Mikel Arteta to leave Arsenal next summer!

I am beginning to think that Arsene Wenger is picking his captains every year in the full knowledge that they will be leaving Arsenal the following year! Everyone knew that Cesc Fabregas was trying to force through a move to Barcelona for years. We were also fully aware that RVP would be in the last year of his contract, and the same goes for Thomas Vermaelen.

Now the poisoned chalice has gone to Mikel Arteta as Wenger confirmed yesterday. “It will be No 1, Arteta and No 2, Mertesacker,” he said.

Arteta is now in his fourth season at the Emirates, and at 32 years of age could easily be in his last year of top-flight football, and with the amount of top-class midfielders at Wenger’s disposal it is probably unlikely that the Spaniard will even be a starter in most games, especially as Wenger has been promoting Jack Wilshere in the hope that this season will be an injury-free, breakthrough season for the Englishman.

Wenger has also mentioned that he thought Calum Chambers could also be an accomplished Defensive Midfielder, so Arteta now has two more challengers to his place in the first team, on top of his straight replacement Matthieu Flamini!

So who agrees that Wenger knows what he is doing and is naming his captains knowing that they are having their final year at the club?

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  1. Wenger knows how to respect his players thus making Arteta captain. It’s inevitable that Arteta was going to leave next season.

      1. I just cannot understand this thinking. WE NEED ALL OF THESE THINGS. What if Chambers truly does have it in him to be a world class DM. You really have no clue, you are not a trainer for Arsenal. YES, we needed a DM this year, maybe we bought one, if the trainers all see this, then I would respect their opinion over yours. Now, if they are planning on using him there, and he DID shut down Toure, then we do need more help in the back. Stop always insisting we need things and look at the facts

  2. Podolski, Campbell, Ox, Gnabry, Cazorla, Sanchez and Walcott. We have 7 fantastic wide players.
    We will definitely sell or loan atleast two.

  3. I think Wenger knows who he wants as the long term captain but as they’re still developing he doesn’t want to give it them yet, so choose short term intermediate captains. Who it might be , Ramsey or wilshere?

    1. The article is a little late to the show I and many others predicted the end-of-season Arteta departure the second Wenger made him captain.

  4. Just strong 3rd choice CB and we are good to go, i know many crave for new CF, new Dm, new LW, but those positions are filled!!! we signed new physio ( Wenger said he will bring more medic and physio stuff) cuz Atletico Madrid almost won UCL cuz of good preparation and good tactic approach, great players doesnt mean you will win anything, why didnt City won UCL ? or even come close to win it? Wenger knows that players alone cant win anything, Arsenal means many people envolved in, game against city showed that we are sharppening and developing into strong team, with hard work and determination !!! COYG

    1. Great players win you the prestigious titles,City didn’t win UCL because Real Madrid won it and they have Casillas,Ramos,Alonso,Modric,Bale,Ronaldo,Benzema ec and the year before that Bayern Munich who have Neuer,Lahm,Alaba,Martinez,Schweinsteiger,Ribery,Robben etc

    2. Great players win teams the UCL your point is not valid,Real Madrid have Casillas,Ramos,Alonso,Modric,Di Maria,Ronaldo,Bale etc Bayern season before have Neuer,Lahm,Alaba,Schweinsteiger,Martinez,Kroos,Ribery,Robben etc

      1. what makes great players? what makes great people? hard work and dedication, my point is valid, you just dont understand it !!!

        1. Talent is number one, hard work and dedication is a must but you wont create a Messi or a Suarez or a Ronaldo just by working hard.

  5. Part of the reason I think picking Mikel was a strange choice. I dont see Arteta getting a new contract in any way. In the end I think Wenger just respects Arteta a lot. And maybe he is thinking of giving Ramsey the armband for next season, but doesnt want to hand it over so fast, who knows. But lets be honest, we havent really had a proper captain since Vieira probably.

    1. It would be cunning for Wenger to do that. Remember when Barca wanted Cesc and Wenger shrewdly gave him the armband to keep him, if only for another season. Ramsey is sure to be worth mega-money after another successful season and attract such similar attention.

    2. well we really don’t know what arsenal does really besides on the pitch. When there’s not a game to be played, which players shows leadership? Who stays on the pitch longer when their practices ends? Who makes sure that their squad acts in line when it is time to get serious? And who do the Gunners prob respect the most?
      Maybe that was Cesc. Maybe that was RVP. Maybe that was Vermaelan. And now it’s probably Arteta and Merty.

  6. Will this be a season too late though? Arteta should’ve gone this window and not be made captain. If he makes countless mistakes again and costs us the title I’ll not be pleased.

    1. Don’t blame our EPL failure on one player. We had injuries, Giroud was over played and the squad generally lacked depth.

      We were soft against the big 3 but did we have the right tactics?

      1. You are right, there were many reasons for our failure, but we still dont have DM and Sanogo is not ready to play 20-30 of the 60+ games we have to support Giroud, who is also not the striker Arsenal needs. So unless Sanchez is played through the middle and Chambers is an amazing DM, we are still missing support in these two positions.

