Mikel Arteta sends a message to unhappy Arsenal players

Mikel Arteta has urged the Arsenal players that are currently struggling to enter the club’s first team to work hard and win a place in the team instead of complaining.

The Spaniard has made the Gunners one of the toughest teams to beat since he became their manager.

They have won the FA Cup and Community Shield this year, but not every player in the squad has made a telling contribution.

The Spaniard has had to focus on the players that he thinks will give him results and that means some of the squad haven’t been playing.

These players have been complaining, but Arteta has revealed that complaining about not playing will not change his mind, but a player can work his way back into the starting XI.

He claimed that there have been examples of players who have struggled to get into the senior team when he first arrived, but they are now important members of the club’s first-team setup.

Arteta said as quoted by the Star: “The way we try to manage the squad, communicate to the players, we just try to tell everybody their role that we expect from them.

“The players have really good communication with myself, the coaching staff and the club as well to put on the table their feelings, how they see themselves, what they are looking [for] in their careers.

“We just try to assess everything individually but also in a collective way and a player that doesn’t play is never happy and I don’t want them to be happy. What I want is for them to try to earn their place, try to change it.

“We have a lot of examples since I joined where players that weren’t featuring too much, they weren’t playing a lot and now they are playing regularly so… I don’t like the excuse saying, ‘There’s a lot of competition, I don’t get the chances.’

“Take it the other way around and work hard, be involved and when you have the chance instead of talking off the pitch, just do it on the pitch, which is the best way, the most efficient way to talk.”

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    1. Haven’t seen Ozil complaining. It’s directed to all players. If Mikel means what he says then even those playing should keep working hard or otherwise.

      Still I don’t see what’s special about Willock and what he brings to the team. And we have Pepe our record signing who is getting worse day by day it would be a struggle to get a team to take him for free.

      If you go deeper this is a sign Ozil replacement is not coming and we are about to see him back in the team soon.

      1. I am sorry but this is total BS. A crippled ,half asleep and blind folded Ozil is better than Willock, Lacazette and Pepe combined. You can also add Willian to the mix if he plays like last 2 games.
        MA just do your thing and don’t paly us for fools. Politics and Lying will diminish your status among your biggest supporters. Also try and play better football because what we are watching is not worth watching.

        1. We are speaking same thing. Let alone Mikel playing us for fools some of commenters here are trying to play us for fools. Hiding behind Mikel for their personal dislike of Mesut (SueP not included)

          You cannot defend Pepe and Willock then tell me Mesut deserve the sack and expect me to take you seriously.

            1. From my point of view, Mikel is doing a great job, if plays that needs to be beached let it be, players need to play for the love of the club, do what s best for the club,

        2. Totally agree!!!
          We dont create chances at the moment.
          We have become a very boring team to watch.
          Bring back Qzil asap!!!

      2. Øzil every day over Willock!
        How many chanses do we create at the moment?? NADA!!!!
        We still need Qzil.

    2. Interesting that Arteta has actually hinted at why certain players aren’t featuring rather than hiding behind the board – or is he showing that he is a mouthpiece of the board, depending on your point of view🤔

      1. He has really not said anything different from what he’s been saying all along. He jst doesn’t have any justified football reason to give for being scornful to some of those players he has frozen. I can’t see how those players can’t fit in to his system, anyway. The reason is too subjective, open to abuse by him. I expect a better & more explicit reason.

        1. Instead of talking off the pitch was a tell tale sign to me
          I dont follow social media at all so have no idea if the team en masse are particularly vocal

        2. ‘I can’t see how those players can’t fit in to his system’

          I got news for you, there is no system to speak off. Every game we play is different. Let’s not pretend that we have a certain style of play. Having the ball 40% of the time tells you we are just defending and we got lucky few times when the ball bounced off the bar. That’s a generic version of Morino ugly football that does not use anymore.

            1. It may not be pretty lcw but getting results at the moment is really important. I’m frustrated that it’s not beautiful football but is it really down to a deliberate brand of boring football?

