Mikel Arteta reveals how things stand with Pep Guardiola

It was an emotional but professional parting of ways between Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola.

The Spaniard who spent five years as a player at Arsenal has been the assistant manager of Manchester City for the past two seasons and he has helped them win the Premier League twice.

City was not happy to lose him but they understood how important it was for him to follow his dream.

Reports were making rounds that he may have fallen out with Pep Guardiola because of his move, but Arteta was quick to put that to bed by claiming that he still has an incredible relationship with Pep.

‘The relationship between me and Pep is incredibly good,’ Arteta told Arsenal.com.

‘Obviously he was sad and the timing wasn’t the best for him but he understood, he knows how I’ve been growing and the needs I had emotionally, the ambitions I had and he kept giving me more and more over the years.

‘If I had admiration for him before, after working with him I could not explain what a nice person he is and what a professional he is. ‘The way he reacted with me looking at my eyes, he knew I was suffering because I was leaving him in a moment where obviously they need me a little bit.

‘In that sense I feel a little bit sad but he’s been so supportive. We could not have left the relationship any better.’

Arteta also added that there was a secret he would bring from Manchester City which could help his current team.

He claims that Guardiola has built a “winning mentality” into his team, and he hopes to bring that to the Emirates.

‘You have to be ruthless, consistent and fit every day the culture of the club to create a winning mentality,’ he added. ‘Every day is important, every act is important.

‘His work rate is incredible… For me the secret is that the players and staff have to believe what you’re trying to deliver.’


  1. agu eman says:

    Arteta was good for pep because he is a Spaniard who had played
    8 years in the PL and spoke English.
    At Arsenal Arteta did what he was told even prepared to to pass the ball
    a million times side ways and backwards as that was what his orders were.
    Critically unlike Xhaka when the fans moaned and groaned about his pointless
    sideways passing he never said a word just kept following orders.
    He was thus rewarded with the captaincy.
    Now Xhaka wants out and is unlikely to ever come back as Manager.
    Arteta said no to the position 18 months ago as his request for transfers was denied.
    So I wonder what has changed since 18 months ago between he and Josh?
    Now Arteta it seems will be allowed to ditch all the players Emery wanted out
    and allowed the kind of players Emery wanted in.
    Absolute loyalty often pays off in this case very well indeed.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Agu, Arteta has taken on one of the most difficult job in world football, given the lack of character, physical and mental strength, ability and depth in the squad and the expections (currently unrealistic) of the fan base.
      You are correct in your hope that the Board and Owners support Arteta in the transfer market, to enable him to transfer in and out, the players he requires. It is not just a matter of money, but using those funds to purchase the players the head coach needs and wants. Emery was let down in this regard and I sincerely hope that Arteta doesn’t suffer the same fate. Time will tell.

  2. Sue says:

    Listening to his interview really did put all my doubts to bed.
    I’ve loved listening to what Pep had to say about him. I’ve loved what the City faithful have posted about him online.
    Having worked under the best and alongside the best, I am really excited with what Mikel has to offer!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sue, hopefully Arteta will be supported by the Board and Owner, as Guardiola has been at Manchester City. Guardiola has been ruthless in sidelining and transferring out players he did not favour, even sidling Aguero until he played the way Guardiola wanted.
      I look forward to Arteta being similarly ruthless with Arsenal’s under performers.

      1. John Ibrahim says:


        but another reason Guardiola is able to bench Aguero because he has quality backups

        the club with unlimited funds can sign anyone to replace Aquero or any players if they dont listen….

        City can afford to frozen Aguero to the reserves for the rest of his contract too

      2. Sue says:

        Oh me too, Ozzie…and about time too! 👍

  3. Jakes says:

    “Ruthless with arsenal’s under performers…” You won’t be able to make up a full team mate…..)

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