, because I know what he brought to the club, warts and all.
            He made many mistakes, we suffered humiliating defeats, he didn’t confront kronkie or let the fans know what was going on…but through all of these errors, he kept a consistent top four club and all that went with it.

            You say he didn’t change with the times – how could he, when kronkie NEVER backed him up in order to compete with city/chelsea for the top players?

            It seems that, because of my views, I am now accused of putting individuals above The Arsenal- what a load of hogwash Jon.
            I ACTUALLY support my club with my actions, not words. I go to The Emirates with my season ticket, shout my lungs out cheering WHOEVER is wearing the famous shirt – it seems you love the club from afar and your complete denial of fans singing out Ozil’s name, or the acknowledgement of hard won, factual achievements, in order to cover your mistaken opinions proves this.

            If the club sold Ozil tomorrow, do you think I would hand in my season ticket and run the club down at every opportunity from the comfort of my armchair?

            Like I see AW, I also see Ozil as a fall guy for those who always need a scapegoat and the city game on Sunday was the perfect example…Ozil was awful, deserved to be substituted (and reacted like an idiot) – as did every other outfield player, as I saw with my own eyes.
            But, with the need to have a target to pursue, he was the man once again and
            that is the principle that I fight against.

            I believe have been very controlled in my reply to your accusations Jon, but if you love the club as much as you say you do, why the hell don’t you support it as well? If you seem fit to challenge my commitment to The Arsenal, I have every right to challenge yours and I find you coming up short in the principle meaning of support.

            I am sure we will debate again, ask questions, fail to answer questions, disagree on subjects and look for each others posts – have a great Christmans a happy 2020 and I hope to see you at The Emirates soon!!!

      1. yeah … you must be agreed with, as you have been on spot for the umpteenth time. I was wondering why the board wouldn’t give a man like you the job. You have been right with all the calls you made. Ozil is a prime example.

      2. What an amazing intro!

        Gratitude to his Prof making him Captain, responsibility that comes with as greatest Prof would.

        He is saying, I’m here because of our beloved Prof who set it all up years ago, putting in Captain role for years!

        It is no clearer way to say “Prof, we miss & need you here as AFC family and club!

        Slogan should not be Koenke out, but Empty stadium for Kroenke out!

        Wenger back at Wenger at Arsenal is what Arteta is saying!

        There’s no manager,he is becoming a coach from asistsng nomatterwho before him…

        Can’t expect from an assistant coach to jump to coach suit a handle such a club with such a poor overall management.

        Thank you. Captain Arteta, in the name of all gunners!

        You make your Prof so proud, not by these words but howitmakea us all feel what this club you love and joined last decade forever!

        Thank you!

      3. Even in Arteta’s day the defence were not so great. We survived on real creativity. So expect Arteta to bring in some superb midfield/creative players who will warm our hearts. This is not fill in time, like Socratis and Luiz were. We need long term, possibly in this window. Mikel Oyarzaban, Samuel Umtiti, Dayot Upamecano….. these may be who he will go for

  1. Such a bold move by the Board & Mgt, considering his age and experience. Having listened to his first press conference, I’m feeling quite positive and excited about this now. I hope I don’t get disappointed.

  2. I am liking this man Mikel Arteta more with every word he utters.

    Not only does he recognise the great man Arsene Wenger, he speaks with the same eloquence and sincerity of Le Prof.

    He gives an insight into just how much the players respected him, how he man managed those he employed and what an inspiration he was at our club.

    It was, interestingly, 2011 when he pulled on our famous shirt, seen by some as the “lost decade” or the “wasted years” under AW.

    What a difference in the way he views the following eight years playing at the club, to those fans who trash it so easily.

    Let’s hope that AW’s influence will see MA bring back the pride and passion to our club, along with the top four, CL and fa cup successes he is so grateful to have been part of.

    Well done for getting the position Mikel and thanks for speaking with such sincerity about the man who’s record we all hope you can beat!!!

