Mikel Arteta’s 51 game record compared to that of Unai Emery

Mikel Arteta was considered a better manager compared to Unai Emery when the Gunners appointed him.

The former midfielder had no experience managing a senior team before the Gunners made him their latest boss.

He replaced Emery who had led the Gunners to the final of the Europa League and has won trophies in Spain and France.

The Spaniard was at Arsenal for around 18 months when the club decided to end his contract early.

With Arteta, they are looking at a long-term rebuild of the team and there has been ups and downs, but none has seen him get close to being sacked.

Emery had his Arsenal record compared to that of Arteta by The Sun after 51 games and Arteta still has some way to go to catch him.

Most Arsenal fans consider Emery a major flop, but his record betters that of their current boss.

In 51 league games, Emery collected 88 points from 25 wins, 13 draws and 13 losses.

Arteta has managed the Gunners in 49 league matches and has 75 points to his name from 21 wins, 12 draws and 16 losses.

The club will continue to back him, but that decision makes it look like there was an agenda against Emery because they could have also given him more time instead.

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  1. Emery was a flop and he had a far worse squad than Arteta. I dont try to gloss over things, we are underachieving by a huge margin and it is scary the damage that is being done at the moment. Some still say we are in the right hans but how they come to that is confusing.

    1. Absolute rubbish!! Emery scrambled the brains of everybody associated with Arsenal, such that nobody knew which way the club was going. Arteta has had to dismantle that squad and eliminate the old ways of playing; he is now installing new ways that will be much better in the long run but it takes time. It was never about short-term results. Look at Pep at City & Klopp at Liverpool; both went backwards in order to go forwards. The current team’s good performances are way, way better than anything Emery produced. Be patient!

        1. Yours is rubbish, AJ is completely right and anyone who is not biased and can actually use their eyes and brain see this.

          1. Bullsh..t .
            Spot on AJ. Excellent and true comment.
            All the others who don’t see that must be blind or imbeciles .

          2. Emery was actually, OK but that is not the Arsenal way, mind you he came in very experienced. I like elements in our game with Arteta but, he too admittedly recognises that our woes are his fault. On many interviews he has said so. Would I back Emery or Arteta at this moment? The latter, of course only if he manages his temperament well. Young manager’s at any work place always want to stamp out their authority, oftentimes they soon lose respect. For one Gouendozi deserved to be kept and fined massively but not ostricised, same with Torreira. I believe these two are very good squad players.

      1. AJ Pointless preaching sensible patience to these hasty, unseeing, unthinking kids on JA! They have no idea what patience even means, let alone how to get any They were brought up in a world of “I must have what I need and I want it now. ”

        No life experience at all and no clue what it takes to be a REAL supporter. I am with you all the way but you will never persuade those who refuse to be persuaded.

        Best ignore them and leave them to stew in their own juice AJ! I have tried repeatedly but they have closed minds!

        1. So Jon/ I have plenty of life experience, being not too much younger than you. I like to believe I am a real supporter too. I’ve certainly attended far more games than you ever have, not that this is totally relevant of course as you can still support a Football Club irrespective of ever watching then live. So convince me of why exactly I am wrong. What exactly had Arteta done to help you convince me he is the right man for the job and deserves patience, Why exactly is he being given the time he has, failing to progressives as a Club, despite having improved the Squad with SEVEN of his own signings? Emery had a far better record, but was sacked regardless. Why is Arteta still employed when he had given me, and quite a few others who share my opinion, no confidence he is capable of correcting the countless mistakes he continues to make week after week?
          I’m looking forward to your reply.

          1. You don’t understand the difference? Emery completely lost the dressing room. Emery had probably one friend left and he had to leave in a hurry last summer. (Raul)

            Which standing has Arteta among the players and staff? Even George Graham loves him. Unlike our so-called fan base not many people related to Arsenal believes there’s a quick fix to get us back on track, which gives Arteta at least one more year to show us what he’s able to do.

            In addition Arteta arrived to a club in total chaos in December 2019 with very little experience, but this guy know what he is capable of. The pandemic and lock down didn’t make it easy for him and it wasn’t beneficial for him either. We had lots of internal conflicts and obstacles, but now we got some external as well which he couldn’t do anything about.

            In spite of that he managed to make us look like a football team again and win the FA cup in August 2020. Because of the pandemic we had to start the new season three weeks after finishing previous, almost without any break and proper preseason preparations, which obviously would have been beneficial for a relatively new head coach / manager in a struggling club. In spite of that he wins The FA Community Shield against Liverpool late in August 2020. In less than 8 months he have been able two win two trophies, how many did Emery win during is 18 months at the helm?

