Mikel Arteta urged to sign Premier League defender this month

Arsenal should make a move for Brighton defender Lewis Dunk claims Sky Sports pundit.

Arsenal’s problem at the back is pretty obvious for every football fan to see. The Gunners have been struggling to keep teams at bay for much of the campaign. Even the arrival of David Luiz hasn’t helped with the Brazilian guilty of some really bad mistakes.

Mikel Arteta has also admitted that their defence is an area that they are looking to strengthen this month, but he also claimed that they are not looking to spend too much money this month.

Former Tottenham defender, Jamie O’Hara has been impressed by the work that the former Manchester City assistant manager has done so far but insists that Arsenal has to fix their long-standing defensive problems as soon as this transfer window.

“Well they need a centre-half, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?” O’Hara said on Sky Sports News, per the Express.

“We’ve been going on about it for God knows how long.

“What I love about Arteta, what he’s instilled in them, he’s brought that edge back, he’s brought that fight, that desire to keep going.

“Going down to 10 men probably a couple of months ago Arsenal would have folded and gone under and got beat three and four.

“So what they’ve shown is their resilience is back and they’re fighting for the manager and they’re fighting for the club.

“I just think they’re going to leak goals and it’s something we’ve been saying for ages.”

He went on to suggest that Arsenal should do all they can to sign Brighton’s Lewis Dunk and reckons the defender would become world-class under Arteta.

“I don’t know why Lewis Dunk, someone like that, is not being talked about to go to a big club.

“Players like that are big players in the Premier League, they’ve done it, they’ve got the experience.

“Just because they’re at Brighton it doesn’t mean they can’t be a world class player at a team like Arsenal.

“Arsenal need a centre-half, they need someone to come in and help the club over.

“If they want to keep progressing and that top four’s still available, it’s not gone, it’s not out of reach.

“So if they really have a go and think ‘Let’s spend the money now’, they can get in that Champions League spot and come the end of the season go ‘You know what, what a buy that was.

“We might have spent a little bit too much for him but it mattered because we got over the line and we got the Champions League that we need’.”

Even though O’Hara is a former Spurs player he does make sense. Dunk would be a great addition and I agree he would probably improve significantly under Arteta. However, with the impending arrival of Pablo Mari and the premium cost of signing Dunk, it is highly likely that any chance of signing the 24-year-old would have to wait until the summer.


  1. Yes, I agree Arsenal signing Dunk this January transfer window is unlikely to happen. If at all they are interested to bring the centre-half back to the Emirates Stadium this winter window. But maybe it could happen next summer, no one can say for certainty because already Arsenal have already signed William Saliba a young CHB who will join the club’s first team squad next season. And reports in the media are being tailored around that Arsenal may sign a CHB from Shakata Donesk this January window if negotiations to sign him first on loan before making it permanent next summer come to fruition. I think the likely signing of Bablo Mari by Arsenal this January window is for the left full back position that is currently being manned by Saka without any fit left back in the team to cover for him as both first teamers senior specialist left back Gunners of Kolasinac and Tierney are all sidelined with injuries.

    1. Have you actually seen this player? I can tell you one thing that is certain and that is HE IS NOT A LEFT BACK

  2. We can not spend any more big coin on CB’s.
    Our centre back situation is typically Arsenal…shyte.
    Chambers is injured. Holding is usually injured. Mavro on loan and Saliba still in France.
    What do we actually have?
    The Greek wrestler, Mr calamity and Sideshow Bob.
    Now as cover till June we are bringing in Pablo the Picasso of centre backs
    who will bring footballs equivalent of analytical cubism to Arsenal’s defensive heart.
    This tall left footed magician will make our defence impassable
    his dashing runs will bring the crowd to its feet while his goals will inspire a generation.
    Mind you if he proves to be another Kim Kallstrom he’s cheap so no loss.

    1. mari is a very good defender….he kept liverfool players quiet

      but he needs time to settle and adapt…

      communication maybe an issue

      if one cant communicate he cant coordinate

      1. The “Liverfools” as you put it, are going to win the Premier League. They won Champions League last season.

        I think you are the one looking foolish now

        1. the real fools are AFC for paying 350 grand for an utter useless player and collecting deadwood with high transfer fees while pool are the European and World club Champs and soon to be EPL Champs.Our arrogance needs to be lowered

  3. Annoyed we keep trying to find CB solutions abroad. The best EPL defenders are those who are already adjusted, and we need someone who is ready to go right now. Dunk or Mings would be great options instead of going for Brazilian league & Ukranian league CB’s who have a high chance of turning out to be average.

