Mikel Arteta will need as much time as Jurgen Klopp to win a trophy

Mikel Arteta will not turn Arsenal around overnight.

Arsenal has started Mikel Arteta’s reign brightly and the club looks in better shape than they were when the season started.

They are struggling for wins now, but there is a feeling that things can only get better once the wins start to roll in.

There is also the danger of fans beginning to expect too much too soon from the manager and his players.

I believe that we can do great things with Arteta in the next few years, however, he has to be given time.

One thing that would count against Arteta is the fact that this is his first top managerial job. However, I believe that he finds himself in the same situation as Jurgen Klopp found at Liverpool and he should be given the same time to make the necessary changes.

To his credit, Klopp took a poor Liverpool side to two finals in his first season at Anfield, that may not happen under Arteta but he will still need time regardless.

The first reason why I think Arteta needs time is that he inherited a squad that has been poorly managed and like Klopp, will have to oversee the unlearning of some things.

I also believe that Arteta will eventually have to buy top players as Klopp has done recently, success will come to Arsenal, but it is not going to be instant.

Patience in football is a rare commodity these days and those that show patience, as Liverpool did with Klopp, will reap the benefits.

There will be ups and downs, that is the nature of football, it is when the downs happen that the club and fans will be tested but as long as everyone can see that something is starting to happen, however slowly, then hopefully the Spaniard will justify the patience shown in him.

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  1. He will need more time than Klopp because at that time Liverpool did not have high earning underperforming players who could be sold unlike Arsenal..

  2. This squad under Emery made the EL final last season and finished 2 points off third.
    Now Pepe Martinelli Luiz and Tierney have been added.
    Bellerin is back.
    Pablo Mari is to be announced momentarily.
    So this squad is much stronger than last season.
    So EL final and 5th is the minimum requirement by the end of May.

    1. I disagree and believe we had a weaker squad this season. You mention players that arrived but fail to mention the many that left us. Koscielny, Ramsey, Monreal, Welbeck, Iwobi, Mkhi and others. We lost most of our long serving players and in doing so we lost our identity. The majority of players coming into the 1st team squad had no prem experience and many had little or no experience of senior football. None of the new players except one or two youngsters have done well. Players often need time to adapt. It was predictable we would struggle this season. If we reach 55 points it will be a great achievement. Emery had a better more experienced squad last year but after a great start results got worse. He had to go. Arteta is a good choice as manager. Lets see how he progresses over next year or two without ridiculous expectations.

      1. We lost Wellbeck? So? He is useless.
        So was Mkhi so was Iwobi.
        Monreal and Kos were past it.
        Emery got 70 points last term.
        With a stronger team we should get 70 at least.
        Any thing less than EL final is a terrible failure

        1. So Welbeck Iwobi and Mkhitaryan are useless. What about Luiz, Pepe, Tierney and Ceballos? Have they been good? The fact is Luiz has been poor. Even a past it Koscielny is better. Monreal was better last season than Tierney this. Ramsey better than Ceballos. Pepe has been poor value so far. Have players such as Willock and Nelson been better than Mkhitaryan and Iwobi? Not in my opinion. Last seasons squad was stronger. Any team that gets rid of 10 experienced players and replaces them with players who have little or no prem or senior level experience will be weaker. Give Arteta a pre season and let the youngsters grow for a few years and then you can compare.

    2. If it was start of season I would have gone with same expectation actually make it finishing in top 4 but when MA took the job we were in real Sh*t hole n way off from where we should be. So it won’t be realistic and fair if we demand from him what you just suggested. Team is all time low on confidences, we lost a lot of points, we have new manager the club and we are massively struggling with injuries. I suggest at the moment fans should only expect to have our brand of football back n steps in positive direction. N if we win one of the trophies like FA cup or UEFA cup that will be a plus. Be patient my friends.

  3. Unfortunately life or football doesn’t work that way. Making it to the EL final also involves luck. We won’t be the best team in the tournament so it’s unfair to demand that the minimum is we make it to the final. I mean Madrid and Barcelona don’t make to the Champions league final every year. We may lose in the next round or one of the rounds after that. Also remember our poor defence

    In terms of 5th place, that’s more reasonable

  4. One thing the board need to get right to help Arteta, is maximizing player sales, just as Liverpool have.

    In fairly recent times, some of Liverpool’s biggest assets (Suarez, Sterling, Coutinho) were sold for around a total amount of 246 million pounds. Yet with the previous regime of Wenger, and Gazidis (the main players) amongst others, amazingly managed to actually come up with a loss with their biggest assets at the time (Ramsey, Sanchez, and Ozil). That is catastrophic mismanagement! Especially when one considers all the other players will sold for peanuts, or let go for free. Yet Liverpool still managed to get around 20 million for a nobody youngster like Solanke!

    We may have retained one of big assets in Ozil, but at an horrendous financial cost in given his wages (ongoing), and signing on fee in relation to his productivity. We also got Mkhitaryan in a swap deal with Sanchez, but again, another big financial loss given his wages (partly ongoing), and signing on fee in relation to productivity, and the fact he’s no longer even playing for us, yet we’re still paying for some of his wages. Ramsey went for a free. Some may lay the blame of Ramsey’s departure at the feet of the new regime, who do have to take part of the blame, but it was the previous regime that left them in such a difficult position.

