Mikel Arteta reveals ongoing plans for the summer as he overhauls his team

Mikel Arteta has begun making plans for summer additions ahead of next season.

Mikel Arteta signed just two defenders in the last transfer window but more players are expected to join when this season ends.

Arteta hasn’t had the chance to buy the players that he wants and the Spaniard is keen to build his legacy at the Emirates.

He is looking forward to the next transfer window with plans in mind and he claims that he is set to tell the club the positions he needs to strengthen in his team.

Arsenal has been struggling for some time now and the appointment of Arteta as their new manager is the start of a new long term project.

The Spaniard could be given as much time as Jurgen Klopp had at Liverpool to turn things around at the Emirates. Well, as long as progress is being shown that is.

‘We have to plan and we need to know the direction we want to head and with that we need to bear in mind different scenarios,’ he said per Arsenal.com.

‘With that in mind, I have to tell the club what we need, where we think we can improve and where we want to end. And if we all end with the same thing, we put a plan together to try and execute it and make the process as short as possible.’

Hopefully, the club will match Arteta’s ambitions with the necessary funding that will no doubt be required. The last thing he will want is to have to sell to buy, which could undermine his planning.


  1. I hope the plan is better than it was in the last two or three transfer windows. The previous regimes transfer dealings have been disastrous but so far the new regimes dealings have been baffling and haphazard to say the least. The problem we have is getting rid of the leaches on big money not performing to standard on big money and then relying on the people in charge to do something they so far have been incapable of doing. Improving the team!

  2. Arteta sounds septical to not say negative; realistic indeed after what he saw in winter window!

    He asked for Koulibaly, then upamenco, bayern CB,
    going from 100M, 50M, 15M prices, to finally almost lose on Mari for 5M we wanted to bring down, he went back to Brazil, Flamengo mad and we accepted loan with buying option!

    Kurzawa was on his way in, to fill up LB hole, but Paris expected a straight 5M transfer, we wanted a loan!

    It is pitiful to read Arteta who sees that he has no hand nor support in the club.

    Emery asked for 3 players in order to improve squad, he had ambition to do better, as close we got to targets; asked Zaha, Partey & Maguire. We would be fighting titles with such additions. He nailed it perfectly!

    Arteta understood how tuff Wenger job was, and Emery’s indeed. If coach doesn’t get owners support, it is simply no way for him to reach target!

    Pepe Tierny Saliba are all payement plans, we sold for 23M and budget as for past decade is 45M, we paid, 30 down payement for Pepe, 10 for Saliba, 10 for Tierny ! Broke even with Luiz & Martineli!

    But in life, boomerang eventually comes back as you threw it, Kroenke only ambition is us in stadium.

    Look at these 3 players today; a total lost, Kroenke tricky boomerang back at him.

    He manages Arsenal FC, created an awful vibe in team by pushing Ozil out to save money instead to asume his trick of paying him such wage to not lose him free and forced to buy a player of his level then.

    He was captain after Kos, but given to Xhaka before Laca who had more leadership and there before Xhaka. That’s football values and respect. Xhaka collapsed and again, as for Ozil years ago, Auba picked Auba as Captain before Laca, just to make sure to keep him, extend his contract! All thee trickeries come right back, Auba did not sign new deal since nor will. He is out and will be sold at higher possible price.

    Arteta beyond this money issue , is a great assistant coach, his role so far,not a manager nor head coach experience. Coach picks formation and tac tic, so far he gots it wrong; results are poor for that: not the players but how and where to he plays them. He must do as Lampard, Gerard and everyone, get some first coach experience before to make that jump to a top club!

    1. This is a heck of a comment, Mogunna, all supported by verified facts of course. He wanted Upamecano? Really? Who said that? The Sun? He wanted Koulibaly? Really? Who says so? Much talk about money – hundreds of millions….. You see what happened to Chelsea and Man City? We cannot just throw money after players anyway. Most of them are not worth it. Don’t criticise until you have FACTS, and don’t base criticism on speculation by so-called pundits and tabloids. We can live without that.

      1. Nailed it speculations from The Sun and failed pundits lol.This is the Arteta project it’s gonna work firing from all cannons.

  3. Kroenke will squeeze allhe an from Arteta and fire him when stadium get empty s Emery and Wenger, filled with pretty signs Arteta out!

    If Arteta can’t get formation right, we will simply keep same his same awful point”s average; no change. Logic!

    If he keeps it up on next 6 games, 7points picked, we will be bellow 15th spot. Fighting to not be relegated for last 6 games! Everyone at middle til bottom table are doing so for weeks, Southampton was bottom but with us, Burnley are back infront of us; everyone in survival warrior mode behind us.

    We are looking at top4, not at all on survival warrior mode!

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