Mikel Arteta reveals his thoughts on the emergence of Gabriel Martinelli

Mikel Arteta urges Arsenal fans to not get carried away by Gabriel Martinelli’s emergence.

Arsenal has a real gem of a player on their hands in Gabriel Martinelli. The young Brazilian has been in fine form for the Gunners having scored 10 goals in all competitions including two in his last two starts.

He has earned the admiration of several managers and pundits with Jurgen Klopp claiming that he is the “talent of the century”.

His breakaway goal against Chelsea in his last game has been the highlight of his career so far and that goal made him the youngest player to score up to 10 goals for Arsenal since Nicholas Anelka.

Mikel Arteta is, however, not getting carried away by the Brazilian’s performance and has urged fans not to burden him with too many expectations.

He also asked the youngster to keep his head down and enjoy the natural progression of his career.

“I would like to talk about potential, more than what it is at the moment because for him there is still a long way,” Arteta said per the Mirror.

“The stature of this club, to give him the key to do that straight away is not fair on him. We have to bring him down.

“I want him to train with his head down every day hard and slowly he will start to earn the praise if he does what he needs to do every day, but it is not about one or two days.”

Of course, what Arteta is saying is sensible but it is hard not to get carried away to be honest.

Additionally, other clubs across Europe have no fear of playing their talented youngsters on a regular basis, it does seem to be a very Premier League thing to cover up hot prospects in cotton wool and “protect” them.

No wonder so many become disgruntled and want to move away.


  1. He is not as tricky as Ronaldo, Zaha, Pepe and Traore, but he is quick, opportunistic, has great work rate and has good positioning. His style is similar to Filippo Inzaghi’s

    I don’t think we would see him get past many defenders in the future, but I believe he would beat many offside traps like Inzaghi

    Arteta is correct though. Martinelli still has a long way to go and he has to train hard every day with his head down. We don’t want to ruin his mind as what the hype did to Walcott and Nelson

    1. Ronaldo wasn’t particularly “tricky” at 18. Then again I don’t want him to be a bag tricks doing backheels and stepovers. Just gimme more of the same Gabby, would love to see him, Eddie, john-jules, Nelson, ESR, Willock and balogun all make it with Arsenal, they could save us a fortune. We could already be in a position to part with the likes of ozil, lacazette and aubameyan

  2. Jason Cummings – I love you!!!
    That was bloody brilliant!!
    Hahahahaha a replay against the might Shrewsbury of league one 😝😝😝😝

      1. Nothing can upset me after that, Martin 😝 At least Klopp will have his mate – var – to bail him out in the replay. Yes, you read that right – replay – hahahaha!!!

        1. You know what VAR interfered again,
          That should have been a red card for the LB(Yasser i think, his name) conceding the penalty.No genuine attempt to win the ball so the double jeopardy law does not stand.
          Why was david luiz red carded but not this guy???????

          But still feel very happyyyy,how the mighty has fallen…

          1. I must admit, I did wonder why he didn’t see red… but, I didn’t expect them to score, let alone draw, so I am absolutely stoked, Shakir! And will watch the highlights again later!
            Thank you, Shrewsbury!

  3. Yep, that’s why Klopp, Barca, Real all have eyes on him for near future and Man U for immediate; they have decided to land him in this window to replace Rashford for remaining of season at least.

    That is latest news on Martineli, and I am not so reassured:

    1) He would walk straight into team, not in the been where we have him.
    2) The recent effort to extend his contract from a 10k weekly wage to 4Ok is ridiculous!
    3) Looking at his debut season, Man U sees that, reacts; double that wage to snatch him!

    I guess we don’t have the news here yet, you got it & message then!

    1. Where do you get this Man utd looking to snatch martinelli news?? It’s the first I’m hearing of it from you. And don’t Utd have their own wonderkid striker in Greenwood? Anyway never in a million years do I see it happening, before they even double his wages as you say they’d have to make a ridiculous offer to Arsenal, and I say ridiculous cause he’s 18 has 4 years on his contact and is Arsenal’s second highest scorer. It won’t happen

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