Video – Mikel Arteta sends message to Arsenal fans ahead of return to the Emirates

Arsenal have been very lucky to be in Dubai for their midwinter training camp, with the weather being a tad better than it is at the Arsenal training ground at London Colney!

Maybe Mikel Arteta is not aware of the weather at home, but the Arsenal manager has sent a message to the Arsenal fans, saying he is looking forward to seeing everyone back at the Emirates next week for our last mid-season game against Juventus.

Wiith the freezing cold mixed in with the train strikes, let’s hope we still manage to get a full house to cheer on the Gunners….


  1. So here Arsenal are in Dubai, a city withing UAE which has many human rights violations.

    I wonder if the same people boycotting the wC will do the same to Arsenal for training and playing fixtures in such a country.

    Or will they be hypocrites

    1. scavenger, Forget being hypocrites , since we are ALL hypocrites anyway, you and I included, as are all humans everywhere A needlesss comment of yours therefore.
      Unlike being hypocrites though, not all people are intelligent enough to realise that those, such as I and others, who HAVE SHUNNED this and the previous WC, have NOT the right to insist or to castigate those, including our club and players , who have not shunned the WC.

      It is called freedom of personal choice and is what a liberal democratic society( which excludes Qatar) is all about.

      A really basic concept to grasp, unless you lack basic intellect!
      If one believes in freedom of individual choice for each person to make up their own mind , then it follows that no one has the right to force others who may take a different view from themselves ,to act likewise .

      However, what all decent people do have is a right and a DUTY to to stand against vicious , cruel and Neanderthal societies, like that in Qatar.

      My own VIEW is that we all have that duty, but I personally HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSIST others do their “duty” (as I see it).

      And at any cost, I do NOT WANT that right, either.

      1. But you support a club that is happy to do business with these countries, so why not boycott Arsenal games?

        Maybe the lack of basic intelligence does not allow some to do so.

        None the less those of less intellect have the right to be hypocrites and chose which atrocious country they don’t mind going to bed with.

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