Mikel Arteta reveals what he believes cost Arsenal against Bayern Munich

Mikel Arteta concedes that Arsenal’s lack of experience was evident in the Champions League quarterfinal defeat against Bayern Munich last night.

Prior to this match, Arsenal had not reached the quarterfinal stage of the competition in 14 years.

While they managed to overcome FC Porto in the round of 16, Bayern Munich presented a far greater challenge with their experienced squad and a manager who had previously won the competition in 2021.

Following Arsenal’s failure to secure a victory in the first leg at the Emirates Stadium, facing Bayern at the Allianz Arena was always going to be a daunting task.

Despite putting up a commendable performance, Bayern ultimately held a slight advantage, which proved crucial in the outcome of the tie.

After the match, Arteta said, as quoted by The Sun:

“We tried against a team that had a lot of experience, the margins across the tie have been very small. We made a mistake defending the box and we conceded a goal.

“The club hasn’t been in the Champions League for seven years, and in the first year back [we are expected to] play in the semi-final and final.

“We all wanted that, so badly, but you can see with many other clubs it takes six or seven years to get to this stage. We were very close, that’s the reality.”

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It was a tough night for us in Munich, but this team is very young and is still learning, so we will be back and hopefully progress further next term.


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  1. Not that old chesnut!!!!!! Jesus, Zinchenko, Partey, Jorghino and Haverz have all played in the final and some won it. Thats half the team. How many of Bayerns can say that, Nauer?
    I dont know but they didn’t have any more experience than us. We are not wet behind the ears. Just more excuses. When do the excuses stop?

      1. It’s no excuse for the players, I agree because quite rightly you have mentioned those who have played at the highest level

        Where I agree with Corporate Man below is that it’s Arteta and his staff who haven’t. Of course, that ‘excuse’ can’t be used next year but it is worth remembering that it took several years of big investment for City to get their first CL win

    1. Uhh… Bayern just won the Champions League in 2020 and still have many of those players…Coman, Kimmich, Gnabrry, Neuer, Muller, Goretzka, Davies, Musiala, others

      1. Good spot! Just testing. Not many more than us. We are not wet behind the ears. Wednesdays Bayern team had 3 players from that winning team. Nuer Kimmich and Goreska. Musiala, didn’t play, Levondoski left, muller, benched, Davies red card, Gnabry injured, Coman injured.

  2. Not just the majority of the core of Arsenal’s playing team, but the coaching staff as well, are having their first taste of CL football this season.
    We have to applaud what they have been able to achieve and hope for more. Perspective is needed here.

  3. The players have been tired for a while now. Arteta’s lack of rotation was the issue. We went to Munich and insisted on playing an injured Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard who visibly were all struggling to enjoy the game. Poor season planning.

    1. I see lots of comments regarding lack of rotation leading to fatigue, but why hasn’t that happened?
      Who on the bench would come on and change the game, in fact any game against top opposition? Let’s face it the first eleven are fantastic but the squad isn’t strong enough. It needs to be addressed in summer.

      1. MA has made the same mistakes of the last year, they are lack of rotation, no or weak plan B, lack of squad depth, no CF.
        In last few matches, team has been out of steam.
        MA has been so hesitated to use his bench-players. Vieira, Nelson, Nketia, ESR, Partey, Elneny have been rarely used.
        Signing of Vieira is totally wasteful, Havertz is questionable.

        1. Would you use Nketiah or Nelson? Vieira is yet to show he was a good signing. ESR , Tomi and Partey have only just returned to fitness and Elneny is a last resort
          I agree with MB, but would add that the returnees have boosted the ‘worthwhile’ squad depth

    2. Interesting point and rotation- or lack of it has been a factor

      At various times there have been key injuries. Not an excuse but without those players, the supporting squad were not good enough in my view and I expect, in Arteta’s mind too. This is why I think that some players have been over used. Perhaps he hoped to get over the line with them, but that doesn’t look to have worked as they look knackered

      It’s down to opinion as to whether Partey or ESR should have played recently but I can see why they weren’t. However, we don’t know the ins and outs of their fitness levels and Arteta must have considered them not ready. However, I can’t answer for him.

      1. Several of the potential rotational players have not demonstrated that they can play at the same level, others have lacked fitness and form, and there have been injuries.
        Xhaka was one of our more important players last season and replacing his influence has been challenging.
        Partey has not played at his previous level so it is understandable that he has not been playing recently. ESR has not been decisive and people are expecting the kind of impact he had a few years ago. Both of these players have suffered with injuries and fitness issues.

  4. “We made a mistake defending the box and we conceded a goal”. We made a similar mistake,arising from a cross from the left, against Villa and conceded a goal The point is, who is responsible for these errors and what is the Manager doing about it?

  5. Lack of depth is not an excuse, doesn’t work anymore.

    Trossard and Jesus in attack, ESR and Partey in midfield, and Tomiyasu and Kiwior in defense.

    All have shown enough, it’s not like they are “deadwood.”

    Problem is Arteta does not rotate, there is not a depth problem.

    Don’t need to replace the whole team, only a couple players at a time.

    Rotate Jesus or Trossard, Partey in midfield, Kiwior at LB.

    Make 2 maybe 3 changes after every couple matches, keep players healthy and sharp.

    Over playing starters has got us what exactly?

    1. I disagree.
      There is an issue with depth. And actually Arteta does rotate some players. However, we have weaknesses in certain positions.

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