              1. SuP you are right as usual winning ugly is still winning. It beats loosing even when playing like Barcelona. I hope when we get a good midfielder things will change.

  1. OT:

    “L’Equipe report that Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has dropped his asking price for Houssem Aouar.

    It hands Arsenal a transfer boost as the two clubs edge closer to an agreement over the midfielder.

    Aulas is a tough negotiator but is willing to accept £4m less for Arsenal’s top target.

    That means £36m will be enough to land Aouar”


    1. Excuse me pls gentleman what we want here y a rent they playing Ozil our playing master the engineer of arsenal or may b MA is scared of much better players

      1. Huss
        Engineer of Arsenal? He does nothing but stroll on the pitch. Feels entitled.

        He better leave or rot at home playing FIFA

    2. Lmao…. People realm fall for this whole thing.
      That man’s been doing all sort of stuff Ro look tough, made Bouhafsi report that Juventus want to get Aouar😂😂😂😂
      Made up a BS story about 3 clubs being in.
      When from the start it’s been only Arsenal, City’s priority has always been a CB.
      People fell for all the drama this man put up and now he wants to accept?😂
      Touché Aulas!! Touché 👌

      1. So Eddie what are you claiming will happen.by Monday
        Other day you were saying person you listen too was claiming we want both Aour and Partey
        Is that happening or made up?

    3. Absolute steal @ that price. In any
      other year the Frenchmen would be
      worth double that price offered to

      Stop the BS and sign the guy. Or
      move on to TP.

      As Durand mentioned in another
      thread AFC thoroughly enjoy
      haggling over transfer fees but
      have no qualms in handing out
      ridiculous wages.

    4. You are right, He is a fear instiller by talking tough, a strong negotiator you would say. But 36-40M Pounds for a 22 year old you just discovered can play is a lot of mula. Deep down he wants the money. That can pay almost 1 year for his squads salary.

    1. Well it certainly can’t be Ozil can it Lenohappy, because haven’t we’ve been told he’s more than happy to sit at home, be lazy, take the money and quite happy to see out his contract?
      He hasn’t got a worry in the world it seems😂😂😂

      1. As a matter of fact it can’t be any arsenal player because MA told us just few days ago that all the players without exception are training hard and playing well and he is happy with all of them.

  2. He is the new and this is his first job so he will never say anything about the people who hired him. Even in his transfer interviews he said we are getting support from the owner and the club. So dont come calling if we don’t sign anyone else and fail to qualify for the champions League. We won’t be able to blame the board bec as MA said he has their full support. I think MA has a very good relationship with the board bec he seems to do what ever is asked of him by board.

    1. I think the great Arsene had good relationship with the board as well and he protected them even though he had power to damage them had he wanted to. What a gentleman.

      I think Unay had a good relationship with the board as well. His downfall was his success to bring out the worst of our players. He is a far better coach than Mikel but what’s the point of being good at coaching and bad at managing players?

      It’s not surprising Mikel to have a good relationship with the board cause no manager would stay if they didn’t. They would either get fired or leave on their own.

      Even if Mikel is doing the board’s bidding you have to remember as you have stated yourself this is his first job. He is not a big name enough and has no power enough to stand on his own. When he reaches the level of Pep, Jurgs or Jose then maybe.

      1. UE a better coach than MA?

        HH, where did you pluck that one from – thin air?

        Give me some examples please?

        1. Unay is far better coach and tactician than Arteta. He is miles ahead. Just need time to prepare my case and I will tell you why Ken.

    2. Arteta tell us the truth that you have your personal conflicts with Onzil because u can’t tell us that wilock is better than mesult .And not that even if u don’t give him match he receives his salary.

  3. Thank you MR.Arteta for your teams upgrade but to the squad i can’t really see big seriousness with Willian making him substitute Pe’pe’ furthermore to Nketiah and Lacazette are compeletely loosing us in foward just give Aubameyang that role.

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