    1. too pricey and what would happen in the summer if we reshuffle or if our centrebacks return from injury?

      we already got a number of centre backs

      we cant have 3 or 4 international centrebacks sitting on the bench

    2. I can’t see Villa letting Mings go, unfortunately. He’s one of their best players. Plus, they’d hike his price up – too much for us! Which is a shame, as I’d love to have him at the Arsenal.
      Anyway, RSH, as Mari caused problems for Liverpool in that final, I’m all for that 😉😁

      1. @Sue
        Initially I was all in for Tyrone Mings. However, the fact of the matter is Aston Villa have conceded the 2nd highest number of goals in the league this season with him at center back. He was also part of that 6 goal mauling by City so am really beginning to wonder if this guy is any good. He appears to be good but the results say otherwise.

        1. I see what you’re saying, QD.. but despite all of that (😂) he has had a good season with them… he’s scored a few and picked up a few motm… but has been injured for a little while too. I reckon he’d be even better at a different club – us!!! 😜 Dare I say look at VVD at Southampton?!! 😀

          1. Ahaha.. you could be right and he turns out like VVD! But Gotanidea is always reminding and warning us Mustafi was a shinning light when Valencia was shipping in goals and battling relegation. We signed Mustafi and he turned out to be Mustafi!

          2. 😂😂 after listening to Gary Neville laughing at the 35m we paid for him… saying before then Valencia couldn’t even give him away.. you knew it was going to be bad!!
            Haha I just meant the Saints weren’t exactly flying him with him.. plus look at Brighton with Dunk… same with Mings and Villa….

  4. If we are considering the height factor in defenders,we already have 3.
    And bow pablo mari.

    We need a ball playing CB,a guy calm under the immense pressure of EPL.The only one we have got is luiz and now(i hope it is true)matviyenko.So we are not short in these areas.

    And an important point on keiran tierney,If you look at the liverpool-Wolves match you will know what kind of a beast Adama traore is and i watched the wolves-arsenal (repeat) a while ago and you got to admire,appreciate how good a defender KT is.

  5. I think we should once in Kronke tenure spend a but big on a defender as well. Most of the defenders who were bought with high price tag were successful with their respective clubs fardinand, VD, kompany etc so we need to spend some money on a quality CB who can give us that stability at the back for good 3-4 years atleast. In that time our youngsters can learn n will step up. Like scoring keeping clean sheet becomes a habit as well.

    1. The last time we did that was disaster in a deal worth £35m with valencia, till today, we are still regretting. We had no plan to build what we need over the years. We lack good cb and left back like Cole and clinchy and we could not build one from academy since. A team molded vangil,colibally, varane, Ramos. Is it a course someone like that can’t come from our own in 20years after parlour? Wish Saliba will come good like Ramos and Varane

      1. @Raheem, as compared to prices of CB at time when mustafi was bought that was avg price not too high. So he was not an expensive signing as far the world of football goes but I agree for Arsenal it was because we always spend so little in that area.

    2. I believe you will find that Vincent Company was sold to Citeh by Anderlect for around £10m: Why oh Why Wenger wasn’t all over that I will never understand.

      1. Easy answer to that one Phil, money!!!

        Whatever we would have offered, city would have doubled for him, so don’t go blaming Wenger for that one.

        I seem to remember he had to replace clichy, adebayour, sagna and nasri, after city had raided his squad four times – funny how they kept buying our dross players, when they could have had any player they wanted, don’t you think?
        Even more remarkable to think that two of them were defenders….supposedly something that Wenger knew nothing about.!!
        They both went on, along with nasri of course, to win premier league titles and fa cup medals – funny old game!!!

      2. That was a big miss but if I remember correctly the pay check offered by city at that time to a defender was no where going to be rivaled by Arsenal.

  6. After mori, we probably need no centre back except he doesn’t fit in. We need to move on mustafi, socratis and Luis, they have not performed better than chambers, holding, and mavropanous. With them, saliba and mori, we can develop new culture, develop, and win. Holding will never commit such number of high profile mistakes mustafi and Luis has committed this season in a season when his confidence is back. Move the dead woods on and let the younger ones take responsibility.

  7. I like this guy he is talent and well player also he is spirit guy if Arteta sign this guy he solve our main problem please sign him

    1. I have been a fan of Lewis Dunk (a proven EPL CB) for some time, as I was of Virgil Van Djik when he was at Glasgow Celtic.

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