Mikel Arteta was not impressed with our defensive errors against Fulham

Before the Fulham draw, Arsenal had something to prove. They had to prove they could win convincingly, as their wins over Forest (2-1) and Palace (1-0) were too slim and unconvincing.

Considering they’ve consistently beaten the Cottagers, the belief was that Arsenal hosting Fulham at the Emirates would end with Arsenal winning convincingly with a huge goal margin. However, that was not the case; Arsenal drew 2-2 with Fulham.

After that game, Arteta wasn’t pleased with the many chances his boys wasted, telling the BBC, “Right from the beginning, we gave an incredible goal away. You make life really difficult for yourself, but the team reacted really well. We dominated the game and created countless chances and should have scored five, six, seven goals easily.

“When you have done the most difficult thing, which is to get back ahead against a team that is well organised, you have to defend your box from one corner. It is the only chance they have and you get punished. Yet still you get another two chances and don’t score – that is the story of the game. The amount of things we did to merit winning the game comfortably, we still end up with one point.

“We have this situation a thousand times in football [for the first goal]. We gave the ball away in a really dangerous area and it was a really cool finish. All three substitutes changed the game. Fabio [Vieira] was involved in everything we created and I am really happy with that, to see players with the ability to make and take chances with quality, the same with Eddie [Nketiah]. It is my fault that Fabio has not played more and today he gave me reasons to play him more.

“We have to show another level of commitment and desire and ‘over my dead body’. With 10 men, you cannot concede a goal.”

He is basically saying that the two goals we conceded were floppy and we should have taken more of our easy chances. In fact, it was an awful result, considering our domination.

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  1. Im afraid, we only look good in defence when we have possession. When we haven’t we look to be in panick mode and not set up to defend. Our shape with the ball is okay but not without it and that is where all our mistakes come from. I have said it before and i will say it again. Our style of play is flawed. It doesn’t cope with surprises. Its not a robust style of play. We often get left one on one in midfield and in defence. Their is no cover.

    1. I’m afraid you are right Reggie.I have to chuckle with the avalanche of vitriol directed at the likes of Nketiah and more recently ,Havertz, when the glaring flaw in our make up is our lack of defensive nous which is compounded by the use of Partey and White who were excellent last season.Fulham’s first goal epitomized our failings with a huge gap in the RB position which was exploited with the assistance of the hapless Ramsdale.Gabriel may not be without weaknesses, but he brings grit, determination and a physical presence which we simply cannot do without as neither Saliba nor Kwior have this attitude imo.Who plays at LB with Tierney being jettisoned I don’t know, but if it’s the skilful Zinchenko he merely adds fuel to our defensive problems.The loss of Timber is a big blow as he is a defender who loves to defend.Finally, while I would not have bought Havertz, I am prepared to give him a settling in period to prove the doubters wrong.Kudos would have been a very good buy , and I suspect he will not the ground running with West Ham.

      1. Regarding KT,if he goes it’ll be only a loan which in effect will save the club what 60K/week?for that money I would rather keep him around.last season despite going out early in domestic cups,he still made 36 appearances .having read an interview of his in which he mentioned it (36 appearances) he was obviously disappointed but he understood that he couldn’t play every game.my point being that this season he could have played even more games and happy to do it.

    2. One sentence: we can’t create chance!

      How many corners are wasted in 3 matches. YouTube feeds me with old Arsenal highlights. There is one “Arsenal” channel feeds me Ozil assists. I urge fans to watch and see the difference between talents and hype. Ozil anticipate what the players will do and send the ball, the end result are goals. Although my respect for him went after he stayed despite manager had shown him the door. More than 1 year your skills become rusty and gone downhill.

      Ozil is a mirror and warning to players not to sit and wait for chance. You need to be competitive and start games/come as substitute. I hope ESR to join other clubs to have competitive matches instead of wasting his talent. Same for Balogun. Good for Tierney as he can plays competitively now.

      1. I’d be raging mad if I was ESR. Arteta has again randomly decided he’s not good enough and is on the path to forcing him out, just like with Tierney. These guys have done nothing wrong. Tierney undoubtedly adds value to this team and something different but Arteta has decided he’s not good enough. He’s better defensively than Zinny and at crossing that alone makes him ready to contribute.

    3. Thomas Partey was out of position and Saka passed on instinct thinking that Partey was their to receive the ball. Havertz was hesitant in his play and not committed enough. Their wasnt enough crosses into the box and there wasnt enough player committed to making runs into the box either. The second goal should also have beed avoided by wall blocking the low cross but they left gaps everhwhere. Something that the goalkeeper should organise or that should be drummed into them on the training ground. Basic stuff really.

  2. We are not impressed with Artetas experiments and constant re-shuffling. He gets paid to do a job where us fans pay for merchandise and to watch our beloved team. I know its Common knowledge but just a reminder so we know who should be more passed off.

  3. HE CAUSED THEM. It was his plan, and it was executed. Didn’t work, won’t work.
    What’s this sickness of moving players from their positions of strength to where they can’t perform? What’s the obsession with Kai Havertz? We all have dreams, but as soon as we wake up, we get out of those dreams. We deal with daylight reality and Arteta is too stubborn for that.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Gunsmoke… Sometimes some people need things to be in a bit of disarray to change up

    2. So what you are saying is. The Haverz experiment will stop, Partey will not be RB and put back in midfield. We wont play inverted Full backs and the wingers will get support. Because that would be the blessing in disguise. Otherwise i dont get what you are alluding too.

  4. Arteta should get the team to original.Bring back Gabriel as CB with Saliba,White as RB ,Zichenko LB.Partey, Rice and Odergaard as midfielders

    Saka ,Martinelli and Jesus in attack

    1. Correct… Havertz should only be plan B if we need to send long balls in …though he can’t seem to.jump well

      Or if we are 3-0 up or more.

      I simply don’t rate him as yet so he shouldn’t be starting before ESR etc.. we had the same with Pepe that because he cost so much the manager felt obliged to play him..Hopefully Arteta is sensible enough now to give others a chance .Vieira played really well when he came on. Nketiah also

      Good thing is now there is competition. For places…so if someone is off form for 2 or 3 games they know they are on the bench. Or should be !

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