    1. You’re right Ken, after watching the full interview I am starting to get a good feeling about Mikel Arteta after initial doubts. I just hope that some of his positivity rubs off on the players, he was a breath of fresh air after so much doom and gloom. Maybe it will be a good 2020 for us, COYG!!!

      1. Andrew, he has come back to the club, knowing exactly what state we are in, after watching the pathetic display, if one could call it a display, on Sunday.

        I believe his words are said after witnessing, not only that game, but all the others between us and city.
        He knows what situation we find ourselves in, how the club has fallen and compares this to his days playing for us.

        The fact that he has said every player starts on a level playing field (in so many words) would make them a little more secure that no preconceived ideas are in his head, so it really is up to every single one of them to perform.

        I am also taking that attitude, from mustafi through to pepe, it’s a whole new ball game for everyone, fans, players and coach…as I said previously, can’t explain it, but I am buzzing, so different to when UE was announced.

        The personal remarks about Arsene just made it all the sweeter for me and as he also singled out Ozil in such a positive way, I’m hoping he will inspire him also.

        But this is not about individuals is it? It’s our great club finally getting back on track and if the likes of Ozil, or any other player, messes up this opportunity, I’m certain they will get no sympathy from any gooner, that’s for sure.

        The fan base sees 99.9% behind him now, so let the good times roll once again!!!

        1. Exactly…good managers do not berate their players or employees in public…

          not matter how bad they are they will do it behind closed doors

    2. would it not be ironic in arteta was the man to finally get rid of the great cheat that is ozil. i would laugh myself silly if this happens. i would wonder then what the ozil fans and lovers would think of arteta .
      will they hold him in the same esteem as they seem to hold him at the moment. will they still be thanking him for speaking out. very intresting times ahead.

  3. There are some really good articles about him on the BBC web sight, especially a piece by Balague, well worth a read.

      1. 👍 Well worth a read, particularly the class comments on Mikel Arteta in the interview with Unai Emery.

  4. Hopefully some dead wood will go in January. Arteta will buy a Centre Back for sure. Expect him to bid for Mikel Oyarzabal as he was interested in him whilst he was at City. Oyarzabal is the creative link we have been missing since we let Santi Cazorla go. He is only 22. Perhaps Dayot Upamecano may still be on the cards, but Arteta probably has someone in mind who City were interested in. One good thing about Arteta is that he won’t accept baggage players.

    1. You already broke the “(insert name) out” button after using it for Emery and Freddie in quick succession 😀….. it won’t be available for use for a long time….. a very long time

  5. I do wish Arteta success….. I hope he’s able to inspire the turnaround that we so desperately need, and bring back the glory days….. onwards and upwards. COYG!!

  6. Great press conference. Totally spoke sense. We may have some ideas of his first signings as they are some that he wanted at City. He’s a bright guy. We are behind you Mikel. Let’s hope we are a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

  7. Whoa, read few be comments and had to stop…

    Writer takes hours to make sure to deliver a great topic .and article.

    Dudes not even on great subject for some. Unreal ignotance!

  8. Artetas comments are all cliche and what you would expect. Nothing new at all.
    All new managers come in saying how wonderful the club is.
    The fans believe they have the right man.
    The club promises a new dawn and many trophies.
    Emery was welcomed as the right man to take us forward too.
    While Freddie was the “ideal ” interim manager.
    Now Arteta is going to bring the PL home momentarily.
    Like Man Utd with Fergie Arsenal may find it hard to
    turn things around in the short term after Wenger.
    We are not used to short term managers.
    Why should we be any different?
    Liverpool have had 9 managers in the PL era. Average 3 years.
    Everton and Man City have had 16 managers in the PL era,average 1.6 years.
    Spurs have had 21 and Chelsea 22 managers in the PL era. Average 1.2 years.
    Emery lasted 1.5 years.
    What of Arteta?
    Well he needs to win the EL or he is gone too. = half a season.
    Its tough at the top.

  9. It doesn’t matter a jot what he says, its what he can achieve that counts. He isnt going to come in and slag everything about arsenal off anyway, that wouldn’t be very intelligent. Get us some points on the board and i will be happy, talk is cheap, actions are the name of the game.

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