    2. Arteta did NOT make countless mistakes, or, cost us the title.
      IF you are asking for a WC DM, then I am with you, though I may not agree with some on here regarding which players ARE WC.
      Ridiculing Arteta and blaming him for our failures however, is totally unfair on him, and, will NOT persuade Wenger to sell him, or, to buy that DM.
      Same goes for Giroud.
      I think sometimes we under-appreciate what we have, and, hype up players that play for our rivals, or, that we see very occasionally and the Media etc regard as WC, when actually, from what I see, for example Lars Bender, Schneiderling and others, I believe are no better, if as good, as the players we have.
      I am sure that supporters of ALL clubs have a wish list of players they would like, and a list of their players they do not rate.
      I remember Pool supporters asking WHY the F… is Jordon Henderson a Liverpool player, now, they sing his praises.

  7. If we played flamini as our CDM I would say we could even wait until next summer. But Wenger wants the midfield for now and the future to be Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil. If Wilshere and Ramsey can combine together to fill the defensive duties we will be good, but I think it would be simpler to just go and buy a DM.

  8. Great to have him in the camp….. he has experience, he is cool and composed…..he can influence the playing 11 from the bench also….so great choice ….Le prof….. it seems Mertsacker will hold the armband like Mikel did for most of the last season……

  9. I’ve said it many times, Arteta as a CDM is not going to win you the league. Look at Chelsea and City, they have Toure and Matic, Arteta is simply not cut out for the CDM role I’m afraid.

    1. Yes you have said it many times before. Y Toure is as far removed from being a CDM as it is possible for a CM to be. If you want the right comparison then Man City have YT we have AR.

  10. Lols, guys being captain does not guarantee you a starting position. Ask TV5 and he’ll tell you. And forget about a DM, chambers will play there competing with Arteta/ Flamini and a 3rd choice CB will come in to compete there as well. I have faith is Chambers, a future Arsenal great!

    1. Not going to happen mate, Ozil will feature in 2 weeks and regain his place in 3-4 weeks.

      Whether Arteta leaves or not we owe him a massive thank you, in his first season he filled the void left by Fabregas and contributed so much in getting us to the CL and he has been a top class player AND individual. In his 2nd and third years his stats were still out of this world.

      Top man, top player with still a lot to offer but maybe not against the fast physical teams.

      1. Mesuts game is never physical. Its technical. Players like him (without the responsibiity to defend) can play all week in week out.
        How do you think Thierry Henry managed the highest number of Assists for NYRB. Its never physical for these type of players. They are technically so gifted that their physical condition hardly matters. I fully expect him to get half an hour during the Palace game. Wenger had started him even when he couldn’t distinguish between Giroud and Jack in the Sunderland game. Remember?

        1. I watch Henry play against bayern yesterday he was the best player on the pitch. His experience and ability was great he got a standing ovation from both set of fans I would love for him to have a similar role to drogba at Chelsea come January. He would make the perfect no.3 striker

  11. Arteta as a captain is a good choice. He is vocal, active and has all the qualities . However i’m not sure him as a regular starter

  12. Thierry Henry – Arsenal Captain leaves for Barcelona
    Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal Captain leaves for Barcelona
    Thomas Vermaelen – Arsenal Captain leaves for Barcelona
    Do you think Wenger chose Arteta with this in mind ?

  13. Mikel arteta is a model professional and despite not being a key player in the first team is a player others can follow. He works very hard this summer he barely had a holiday he spent the majority of the time getting stronger and fitter. He may not be the bog cdm we all want but Mikel has served this club very very well since being brought in

    1. Kos is a brilliant player but too quite for my liking. Captain has got to be vocal. I think Wenger wanted to make Mert captain but doing so would disrespect Arteta as you expect the vice to be caprain once the captain is releived of duties. Also I think Szczesny will be our next captain after Mert and Arteta goes. Thats in say 2-3 years.

      1. But Artetas not vocal,the captain doesn’t have to be vocal,he should be in a central postion an he should be assured of his place and he should have experience,Kos fills all of these categories.For me Arteta an Mertesacker to a lesser extent are the weak links in the the Arsenal spine along with Giroud,we won’t win the elusive CL until all of these are replaced,probably along with Wenger

  14. Does this mean we aren’t getting a DM though? Because surely our captain is going straight to the bench if that happens.

    And tbh in that case, we’re probably going straight to f**king 4th place and getting demolished by the big boys again.

