Mikel Arteta rules out Arsenal exit for ‘key member’ – ‘He wants to be here’

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta insists that midfielder Granit Xhaka wants to stay with the club after a summer of transfer speculation.

The Swiss international was one of the standout stars of Euro 2020, amidst strong speculation surrounding his signature, with many reports claiming he was closing in on a move to Roma.

Jose Mourinho, who will take over the team ahead of the new Serie A season, is believed to be keen on acquiring the midfielder, but the two sides appear to be struggling to agree a fee, and the club now insists that his future remains in north London.

“Granit is going to stay with us, Arteta told Arsenal Media after the loss to Chelsea. “He’s a player that we rate and value so much, he’s a key member of our squad. He’s trained two days. He wanted to play today and I think it’s very clear commitment from his side that he wants to be here.”

It remains to be seen whether Thomas Partey’s injury today could well have affected the club’s decision, but JustArsenal’s editor has been adamant that Xhaka was simply playing up on the reports, and playing up to the rumours, which I hate to say it, looks set to be proven true somewhat (don’t tell him I said that).

Whatever your opinion is on the Swiss international, we may just need to get used to the idea of watching him in our midfield again this term, and I’m not sure I’m as against the idea as many of you are actually.

Are Arsenal worse off with Xhaka in the team?


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  1. Xhaka is much like David Luiz. He will have many solid games but when he makes a mistake, it is “schoolboy erro” and will most likely lead to conceding a goal!!!

    1. You need to add several other players to that list these days BK!
      We also have Leno and Bellerin on the list, and a new entry is Elneny. Gabriel is also not averse to the odd howler and of course Kolasinac… no wonder nobody wants them – every time we give them a “shop window” game they are an embarrassment!

  2. Same old same old, im not filled with glee with what i am seeing and hearing. RIP Arsenal of old.

    1. were keeping all the players from last season and ppl are expecting us to do better. it’s insanity. the xhaka support on here is higher than i thought. i dont want to see things flip around when the season gets underway. Five years of unconvincing performances just isnt enough for people it seems.

  3. Xhaka as backup is not a problem for me. But he is holding our attack back. We need change and we need creativity with someone who looks to pass forwards all the time! Xhaka is not that man! Expect another average season under a manager who is simply out of his depth. If MA and Edu don’t uphold their views about what has been identified as problem areas with the right editions to the squad, then I guess its just more lies again..

  4. I can only hope and pray that this is just another lip service “lie” that has become all-too-commonplace during this regime…I can’t believe I miss Wenger’s disrespectful tone and general aloofness towards the fanbase…if this poster boy for mediocrity remains at the club our prospects for a brighter future greatly diminish…I guess my previous statement just might logical apply to both our present manager and the player in question

    1. Can someone please explain to me the sense in keeping Elneny and Xhaka, while letting go of Torriera, Guendouzi, AMN and Willock, as well as demoting Azeez to U23.
      What am i not seeing?
      While we are at it, why the hell in Nketieh in front of Balogun in the pecking order?
      And why are Willian, Kolasinac, Cedric and Bellerin in our squad??

  5. Er because no body has bid/bought them yet so they have to remain in the shop window incase we get any daft 😂 bites .. !

    Thats how it works FFS

  6. Truth is we have that many poor to rubbish players, we cant give them away. We are not going to be any different this season to the last and the one before. The buying strategy of this club is so so poor, it is ruining us. At least we all know what next season will be like, lets not kid ourselves.

  7. Fair point mate

    Hope we play our younguns more !

    Let’s be optimistic for them , hopefully they’ll get chances

  8. Transfer poker is always the same.
    Selling club
    “Our man is not for sale. He want’s to be here.
    He will finish his career with us”
    Buying club.
    “We do not need said player because he is too old and too expensive besides we are now looking at players A, B and C who are much younger are much better and half the price.
    Two weeks later selling club drops price a little while buying club offers to pay a little more.
    Selling club “He’s on the plane”
    Buying club “The cheque is in the mail” 🙂

  9. If Thomas partey is out for a long period Bring in Bissouma ,Bruno Guimaraes , Koopmeiners or ward-prowse just one of them ,the transfer window is not yet closed…we can still do business sort out our problems even an attacking midfielder is need Madison or Aouar and a RB period🤔

  10. Just keeping in real…if we were to compare injury records, wages and transfer fees for Xhaka versus Partey, the former (Xhaka) could be by far the better signing. Real facts.

    1. I can only conclude that the majority of JA fans simply do not attend matches, if the response from the 20,000 odd fans at the game is compared to their thoughts/comments.

      What did he do wrong today? Absolutely nothing that resulted in the continued barracking of the player.
      In fact he scored a cracking goal, while some other player missed three sitters!!!

      This is a new season and, just like every other player, he should be judged on that, rather than the last five years.

      Already the knives are out for White, because of his transfer figure and he has been here less than a week!!!

      If we are to support the manager, why on earth don’t we do just that?

      He has made it absolutely clear that he rates the player, so let’s get behind that decision (as the supporters did today) and see what happens as the season unfolds.

      There are enough fans with egg on their faces, who spouted that Xhaka would be gone 100%, but he is here for the season it seems.

      As for all the “deadwood players” identified by the fans on JA , that we can’t sell, offers have been made, reportedly, for Xhaka, AMN, Nelson, Bellerin, Willock and Elneny – the club have either decided the offers are not high enough OR MA wants to keep them.

      Again, if we are backing MA, then so be it – end of the season will prove if the decisions made are correct or not – as fans, that’s all we can do, so let’s get behind said decisions.

      As for those who say they get behind manager and players on match day, but call them out every other opportunity they are given and for no good reason, what good is that??


      1. Ken.. I loved hearing the crowd and all the usual chants; my favourite being ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’.. even the Chavs stood up 🤣

      2. Spot on Ken
        Granit Xakha was and IS appreciated by the likes of:Hitzveld Wenger Mourinho….The cream of european football….He was oustanding at the euros…He has 99 caps to his name at international level…Where are we going to find a better replacement for God sake…..

  11. Ken, a great post. I agree. Whatever it is, MA has decided he wants Xhaka to stay, so I dont think we as fans can do much about it, except support the manager and the player, hope they do well and we have a successful season. Lets think positive, hope positive and hope for the best. If things dont work out till the end of the season, the buck stops with MA and he is answerable, till than lets support him, the best we can do for the good of the club and the future of the club. We are Arsenal and we are great, lets hope for a successful season, hope the players dont commit unnecessary mistakes, errors leading to goals, hope our forwards dont miss sitters. In addition to the above I hope we sign Bissouma, Aouar/Madison and Aarons in addition to a new GK. these signings are essential for the team.

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