Mikel Arteta reveals his plans for Dubai Winter camp

Mikel Arteta is relishing the chance to take his Arsenal side to Dubai for their winter training camp.

The Gunners played out a goalless draw against Burnley yesterday, a result that leaves them without a win in the League in the new year.

Arteta admitted that he wanted to win that game and was disappointed to be going into the break with just 31 points on the table.

The Gunners will have the next two weeks off and they have decided to embark on a warm-weather training camp in Dubai.

Ahead of their holiday, Arteta revealed how delighted he was to be heading out with his players and he was looking forward to spending more time training with his group.

‘It’s good to go away, the players have been through a lot,’ Arteta told the clubs official website.

‘The last two-three months have been tough for them so I want to give them a few days off. Then we’re going to go to Dubai, start working and focus on Newcastle. ‘We have to stay positive. It’s very tough to come [to Burnley] and when the game develops like this, to control it is hard. I wanted to win so badly and I’m disappointed.

‘I’m more disappointed with the unnecessary balls we have given away and put ourselves in trouble with. They press high and they are good at that but in many phases of the game, we could have done better. ‘When we did better, we generated the chances we wanted.’

Arsenal break will not be so long with just the next weekend free for them, but Arteta still hoped to make the most of it.

‘We have to improve quality-wise. We’re very far in terms of what I want in sustaining attacks and being unpredictable in our play, but that’s a process,’ Arteta told Sky Sports. ‘In the next two weeks, we have longer periods for training and I’ll use them. We need some players back from injury and try our best to improve the team.”

One can only hope the break to Dubai does make a difference and there can be little complaints when they return, they will be refreshed and the players will have had even more time to bond and work on Arteta’s vision, especially the new players.


  1. Shakir says:

    This break will be vital for this season,for me this season is not over and we can still make top 4.

    A major difference between the results i see in MA and UE,many of the draws or the match we lost we were very unlucky.UE’s draws we didnt even deserve to draw those matches we wete lucky enough to draw those matches.We didnt deserve to lose yesterday but the draw was a fair result.

    And MA has stabilized the defence well which UE couldnt do even when he played 3 DMs.We are strong defensively now.The shots we concede has got sinificantly low.And MA’s inexperience was shown yesterday when Sean dyche changed the game plan of burnley in around the 25th minute before that we were superb,particularly ozil,and MA had no answer.But he will learn and tbis break he will work many tactics offensively i hope.He is a very good coach(for some who cant remember brendan rodgers lost against burnley) and he will make arsenal strong.

    Trust the process

    1. Lenohappy says:

      I will not judge arteta until next season but that doesn’t mean we have to be quiet when something is wrong, If he had made the right substitutions we could have won that against burnley. If arteta continues with Lacazette and ozil against Newcastle It will prove that he doesn’t have the courage to drop them, ozil can’t even make a forward pass anymore, our two best chances yesterday was created by Xhaka and Luiz, all ozil keeps doing was to pass sideways and backward, it’s so frustrating, how far we have fallen from watching Roscisky fabregas Carzola to now having to watch Ozil. Our main problem is our midfield, we don’t have any midfielders that can make something happen, bench ozil use ceballos and let’s see what he can do in that no10 position.

      1. Shakir says:

        Making a key pass and creating a chance are 2 different things but if you check the stats ozil tops both of em.I am an ozil fan but arsenal comes first for me.If he is poor he should be dropped but he was not yesterday,he was decent.You talked about few great arsenal players right?Can you compare ramsey to guendouzi or cazorla to torreira?No.Ozil played well with them. But i wont criticise them,these are young players who are still improving but who gets the stick always,MESUT OZIL.And also many arsenal fans refuse to accept that whenever we do something good going forward ozil is involved.Many speaks stats here but have no idea that football is not just a numbers game.Check how many goals ozil was involved or pre assisted in this season.He is a player who makes the team play better.MA has improved the arsenal defence significantly and i hope he will soon make it offensively and balance the team.
        I respect your opinion but mine is different and you dont have to agree.Arsenal comes first for both of us.


        1. Lenohappy says:

          Bro I don’t need stat to know that ozil has been poor all season, you talk of pre assist ozil had only one pre assist all season and it was against crystal palace where he gave the pass to Lacazette and Lacazette to aubamayang, please stop making excuse for this past it player, I used to think Emery was an ass by dropping him but now I know better, ozil is finished he’s been finished. And you always say we should look at the chances he created, please remind me of any game this season that ozil has given one defense splitting pass, some always talk about rebuilding but how can you rebuild when your highest paid player is not performing and he refused to move on.

          1. Shakir says:

            You are making this very easy for me,why did you ask to provide one??
            The watford game 2nd goal was a defence splitting pass and also a pre assist(1st game ozil played)

            I can keep naming but bro i dint want to,you know why because you are not going to remove the coloured glass.
            I am an ozil fan but arsenal comes first.

            “To you your opinion,for me mine”


  2. Georgy says:

    Definitely Arteta will use this camping exercise to clarified his idea about how to make the team to play more efficiently with special accent to improve in those areas that every one can see we lacking proficiency,doing this without the pressure of a game in the next day or so.But at the same time Arteta have to take action to get the team to improve quickly to get results;to achieve this he may have to remove a couple or maybe more players and seat them on the bench because they lack efficacy;simple.

  3. Reggie says:

    Apparently he has invited families as well to be there. I hope its all inclusive and 6 star luxury for them all to enjoy it. Maybe they can go on jollies into the desert quad biking and shopping expeditions spending some of that hard earned money they have. Im sure the players will come back rested and relaxed with their happy families and play out of their skins for the rest of the season. I wish my employer was as generous, maybe i dont deserve it.

  4. Franko says:

    There is no creativity, shooting and scoring with Ozil and Xhaka. There is energy though but it is not good enough in getting the goals due to no creativity and pace in midfield. That’s why we cannot score more than one or two goals or have many attempts at the opposition’s goal. We need a proper creative and technical number 10 with pace and a creative and technical box-to-box with pace. It is the only way we will be able to challenge for the EPL and future Champions league properly.

    1. Abel says:

      Xhaka gave Aubameyang a lovely floated through pass that had him one on one with Nick Pope the Burnley keeper, as is now usual, he fluffed the chance.
      How the Atrocious Guendozi continues to escape criticism is amazing.
      He had so many opportunities to put Auba or Lacazette through on goal but chose to turn around and make a backwards or sideways pass. Ruined a number of counters as well.

  5. greg says:

    We beat united jan 1st. We do have a win in the new year.

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