            In the most complicated season ever we are going to play same number of games in a shorter time span, never happened before, and not particularly beneficial for a struggling club like Arsenal. In addition we got a very challenging game schedule. To be honest I don’t find any reason to sack Arteta. This season would have been very complicated for any Arsenal manager and I’m not sure the outcome would have been significantly better. Due to our standing in December 2019 and to what have been going on afterwards.

            I’m very pleased that we have got rid of much deadwood and negativity from our squad. And I believe next summer will bring more quality to our squad, and I honestly believe next season will be an exciting Arsenal season 🔴⚪️

    2. @Reggie

      Pep, needed time, Klopp and Ferguson need a few years to deliver, yet Arteta not only inherits a horrendous situation, but isn’t allowed any time? He’s had ONE main transfer window, and hasn’t even completed a full season yet!

      The ironic thing about this argument though, is that Arteta has already delivered on some level. Two trophies already, and he’s got rid of a ton of deadwood.

      As I keep stressing, Arteta has made mistakes, and is learning on the job, but there has been zero context from his detractors, not only about the state of our own club, but also about this bizarre season.

      Mourinho and Klopp are far more experienced managers, in easier situations, yet look at their struggles this season.

        1. Didrik P – excellent comment. Glad that AFC have some clever supporters like you and sorry that we have some imbeciles as well.

      1. @TMJW- one of the points you are very keen to state when defending Arteta is how he has improved the team defensively. Any comments on that laughable first 35 minutes yesterday? Or perhaps we just blame Ozil shall we?

        1. @Phil

          If you have been watching Arsenal over the last decade, you wouldn’t even be asking that question. Clearly you must be new to the club, so I will explain.

          Under Wenger, our defense was our weakest area. I lost count the amount of times we got absolutely battered and players completely downed tools under him, which resulted in many, many humiliations, including nearly conceding double figures in just one game!!

          Under Emery we were conceding more shots at our goal than almost any other team in the top 5 leagues across Europe!!

          Pre West Ham, I think 7 out of our previous 13/14 goals conceded were individual errors, not tactical. Our defense has been our strongest area under Arteta, and we hardly give away clear cut chances.

          So maybe you need to watch more of Arsenal, and do some research on our history before trying to debunk real fans!

          1. Oh yes and on Ozil, Arteta and some fans have been proven correct. He has been dreadful for his new club. He can’t even cut it in a farmers league, yet some were begging for him in the Premier League…the toughest league in the world! Just goes to show how little some fans know about football I guess!

          2. So answer the question- you continually spout about how Arteta has improved our defending. Forget how bad we were at it under Emery and Wenger ( although statistically Wenger would disprove this theory) and give me your take on this
            How bad was the defending that cost us a win against Burnley
            Olympiakos toyed with us at times
            A 10 man Spuds run us ragged for 15 minutes
            WHU tore us apart first half.
            Just answer the question PAL. Tell me where the improvement is under Arteta that I am obviously missing

          3. I’ll happily answer your question Phil, although as always, you have taken it out of context. I’m talking about defending overall, not just a few isolated games, but even with the games you have mentioned, there are falsehoods in what you say. So I do have to question whether you even watch Arsenal?

            Under Wenger we had the capability to get absolutely battered, which happened many, many times, and not just against the top sides. That is a fact! 4, 5, 6, even 8 conceded!! Losing 5-1 three times in a row is good defending in your opinion?

            The defending against Burnley was actually really good. You 100% couldn’t have watched the game. Take out the woeful Xhaka incident (which is an individual error, not tactical, thus not Arteta’s fault), and Burnley were reduced to only one clear chance the entire game. Our attack and VAR is why we didn’t win that game, not the defending.

            Olympiakos was a poor performance defensively I admit, although we still had enough chances to win it.

            “A 10 man Spuds run us ragged for 15 minutes”, which is true, but we absolutely dominated them for 75 minutes. So I do not get your point haha! I would take 75 mins of complete control in a big game any day of the week.

            West Ham was poor performance defensively I admit.

            But I couldn’t easily name four games we were spot on defensively, but I prefer to look at the bigger picture.

            Like I said before, clearly you’re new to Arsenal. So i suggest that you do not comment on things you do not know of, or do your research. Watch re runs of Arsenal games under Emery and Wenger (not highlights), and you’ll see how bad we were at defending.

            Defending under Arteta isn’t a problem for me, it’s our finishing that’s costing us post X-mas. We should have beaten Olympiakos, Burnley, and West Ham, if it wasn’t’ for some woeful finishing.

