Mikel Arteta reveals how a psychologist has been helping Arsenal’s stars

Mikel Arteta has revealed that Arsenal players have been in constant contact with the club’s psychologist as they continue to stay away from football.

The lives of footballers around the world have been disrupted by the suspension of football activities enforced by the coronavirus outbreak.

Arsenal was the first top English side to be hit by the virus after they diagnosed Arteta with the infection.

The Premier League has since suspended football and a return date is yet to be determined despite series of meetings between the teams.

With the outbreak forcing players to stay at home, clubs have been trying their best to help their players to stay in shape both physically and mentally.

Arteta has revealed that Arsenal hasn’t been left out as they have made sure that their stars had access to their psychologist.

He also revealed that the club has done all that they can to make sure that the players stay close to football.

‘We have our psychologist who is looking after the players and is always in constant communication with them,’ the Spaniard said as quoted in the Mail.

‘But as well we’re having feedback from different people and we’re constantly sending information and videos and keeping them busy.

‘And as well, keeping them close to their job and close to the people that are related to their job, which is us and my coaching staff.

‘But we’ve been having some really good conversations. This time has been really helpful from my side, at least, to get to know the players better, and we are trying to improve our relationship, our communication and the understanding between us.’

There are so many levels to the players well being and that includes their mental state and it is good to know that the club is doing all it can to keep the players mentally, emotionally and physically stable.

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