    We all hate Kroenke for his lack of investment, and passion for Arsenal, but it wasn’t him costing us hundreds of millions in player sales, which could have been used for reinvestment. Although it was him that didn’t remove those who were messing up. The likes of Raul and Vinai cannot be left to their own devices.

    1. Unfortunately maximising player sales is going to be a tedious task given the high wages that some players are on..Mustafi earns close to 100 million pounds a week…no other club is going to pay those wages for Mustafi…The previous regime is solely responsible for giving those kind of wages and mismanagement of funds at that time and we are still suffering for it…
      Arsenal rebuild cannot truly start until we get rid of these high earning underperforming players…

      1. Francis
        I think you overestimated Mustafi’s wages but I understand your point
        Love Ozil or not his salary affects the whole club’s ability to keep salary levels in line with Arsenal’s financial structure.

      2. Completely agree Francis. I felt it would take a minimum of 3 years from 2018 to get to grips with the problem of moving on many of the current squad on.

  5. Football supporters mirror much about life today – the instant fix, have it now generation. I come from an earlier time when we learned to wait and save.

    I read of discontent with MA already- comparisons with AW / UE and MA has only been in the job 5 or so weeks. The expectation that he will have been a failure if he doesn’t emulate the hapless Emery by finishing 5th and making a European final. Neither 5th or capitulating to Chelsea in EL final is a feather in UE’s cap and it got worse to the point that relegation was likely

    I’m prepared to wait and see and not rush into thinking Arteta is the bees knees or a load of doggie do do. Personally, I do think he will be a success with us. The mood on the pitch says a lot and the spirit at Chelsea was heartening. Wins rather than draws are the order of the day so I’ve got fingers crossed for a positive display tonight

    He absolutely needs to be supported by the board and let’s believe that by the summer that the club is stronger under Arteta and with proper consultation with Edu the right players will join and the slog up the table can begin in earnest next season

    I’d like to think European football is achievable next season but a dose of patience is required for now

    1. And hope we don’t come up against the mighty Shrewsbury Town 😜

      Of course it will take time, we all knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. But did we really expect to see the changes we’ve witnessed so soon? If I’m completely honest, I didn’t… so thumbs up to Mikel…hopefully Mari will be announced later.. more to follow in the summer… the future is bright, now where are my shades?! 😜
      And one last thing…. it’s matchday!! COYG

      1. Well said Sue!
        Liverpool got away with it yesterday. What a great Shrewsbury performance and with Klopp announcing that no first team players will start in the replay then a tie against Shrewsbury is a real possibility

        1. It was bloody brilliant, Sue!! How I laughed when their equaliser went in, just wished Cummings had played from the start!
          Yeah I saw that and I will have everything crossed that night! Come on you Shrews!!!

  6. I believe we will end the season strongly. Right now a cup run and 5th or the least 6th position should be priotised.

    If we can win the FA cup or the Europa League it will be so great an achievement this season. It is a huge possibility. I believe in this squad all we need is the right formation and fight and passion from the boys.

  7. Unfortunately if Arteta insists on sticking with the likes of mustafi and Xhaka then he will bring his own downfall very quickly.
    If he doesn’t realise we have players that are simply not good enough then we will not be moving forward any time soon.

    1. With the current injury list instead how do you envisage the team should look? He can’t pluck the players out of the air or wave a magic wand to have what he wants. This is the point, in my opinion, that patience is required in the same way that Liverpool gave time to Klopp. The board there showed great strength too in recruitment and we have not had the best time of it with those at the top of the Arsenal tree.

  8. From what we have seen so far i have more confidence in Mikel than Mr Emery,so much so that I am willing to be patient and accept that this is going to be a long haul,I am sure Mikel knows what players he wants to keep and although I am a fan of Ozil’s at his best,I believe he needs to be sold due to that huge wage he is on,Mikel came here at a very difficult time,as did Emery but Mikel has managed these players much better and I can see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel.COYG.

    1. Tommogun58, good post and points made.

      As I previously said, no one has said that Ozil’ s reported salary is benefitting the club in any way…but it is what it is and we go forward.

      MA must know what weaknesse he has to address and, if these regular rumours are true, the defence is his target.

      I don’t believe he has any other plans this window and I would be pleasantly surprised if lemar is a realistic target – especially as it would mean the end of Zaha joining the club.

      I still believe that MA will sign at least two players before deadline day and I am also of the opinion that the squad will then be more than capable of performing well in the dog fight for a top four place…if not this season (maybe to far behind) then most certainly next season.

  9. Interesting how the article mentions Klopp several times but omits to also mention his financial backers, Fenway Sports who DO back him and have shown great passion for their club. Contrast that with our owner and then weep! And also be realistic when comparing MA to Klopp, as you need to compare owners too, if you want to give an accurate picture.

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