Mikel Arteta will be a great Arsenal manager claims former Gunner

Santi Cazorla backs Mikel Arteta to become a great manager at Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta made the leap into management when he was appointed by Arsenal as Unai Emery’s successor late last year.

The appointment was met by disappointment in some quarters with some claiming that Arsenal is too big a team for him to start his career with.

He has, however, been impressive in that position as he has lost just one of his first seven games in charge.

Arsenal recently held Chelsea to a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge despite being reduced to ten men before any of the sides scored a goal.

This was the highlight of Arteta’s time at the helm so far and Santi Cazorla believes that it is only the start and goes on to say that Arteta will be a successful manager at the Emirates.

Speaking to Goal, Cazorla said,

“Some say it’s a gamble for Arsenal to appoint him, but I believe it’s a reasonable challenge. He also worked as a coach under Pep Guardiola.

“I believe he can become a great coach.”

He added: “It’s not easy for any manager now to be like [Arsene] Wenger or [Sir Alex] Ferguson. I can’t anticipate how long he’ll stay at Arsenal, but I believe he can also make great career at Arsenal, and he’s a proper one for Arsenal. I hope Mikel leads Arsenal well.”

Cazorla left Arsenal following a battle with a long term injury, but he has been impressing for Villarreal in the Spanish top flight this season.


    1. He has and did say he wants one more game in an Arsenal shirt. We should sign him and Grant his wish

  1. Miss you so much Santi! Quite right about your assessment Arteta will surely take us in the right path and we will be right up where Arsenal belong and deserve to be. The FA cup and the EUL should be targeted as winnable and we should go as far as possible in the PL and considering the state of affairs at Man Utd., the inconsistency of the Chelskeys and the Spuds, anything is possible. Up the Gunners!

  2. Since Cazorla is too old to return to EPL, maybe he could recommend Arsenal to Xavi Quintilla

    If Kolasinac leaves at the end of this season, Quintilla could be a cheap option to replace him

  3. Every one is going to give a positive spiel.
    But it’s mostly “I think I believe” stuff nothing concrete, a lot of fluff really.
    He won’t say Arteta has no managerial experience and his record since taking over is awful.
    But then players and managers speak in cliche and riddles all the time they interview.
    They almost never tell you anything you don’t already know.
    They give stock answers to stock questions sounding as faceless
    as computer generated voices on some you tube videos.
    Wenger told us nothing in all of his 4,500 interviews during his 22 years at Arsenal.

    1. I can clearly see that you dont like MA and thats your choice,i respect that but you dont have to question the people backing him.

    2. Your wrong about Wenger @Stevo- The best message he left was “I’m leaving at the end of the season”.The fact he didn’t mention he was TOLD to leave is another matter

      1. Phil, who told you he was told to leave…Jon Fox?!?!
        Perhaps they kept him on for six months to arrange his farewell do, design the T shirts and design the gold trophy – that makes as much sense as saying “he was told to leave” six months before he actually did.

        Love the fact that Santi recognised just how important AW was to our club…mind you, isn’t that what all his ex-players say about our most succesful ever Manager.

        stevo, AW didn’t have to tell you anything, you just needed to keep buying your CL tickets, pay for watching fa cup finals and top four celebrations at the end of every season – all achieved, it is alleged, without any defence and multiple amounts of dross players…why would he give his secrets away?

        1. Ah Ken – I was waiting for the reply. Perhaps the 6 months was to try and explain the reason why he was able to buy such dross over the latter years of his tenure of OUR CLUB.
          The list is endless Ken as we all know.
          But I will never forgive OUR CLUB for those T-SHIRTS

  4. Santi was right in saying that MA will have a great career in Arsenal,the early signs look promising.

    And again the main problem i see in the arsenal team is the transition and lack of game reading from several players which i think MA will address in the upcoming games.

    As much as i love the double pivot of xhaka/torreira they should start making passes into the attack more often,ozil often drops deep which i think under the instructions of MA(tbh i think he is one of the few playmakers in the world that gets the ball so often in their own territory than in the final 3rd).

    And MA has to focus on the attacking tactics now,they control the game well and i think they are improving.

    There are 14 games left so 42 points,can make or break hopes….and i am optimistic.


  5. We must be careful with ‘Great Manager’. That ephitet will depend on the Kroenkes constantly giving funds to UPgrade the team/squad. At the moment we have a poor squad and miss creative players like Cazorla, Oxlade Chamberlain, Wilshire, Ramsey etc. We are creatively sterile and our defence are…what our defense are…poor. If we don’t get a decent CB in the window we will skirt the lower reaches of the table. We need to see our squad without veils over our eyes. It’s not that good. Arteta doesn’t have much to play with. C’mon Kroenke…..money, players

    1. Sean, a great manager is one who can keep his squad in the top four, reaching CL knockout stages, win fa cup finals…with the àlbatross of kronkie around his neck!!!

      I believe MA will achieve that status and I hope he becomes the most successful manager we have had at the club, but if we are being fealistic, he has to do it with whatever kronkie decides to give him.

      I’m not sure how kronkie views the spending under UE, the £200,000,000 plus he invested, hasn’t turned out to be the best way of increasing his wealth has it?

      No, Mikel Arteta will have to work under the same cash restraints afforded to the two other permanent manager/coaches that went before him…delving in the bargain basement sales, rather than the elite summer promotions – we all know how haphazard that can be.

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