    1. Sadly it looks like it at moment …. And can only blame wenger for this situation … It’s possible we could still sneak third depending on how man utd fare under the new guy …. But I can’t for the life of me understand why the dumb frog can’t see the weakness in midfield or the need for another strike option…arteta is a player I like but he simply cannot boss the midfield it’s not in his game his Ariel cover is non existent and since last year his excessive lateral passing is a major reason for us being slow out of defence…. His persistence with sonogo as a first team option beggars football belief … And the lemming like reaction on this site after his goals against benfica was comical….farm him out on loan sell podolski bring in Vargas plus cavalho or Martinez and we can really have a go this season

      1. We should loan gnabry and sonogo >add another experience attacker

        Coqulan needs to be sold and we should add a new dm

        Vermaelen needs replacing

      2. “Dumb frog” – class mate, real classy. Doesn’t surprise me you don’t understand Wenger – but it staggers me you think you know more. And you’d never be a lemming on here would you? Vargas and Carvalho – where do you dream up those names, the latest names in the media to be linked with us by any chance? Or don’t tell me – you’ve been advocating them from way back. Lol.

      3. Your spot on with many of your points,particularly about Artetas excessive lateral passing being a major reason why we are so slow out of defence,the other major reason being the fact Mertesacker can’t bring the ball out of defence beause of his lack of pace.

  15. Pod is not going to be sold, no way on earth that’s going to happen. Wenger is raving about the attacking players he has on his squad (Pod/walcot/sanchez/sanogo/giroud/campbell)

    The only person i would want to go on loan would be Gnabry, the kid is extremely talented and he needs game time week in/week out to keep his development going. You can’t have that kinda talent sitting in the bench every week. I would loan him out to a PL team, maybe swansea so he can get major game time and they play a possession based game like we do.

    we need to go buy a CB/CDM and we’re set.

    1. Best possible centre backs
      1.close to what we have: miranda
      2.dependable 3rd:nastasic,howedes,nkoulou,agger
      3.up and comming;indigo Martinez,musacchio,Gabriel paletta, matip,kjaer,fazio

  16. Arteta is our captain this season that gives Ramsey another season to shine and take up the roll next season.

    1. @davidnz
      I can think of better players with a lot more dedication in our team that deserve the captaincy more.

  17. The EPL is fast paced and when players get into the twilight of their careres at Arsenal, Barcelona is the best option for them as they play similar to us but at a slower pace.

  18. I wish Bendtner had been given the Captaincy. He would have left much earlier.

    Please never give the Captains armband to Ramsey, Sanchez, Chambers, Walcott. We want these players to stay at Arsenal for a long time.


  19. Can’t wait for Crystal Palace

    BTW: Did Ozil, Mertsacker and Podolski turn up for training today?

    I heard they were supposed to return on the 11th

    1. Btw I think Wenger will use the same team and 4-3-3 formation for Crystal Palace
      Only exception: Giroud instead of Sanogo


      1. Following game


      2. what do you want Sanogo to do more than he did to convince you he is better than Giroud?

        1. I don’t suppose you have any bias in this debate eh? You can still look forward to the day when you can change your username but sadly for you it won’t be anytime soon. And you know it but you would rather persist with the bashing. YS has clear potential to be a lot better than OG but he still has some way to go. Still very raw. I am pleased he is progressing at a rate which makes him a viable option now, something unimaginable just a few weeks ago as he was ruthlessly derided and ridiculed by nearly everyone on here a few weeks ago. Give it another 2 games without scoring and YS will be absolutely useless again according to the punters on here with attention span deficit disorders.

  20. Lol!! For me, he should have made Arteta Captain two years ago so that he isn’t here this season! Our team is crying out for a monster DM who can boss the middle of the park for us. Play Arteta there against teams like Chelski, MoneyCity, ManUre and Liverpool and we will be stuffed! I want is to win the title outright but without a DM I’m afraid we will again fall short.

  21. I am little bit concerned, we might have bought some players but also sold many.

    Sagnga- Depuchy – equal.
    Fabianski- Ospina- Ospina slightly better.
    Vermaelen- Cahmbers- Vermaelen slightly better.
    Poldi will be off- Cambell- almost equal, consider experience and momentum talent.

    Sanches is what we bought, and even him i do see him as an alternative to Walcott, who has some serious injure problems. Comon Wenger we need more then this.

    1. Begs the question why they bothered playing him the 102 times prior to that if it was SUCH a huge issue. Maybe just a good management decision on the day in the rarified atmosphere of a high tension world cup semi-final/final.

  22. Let’ s finish this season first (which has not even started) before starting to make assumption about who is going to leave and so on…
    We could easily say that if Ramsey reproduces the same kind of season, I can see a major outfit, the madrilenes or the catalans coming for him (like they did for Bale)… Nothing is impossible !

  23. You do realize that Henry left because he had won everything except the CL and the way we were headed in terms of financial power it wasn’t likely to happen soon at arsenal. Cesc left for money but to his boyhood home to play for his idol. RVP left for money and because he’s an absolute piece of crap.

    Arsenal are now in a very strong financial position and we’ve won two trophies. We are building an incredible squad for both now and the future. The only question marks about Arteta being made captain are that he’s getting older and the demands of the game see him lose out sometimes. He’s still a very valuable player in terms of experience, leadership, poise, etc. likely he’ll be a manager someday.

    Ramsey will be captain after a while but he’s not the type to do a “big money” leave/excuse. I see him being a very longstanding and beloved player for arsenal for many years.

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