Mikel Arteta reportedly tells Granit Xhaka he is not leaving Arsenal anytime soon

Well, I’m not going to say “I told you so” (well maybe i just did!) but according to an exclusive from the Greek publication England365, they have been told by sources close to Granit Xhaka that the Swiss captain is not going to be allowed to leave Arsenal until Arteta have got a suitable replacement, and that does not include the arrival of Declan Rice (if it ever happens).

The full report on England365, written by long-time Xhaka specialist Dimitris Manakos, states: Granit Xhaka’s transfer to Bayer Leverkusen may have seemed a foregone conclusion, but everything seems to have changed recently, with Mikel Arteta playing a pivotal role.

More specifically, according to exclusive information of England365, the Spanish coach made it clear to the Swiss that if the “gunners” do not soon buy a footballer in his place, then he will continue to be in North London.

In fact, it is possible that even if Declan Rice is acquired from Arsenal, Xhaka will not leave for Germany, as the Englishman is more linked with the position of Thomas Partey in the number “6” of the midfield.

So everything is open in the case of Granit Xhaka’s departure from Arsenal, with him being in Turkey on vacation and everyone waiting on their… earphones!

So, as i mentioned, i have always thought that the rumours about Xhaka going to Germany was just the usual speculation that happens every single summer, and the fact is that he never leaves!

So, as i finished that earlier article, i wrote this sensible paragraph…. So, for me to be explicit, the facts are that Xhaka is a highly respected team member and has also had his best season ever in this last campaign. Can ANYONE give me a reason why Arteta would even consider letting him go for a paltry 15 or 20 million.

And lastly, when Arsenal are the closest to being a very successful team since Xhaka arrived, and are back in the Champions League, WHY ON EARTH WOULD XHAKA WANT TO LEAVE!

So I say, once again, Xhaka will still be an important Arsenal player next season. Will anyone believe me this time, I wonder?

Are people still saying it’s a done deal?

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    1. Does it make any sense then if we dont ask you!

      Just a vagary of the English language which I could NOT RESIST.

        1. No offence meant my friend, as I was only using a hackneyed old daft joke line that I have trotted out in countless situations , for much of my life.

    1. Reggie, Well, the date on it says 26 June .

      But that is when it was published and may well NOT be when it was written. So a fair question to ask!

  1. Pat, To be fair, you have often said you are fairly sure Xhaka will not leave. Even though your “he never leaves” only covers the last seven years and not ETERNITY, as your statement would seem to suggest.

    Many of us , I reckon, and that includes me, can’t see much point in letting him leave , given last seasons wonders, for a paltry £15/20mill.

    He is only 30, not 35 after all. We are surely stronger with him HERE than going.

    A ago I would never have believed I COULD WRITE THAT LAST SENTENCE.

    My fear though , despite what your piece says, is that PERHAPS MA does not think we will land Rice, as he may not be allowing Xhaka to leave. Probably a groundless fear though.

  2. The headline reminds me of what Fergie said to Scholes when PS had said he planned to hang up his boots. I can just hear SAF saying that it would be his decision and not Scholes

  3. Xhaka not leaving would actually be incredibly damaging in my opinion. He had a good season. One good season and only really half of that. He instigated the collapse at Liverpool, as he does done on numerous other occasions throughout his Arsenal career. We need better. Arteta should WANT better. I like Xhaka but he isn’t good enough, either offensively or defensively.

      1. Mike, why not look wider and at all fans everywhere and notice that all clubs fans need a scapegoat. Its simply human nature , my friend.

        Not fair of course, but it happens. Top level football is hardly ever fair!

    Because his wife is homesick for Germany. Because his eldest daughter is approaching school starting age. Because he can have an extended career in The Bundesleague.
    Anyway, we apparently do have his replacements in both Havertz & Smith Rowe.

  5. I sincerely hope this news is true tbh. I have always been baffled why arsenal would want to dismantle a winning team, especially when you factor in the rumours about Partey also leaving.
    I thought the strategy would be to retain the starting team and only bring in quality upgrades for the fringe players. For instance: Rice for Elneny, Timber for Holding and Havertz as a forward of a different ilk.
    What even irks more is the ridiculous transfer prices being bandied for the two midfielders
    Arsenal have a first eleven that can match any team. What they need is just to add quality depth to, rather than dislocate, it unnecessarily

  6. Its not Xhaka who needs the conversation, its Partey and not for bloody Fofana, or Labia but a proper replacement.

  7. Algo es verdad , sea como sea Granito Xakha,pese a su carácter ha mostrado más compromiso que otros jugadores el siente lacamiseta y el escudo (El Cañon)..incluso fue más jugado que Partey ,y otros que cada vez que juegan no sienten el Compromiso y la historia maravilosade este Gran club..no necesito nombrarlos la mayoría están fuera a préstamo o ya saliendo ,solo falta Holding, quien no es jugador para nuestro escuadrón,y todos lo sabemos comenzando por Arteta,jamás estará a la Altura..solo nos resta ser Resilentes y atacar el Mercado e ir por todo ,no despreciar nada,que fue el gran horror que cometimos en la temporada 22/23..,basta de ser tan complacientes y conformista
    “Vamos que se puede Gunners”
    Aquí les saluda Austral Gunner💪🙂👍

  8. Xhaka should stay, he is a strong core to that team, go back and watch his match against Newcastle at their home..

  9. Artedta will find it extremely difficult to let go of Xhaka. Not only he has had a very successful last season but also he is a vital member of the squad on and off the squad. And for a successful club it is important to have senior members in and around who know the essence and philosophy of the club and Xhaka epitomises just that. In my opinion, Xhaka should not leave even if we get Rice as anyway both Rice and Havertz do not play Xhaka’s role. Arsenal must keep Xhaka.

  10. I for sure will miss him if he eventually leaves not because of his great mastery of the game but for the fear factor and his 100% performance he brings to the team. Despite his minuses, he still an asset to the team. This leaves me wondering why Arteta should let him go now. He is needed now that he’s gotten goobers DNA. Some time, last season, he said that he will stay and win something big with the team. He nearly gotten his wish until the title was bottled. If you asked me, Xhaka is not going anywhere even if he remains a squad player

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