Mikel Arteta reveals how much backing he is getting from the board

Mikel Arteta has once again made it clear that he enjoys the backing of the Arsenal board.

The Spaniard has been an important figure in the club’s return to form this season after they made a poor start under Unai Emery.

He has made good use of the players at his disposal after he only signed two players in the last transfer window.

He is expected to strengthen his team when the transfer window reopens, but there have been talks of the club not having the resources to support him when the transfer window reopens.

He has, however, come out in defence of the club’s board by insisting that he enjoys their backing.

He insisted that he felt very well supported and claimed that the relationship, as well as the line of communication between himself and the club’s owners and board, is really good.

“Yes, I feel very well supported,” Arteta told beIN SPORTS as quoted by Express Sports.

We have a really good relationship and good communication with the owners, with the board, with the sporting director.

“But at the moment we have a lot of uncertainties, where are we going to finish the season, whether we are in Europe or not.

“Financially, what are the resources are we going to have as well with the Financial Fair Play and the way they Covid has affected our fans not coming to the stadium, all the revenues and everything, so we are putting a plan together once we know everything to go ahead.”

Fans will hope that the club would give him a good amount of money to sign players when the transfer window opens.

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  1. It will be very interesting to see how those who viewed AW as a “yes man” view this statement – especially if we don’t get any stellar signings.

    Let’s hope, with gazidis gone, Mikel will not be stabbed in the back over transfer targets…I wait with baited breath.

    1. I wouldn’t call him a “yes man” just yet. He’s been a manager for less than a year, so he has to be diplomatic and get the board on his side. Having come from Man City, he is probably aware of the lack of financial support from the board here, but he had to tread carefully amid club politics to get what he wants.

      Give him another 6 months – once he’s firmly rooted into the club – that’s when we’ll see more bold demands. The guy was mentored by Pep, so he definitely isn’t going to be a pushover.

    2. transfer signings will be depending on Raul and Fahmy if they could negotiate and cut a deal…..

      Raul had it easier as he reports directly to Josh

      Gazadis reports to the board and he is a ‘Yes man’ and do not like argueing or displeasing the board

      Arsenal like many other clubs are run on a budget…

      you spend on what you earn…..

      City and Chelsea are bankrolled by owners

      Liverfool and Utd runs on budgets too however they are global clubs with huge commercial income thus bigger budget compared to us

    3. Ken, as someone who saw Arsene Wenger as too compliant and accepting of the Board and Ivan Gazidis in particular, I will be watching with interest to see if the support Mikel Arteta claims to have is forthcoming.
      While I don’t fully understand what you mean by “stellar signings”, at the very least I would want quality player transfers, which addressed the known deficiencies of DM, box to box CAM and CB. A RB like Max Aarons from relegated Norwich would be a bonus.

  2. John, Arsenal are a global brand too; however Liverpool and Manchester United currently appear to have club management, who are more capable of negotiating better commercial deals and transferring in and developing players with higher resale values.

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