Mikel Arteta warned to expect a mass exodus of his stars next summer

Mikel Arteta could lose a good few big-name players reckons Paul Merson.

The former Arsenal star admits that the Gunners have gotten better since Mikel Arteta became their manager late last year. However, he reckons that with the Gunners struggling to finish in a Champions League position, most of their stars would want to leave at the end of the season.

The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Lacazette have been linked with moves away as the team struggles down the Premier League table and Merson warns Arteta to be prepared for them to leave because it could happen.

“Arsenal have improved under Mikel Arteta,” Merson said in his column for the Daily Star.

“The players are all working for him and it looks like there’s more harmony at the club.

“But I still think he’s going to have players wanting to leave at the end of the season, and I think Arsenal will want to get rid of a few.

“They need a clear-out, and he needs to build the spine of a team. All the top teams are strong down the middle. But Arsenal are not.”

Arsenal signed two players in the last transfer window, that seems to be just a temporary fix to their problems at the back and Mikel Arteta is expected to add more players next summer.

It is unclear if Arsenal would be forced to cash in on Aubameyang as he would have just a year left on his current deal at the end of the season.


  1. Every god damn week!!! Are they ever going to lose??!! And what a joke their goal being checked by VAR… they’re not called Livarpool for nowt, are they?! Argh!!!!! 😡

    1. We call this league the best in the world and no one can lay a glove on Liverpool, they’ve won every game apart from one draw! They are a very good team but come on its getting ridiculous now, teams aren’t even trying anymore.. they’re beaten before they even get on the pitch 😳 so annoying Sue 😠

      1. All I can say is they’ve got extremely lucky with some decisions and injuries, van dijk, Trent and Robertson haven’t been injured or missed any games in a long long time, if they had those 3 injured and missed a considerable amount of games they would become very ordinary

        1. You’re right, Kev… very lucky with everything! And I believe teams are beaten before they’ve even kicked a ball… and on the odd chance they have of scoring, they try way too hard and scuff it or blaze it!!!! Never bloody happens to us!
          It’s doing my head in 😂 I said the other day it’s boring as we’ve known for months who’s going to win it… and I was told “don’t be jealous now” 😳

          1. Exactly Sue I knew at half time the score would be 1-0 it’s so predictable you couldn’t make it up! If you look at that Liverpool team on paper there’s no way they should be winning so many games the rest of the league should be embarrassed! I mean seeing Keita and Henderson in the tunnel should not strike fear into anyone 😂 I don’t care that they will the league but teams should show a little bit more belief and have a go like they do when they play us 😂 big Nigel Pearson will be the first man to take 3 points from them, you heard it here first Sue 😃

          2. Terribly sad news about Caroline flack today Sue, may her soul rest in peace 🙏. So can we beat the toon ? 😮

    1. I’m so shocked about that news, Kev… 40 years old….what a place she must’ve been in to have done that. So, so sad 😢

      I’d like to think so… you know when I’ve said about the opposition players and their goal droughts (Joelinton 😜) before? Well wouldn’t it be nice if one of our own (Laca) ended theirs tomorrow instead?!

      1. Shocking she was a lovely girl too Sue she got it bad last couple months of her life she must have been in a really dark place god bless her 🙏 haha yeah Sue let’s hope lacas trek in the desert is a cure for his goal shyness 😂😂 we have a few players back too but don’t think Pablo Mari will play until Thursday 😃

  2. Hahaha yes it may well work wonders – that camel ride!
    Oh yeah the EL is back! Be some good games on next week!
    The championship is heating up too!
    Score tomorrow then, Kev? 1-1 or 2-1?! Unless of course storm Dennis strikes again!

    1. My bet is Leeds will bottle it again 😂 Atletico to beat Liverpool and Madrid to beat City 😂 storm Dennis sounds a better bet Sue lol I’m thinking a draw but praying we win 😂😂 haha if Lacazette scores tomorrow I’m adopting that 🐫 😂😂

      1. They have so far!! The thought of West Brom coming back up…urgh!!
        Ooh and Dortmund v PSG….
        hahaha he’s bound to score now!

        1. I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of West Bromwich Sue ? 😂😂 I would like to see Brentford come up 😃🐝 psg will beat Dortmund I think 👊 we’ll have the camel 🐫 to thank 😂😂

  3. To see if as many people comment.. been quiet lately… maybe it’s to do with the break. Can’t believe Ziyech is off to Chelsea.

    1. Oh I wouldn’t know I haven’t been on much myself Sue 😂😂 that’s a good signing I wish we had of gone for him 😩 did you hear Leicester are after Tierney? I hope we don’t sell.. yeah he’s injured a lot but as he gets older he’ll toughen and bulk up 💪

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