Mikel Arteta – From being the rookie to managing his 200th game for Arsenal today

Mikel Arteta to manage his 200th game against Brentford

Mikel Arteta will manage his 200th game for Arsenal this weekend against Brentford, joining the mighty Arsenal in 2019 and has since been an incredible addition to the club., almost walking away last season winning the league. He’s built a team up over the past 3 years to suit his system and the Arsenal way of play. Once an Arsenal star player, now turned an Arsenal managing legend.

Since joining the club Arteta has managed to build a team that is worthy of the record books, it has taken a few years to get settled properly but with the support of the owners and the staff at the club, Arteta looks like he was born to manage Arsenal and has taken a lot of pride in doing so. Although he is sometimes very passionate and somewhat emotional, it fits into the foundations of what Arsenal was built on.

Taking Arsenal to the FA Cup final in 2020 after beating his former side Manchester City in the semi-final, later going on to win the trophy in a 2-1 win over Chelsea, winning his first bit of silverware as manager of the club and becoming the first manager to win a trophy in his first season since George Graham in 1987. Later that year he went on to win his second trophy in the Community Sheild against Liverpool where they beat them 5-4 on penalties.

Arteta then led Arsenal to the semi finals of The Europa League in 2021 but ended up getting knocked out after a 2-1 loss on aggregate to Villarreal and had a hard season to follow, finishing 8th in the league and missing out on any European competitions for the 2022 season. Arsenal fans wanted him out and were calling for his head, but the club backed him and stuck with his plan, and you won’t find many Arsenal fans that would regret that decision.

Last season he led us almost to victory, looking the dominant team throughout the whole year and the system he had been trying to implement for year’s seemed to have finally clicked and were only just overtaken by Manchester City to win the title.

When asked in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Brentford game how he felt about managing his 200th game for Arsenal he said this “I’m really proud to reach that number. At a big club, it’s always difficult, you have to win a lot of games. Hopefully a lot more positive things will come”. And when asked if we could see another 200 games from him in charge, he said this “Or 300, or whatever. The most important one in our job is tomorrow – that’s the only thing that matters”.

Arsenal fans will be hoping we get to see him in charge for many years to come, he seems to really fit the standards the club should be setting and has been able to put us back on the map and a threat to everyone we face.

What’s your thoughts on Arteta’s time at Arsenal so far Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. On the brink of his 200th games in charge, the gaffer has done fairly well, needs to brush up on his man management craft.

  2. His first 200 has flown by, and been quite successful, so here’s to the next 200, with even more success.
    Good chance of going top today with Man (115) City & Liverpool drawing 1-1.

  3. He’s been doing a very good work in his first managerial job

    If Jesus and Saliba didn’t get injured last season, I believe we would’ve won EPL

    1. Thats not how it works in the real world, that’s why you are supposed to have a well coached squad instead of just a naturally gifted starting 11 only.

      Every team can say “what if”, it’s an irrelevant argument.

    2. At the end Arteta would be judge on meaningful trophies he won for the club. So far for a rookie managing a big club he has done well; he is quite an intelligent coach. I wish him success at Arsenal

  4. Nice article Daisy Mae, showing your passion through the words you write!!

    Not sure he’s a “managing legend” just yet, let’s see what happens this season before bracketing with the likes of Pep, Mourinho, Wenger, Klopp from the modern era.

    I connect with him, when he shows his passion for the club and how it hurts him when we don’t perform.
    It’s now a pleasure going to The Emirates and feel that passion he’s created and, for me personally, that’s his biggest success to date.

    Excellent article my fellow Gooner!!

    1. You cannot club Wenger with Pep, Mou, Klopp. Shame. These are UCL winners while the former is a whinner. Some fans have no ambition, that’s why the club has not won any major trophy for the last 19 years, 15 of which were by “our beloved”

  5. MA came in at a point of time when we as a club were in disaray
    Took over from a very good manager (UE) but a manager in my opinion not ready for us and us not ready for him
    MA was always deemed as a good coach but a legend manager he is not as yet and a person who is still learning and plying his trade to be coming a great manager
    Whilst he not.perfect all the time and still much to learn I still beleive it is not if we win the league with him but when.
    When he does then i my eyes that will definitely propel him from being a good coach and manager to a legend.
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Well said Allanball08
      Still on the learning curve as you’d expect after just approaching 4years at the helm but Arteta has done so well so far
      I liked the way you put your words regarding UE who certainly wasn’t ready for us Andy that time

  6. Daisy and her welcome positive view of Arteta ,is the polar opposite of Dan Smith, who only ever says ANY very rare positive word about him through gritted teeth and plainly still hankers, rather touchingly but pathetically, over Wenger!.

    Although , in Superman comic style, you may never see Daisy and Dan together in the same room, there can be NO DOUBT they are NOT the same person, unlike CLARK KENT AND SUPERMAN.
    I liked your piece Daisy, but lay off the “MA is a legend” hype please.
    Alan Balls fine and realistic post, just above this, is just perfect,IMO

  7. In my postings on the site today. I wrote that Man City and Liverpool could play to a draw game in their Epl match today and which they’ve played to.
    But will Arsenal capitalized on the Man City drawing at home against Liverpool today to go on top of the table by beating Brentford at away?
    This is a chance that the Gunners SHOULD not miss to take. But take it by all means and go top today unfailingly.

  8. Grateful for the management trusting his vision & congratulations on being on the hot seat of managing our team on his 200 game. Wish him greater success

  9. I see a number of Arsenal fans and various pundits struggling to give Arteta praise for what he has done at Arsenal.
    Arteta is already one of the world’s great managers. A problem is that he is competing in a league which has two of the greatest we have ever seen in Klopp and Guardiola who also have two of the strongest squads in the world.
    Many pundits are still not giving him much credit. This is partly because so many wrote him off (just like many fans) because of the early setbacks and certain long held perceptions about those who have been considered the best managers in world football.
    Arteta is very passionate and he has on occasion gone over the top. His understanding of modern football is, however, right up with the best in the world.
    He needs to win titles to be considered a legend but time is clearly still on his side and there are good chances he will win more with Arsenal.

  10. Arsenal FC have had some fantastic managers, and now we have a young manager with interesting potential. MA can very well be a great Arsenal FC manager himself. Congratulations and well deserved 🔴⚪️

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