Mikel Arteta reveals the unintended consequences of contracting Covid-19 on his family

Mikel Arteta has revealed that he infected other members of his family with the deadly Covid-19 virus when he contracted it.

The Spaniard was the first high profile casualty in English football and his positive diagnosis caused the Premier League to be suspended as Arsenal were scheduled to take on Manchester City.

The Premier League remains suspended as the virus continues to spread across the globe and it remains unclear when the competition will resume.

Arteta, who has fully recovered, revealed that when he had the virus he passed it on to members of his family like his nieces before he made his full recovery.

Every member of his family has fully recovered now and the Spaniard is looking forward to returning to the pitch.

He told Football Focus: “I feel really good. I’m completely recovered, it took me five or seven days to completely recover.

“Then I passed it onto my nieces and a lot of people who live with us, but they are all recovered and we’re all fine. This is something we’re all living together, it’s a massive challenge.

“I’m following the news (from Spain) all the time, I’m in contact with my family and friends. I have a lot of people involved in some very difficult situations and the measures they have taken are even more than the UK, because they needed to.

“Hopefully they can get it back under a bit more control.”

The Premier League is set to resume in a few weeks time, but it remains unclear if fans would be allowed to start going to see the games any time soon.

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  1. Sorry Martin but it does NOT “remain unclear if fans would be allowed…”etc. Nor is the Prem set to resume in a mere “few weeks”. It IS quite clear that we will not and for two reasons. First, there will not BE any football “anytime soon!” Second, when football does restart, a long way off yet, crowds will not be allowed in for some time.

    INACCURATE LANGUAGE AGAIN MARTIN. The cause of so many arguments and frustrations. Of course, I may be wrong in thinking you deliberately used inaccurate language. It MAY be that you are just not that bright! Though I rather think not!

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