Mikel Arteta talks about helping his Arsenal players get better even in this break

Mikel Arteta has revealed how he and his coaching staff are helping the Arsenal squad stay in shape.

The Gunners have been forced to suspend training due to the public measures put in place to help the government combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the absence of regular training, Arsenal made sure that their players had the right equipment to keep them in top shape before they resume normal training. They have also been helping their players develop.

Mikel Arteta has revealed that they have prepared special programs for each Arsenal player to ensure that they keep working on improving.

He also stated that players who can improve in certain areas have been given help in the form of personalised development programs that would help them get better.

He said as quoted by the Sun: “There are a few aspects that I want to improve, change or develop, and individually they are different for each other.

“So I put a plan for each player of the areas that we believe they can improve in.

“But as well, bringing confidence to all the things that they do right, that they have to try to maintain and keep, that they are really relevant for the team and the way we play.

“And make an emphasis as well on the way we behave, maintain our culture and make sure we are looking after the people around us that we really care about, who we are working with.

“And make them realise as well how lucky we are to work in the environment and the world and the context that we are all in on a daily basis.”

Arsenal will need their players as fit and strong as they possibly can be for when the season resumes. It is unlikely that they will be given any sort of pre resumption friendlies.

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