Mikel Arteta urged to make swingeing cuts to Arsenal squad

Mikel Arteta urged to sell five Arsenal players and sign Manchester City star.

Arsenal is on the verge of making Mikel Arteta their next manager and he is set to inherit a club that has been badly managed for some time now.

While Arsenal has some of the best players in the league, they have been underperforming and Tony Cascarino believes Arteta has to sanction the sale of certain players to succeed.

The former Chelsea striker insists that even though some of these players seem to be very important at the club right now, Arteta needs to get rid of them and bring in new players for him to enjoy success in North London.

“The biggest challenge he will face is dealing with the senior players,” Cascarino told The Times as cited by The Mirror.

“I remember when Ron Atkinson came into Aston Villa, he said to me immediately: ‘I have agreed a fee with Celtic for you.’

“That is how Arteta should approach it, starting with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, David Luiz, Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi.”

Aubameyang has been Arsenal’s top scorer since he came to England while Lacazette seems to always turn up when the Gunners play at home.

Luiz, Ozil and Mustafi have all been underwhelming and the club seems to be keen to sell off the latter two.

Cascarino also advises Arteta to get in some winning experience by signing Manchester City’s Fernandinho who will be out of contract by the end of this season.

“With Fernandinho’s contract due to expire at the end of the season, Arteta could bring him in from City to demonstrate to Arsenal ’s players what it takes to be a success,” he continued.

“I don’t even think he needs to give them a reason, he just needs to say, ‘If I find a buyer, you’re gone.’


  1. Ozil, Xhaka, Sokratis and Mustafi are simply past their sell-by dates. Aubameyang and Lacazette can leave too if they don’t like to play for Arsenal anymore

    Fernandinho is too old and we still have Chambers/ Luiz to play as CDM, so no need for the new one. Besides, we don’t need a CDM if we still play with 4-2-3-1

    1. still have chambers and luiz to play CDM????????????? Do me a favor that kind of thinking is what has arsenal in this situation.

      1. Good word, never heard it before. I thought GJ made a mistake between the latter and the former, but I then googled it, it’s a good word.

        1. and I know swingeing is severe, just trying to be a happy person for awhile to welcome the new manager 🙂

        2. Slack with all English in USA. I have no objection to them calling their own peculiar language American. BUT I do object to it being called English. It is not English but an inferior language though with certain similarities.

  2. The first thing i would say in the first meeting is ” if you are not happy to see me stood here get up and walk out that door now, i only want 100% committed player. Any player that walks can go in January if they can get themselves a club, if not in the reserves” Lets hope the reserves dont get too much of a boost.

  3. First off,i beleive Arteta is coming in as a coach,not a Manager.So he wont have the liberty to make some of those drastic decisions.Secondary,someone is seriously saying Auba should be sold?We dont even know how the new coach wants to play and who can fit in his system but we know with Auba the goals will keep coming

  4. Cascarino has no love for Arsenal and is a genuine idiot. Don’t bother listening to his deluded comments….he is a sad ******.

  5. Fernandino! I would gladly give him a personal piggy back all the way to our place. A real winner to teach the idle coasters how to fight. That would be a great start!

  6. Come on!
    Nobody gives a shit about Tony Cascarino. He makes bold claims to be on the radar, but he is not a factor in the world of football.
    The same applies to the Fernandinho signing. He played 1575 minutes to date this season. He is still valued, and could be finishing his career as a club legend. He doesn’t need a final year in a rival team.

  7. For me, I absolutely agree if Auba and lava wants to leave, they can leave. Am not worried. I would be worried about selling martinelli than Auba and laca.
    I see Martinelli dominating defenders in the nearest future.
    I said it first, he(Martinelli) will be a future Luis Suarez.

  8. If arsenal board can allow mikel to make decision on transfers then i will know we will do well if not this season next one, mikel need to sign 2 players this january and sale 1 also…sell mustafi then break the bank this january window buy a CB of £55 then buy a DM like £45..try to commit laca and aubu..mikel should call all his players private meeting each after this weekend match, talk to them with good manner promise them good foothball good relationship to each…tell them what they need to know…

  9. This article gives some good suggestions with the addition of context-something which can sometimes be lacking when people post fanciful/utopian suggestions out of this mess.
    The harsh reality is we need to start operating our Club and it’s assets in a way that moves the Club forwards.
    If assets don’t want to represent the club and work hard I would like to see them cashed and the money reinvested.
    We need to start looking at younger stars(like Ajax, Dortmund, Leicester etc do) of tomorrow and look to recruit them before they reach levels of performance/price and become unobtainable.
    Could we not have got VVD from Celtic? Maddison from Norwich?

    Tierney, Guendouzi and Martinelli hopefully represent the beginning of a new recruitment drive.
    Sell the big players of today who contributed and little and let’s see if we can unearth 2/3 gems with the money.

  10. The biggest sign that the kroenkes are ready to F us over… Announce Arteta the day before we face his other former club. Everton love no more than to bite us in the arse with Walcott and iwobi

  11. Arsenal needs 25 players with commitment and passion and a great spirit and lots of love for the team and with leadership quality…..and a lot of skill

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