Mikel Arteta reveals his position on Bukayo Saka’s international dilemma

Bukayo Saka is currently facing a dilemma as he considers which country to play for internationally, and Mikel Arteta has backed him to make the right choice.

The teenager has been one of the best Premier League players this season after breaking into the Arsenal first team.

His fine form has attracted the attention of the English and Nigerian FA’s as he is yet to commit to any nation.

Although he was born in England, both of his parents are Nigerians and so he qualifies to play for both nations.

He recently admitted that it was a tough decision for him to choose which country to play for internationally.

Arteta was asked about his opinion on the issue and he claimed that the teenager hasn’t approached him yet for advice on the matter, but he backed him to make the right choice.

He then added that he thought Saka had the right qualities to make it as an England international.

‘If I get asked the question then I can give my opinion,’ Arteta said via Mail Sport.

‘He hasn’t come to me with that so for now I will leave it totally independent with the player and his family as they normally have a big say with their background, their culture and where they are coming room. I don’t want to step in there.

‘Absolutely [he is good enough to play for England] – and he’s very clever to make the right decision, as well.’

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    1. Yes you are right bro,he is advising him to play for England which is disrespect to Nigeria and Nigerians

    2. The article is badly misrepresenting what Arteta said. He was clearly responding to a direct question from a journalist. I also want Bukayo to play for Nigeria. Mostly because he is a Nigerian, but because I want him to win things.

    3. did you watch the interview?
      the reporter asked him if Saka was good enough to play for England. Big Big difference

      He also said that he wont interfere or say anything unless Saka comes to him, he will leave it to his family.
      One shouldnt’ overreact due to not knowing facts before posting a hate comment

    4. Errmm really where did you get that from. Maybe it’s because he said he is good enough to play for England. I think it means that if he plays for Nigeria, it won’t be because he couldn’t break into the English team, it would be because Nigeria was the right choice

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