        2. Any team could loose focus especially after an european match with just two days and half to prepare but the positive things we can all see and you’ve decided no to is how they bounced back and forth there way back to at least get a draw. Some would even argue Arsenal deserved the win with the way they played the rest of the match

          1. @TMJW- so it’s only isolated games we are looking at? And why bring up Wenger? It’s Arteta who we are talking about so just stop trying to justify yourself by bringing Wenger in.
            Burnley Away- Drew 1-1. Why? A defensive mistake.
            Spuds after 75 minutes. Could/ perhaps should have conceded more than one. Against 10 men after dominating them with a full team up until that point. Does that not register on your thoughts at all? It does mine. Poor management was the problem. And he did nothing to rectify it.
            Olympiakos? Yeah agreed a very poor all round performance. The result?We lost.
            West Ham ? As bad a defensive display as we ever witnessed under Wenger or Emery if you would care to add to your comparisons, but not the first abysmal showing under Arteta.
            I do watch games, but obviously through a set of eyes that see for myself the simple fact that this Manager has not improved this team as far as a defensive aspect. We lose games against poor sides. We should never do that:Perhaps I have more ambition than you and realise that we are not improving at all under a manager who has,this season, failed to live up to the hype. Will he improve? I’m not sure. The issue is how much more time will he get?

          2. Hahaha! You’re comparing the West Ham game to some of the games like under Emery, and Wenger? Are you kidding? Under Emery we facing upwards of 20 shots on our goal on a lot of occasions. Under Wenger we conceded 8 in one game! Which could have easily been double figures. That was the worst defensive display I have EVER seen from Arsenal, and to our bitter rivals, which made all the more humiliating.

            It is a fact, we haven’t seen defending anywhere near that bad by a million miles under Arteta. Your comments are so factually incorrect, there’s no way you could possible watch Arsenal

        3. chucking Ozil & PALS out of the club is more achieving than winning the EL as that makes the Arsenal a better club for him or any other coach to come. Judge the man next season once he has fully cleared the dross. Btw where are all our loaned/ transferred playing? for top top clubs ? that’s why i have faith in Mikel

          1. Yeah PAL- I’m looking at the EPL and see us in TENTH position. He has been here 16 months.He has improved the squad with SEVEN players that HE BROUGHT to the club.
            So he cleared out the deadwood. All he did was move them on for his own players. And where are we still? TENTH.
            My question to you PAL is just how long do you give Arteta?This season? Next season. How long exactly before someone actually asks the question. “ why is there no improvement?”

      2. TMJW, i deal in facts and facts are we are dropping down the league and supporters of tbis club (some) are inexplicably altering their expectations on a hunch that Arteta is going to be the next Pep. He isnt improving our form, he isnt getting consistency, he isnt playing our youth, he is letting experienced players get away with murder, he is failing to get a style of play with consistency and he is making errors of judgement that is costing this club dearly. When we have no European football and our owner wont bankroll him because of that, i can just hear the kronk call of its the owners fault. No if we dont get European football, it is the managers fault and i dont think that finishing out of the top 6 is excusable at all. Its absolute BS to lay the building process as an excuse for us dropping, when the truth is there isnt any excuse for this seasons failings, except the football we have played and that is down to Arteta. To say he needs time is guessing and nothing else.

        1. As I keep saying Reggie, I agree that ultimately a manager should be judged on results, but it’s still too early.

          And it’s not as if its been a dead situation like under Emery, where there were no positives. So many things have improved under Arteta, which will give him/the next manager a far stronger base to build on, compared to what he inherited.

          Given Liverpool won the league last season, and have fallen so below that standard with their woeful form this year in the league, should Klopp be sacked asap then?

          1. You can’t compare MA and JK. One has a history to back him and the other has what? The notion that MA will be great some day is just purely sentimental and wishful thinking that is not based on facts. Yes, he has a chance to be great but that is true every new manager and we already have 16 months of data to judge him.

          2. @beast mode

            But on the flip side of what you say, how do you know Arteta won’t be great? Yes we have 16 months of data, and I would say pretty good so far, considering what he inherited. He’s won a couple of trophies, but more importantly, he’s been changing the dreadful culture at Arsenal.

            I mentioned Klopp, in regards to how tough the league has been this season. We’re saying our position isn’t good enough, then what about Liverpool’s? And they are the champions! There has to be some acceptance that this a bizarre season surely. Sheff Utd, Spurs, Liverpool, Villa, West Ham….none of it makes sense!

  2. Intact unai Emery has killed the skills game play of Arsenals intact Arsenal was Barcelona of EPL and Emery made EPL teams Mikel Arteta is reforming from worse EPL team to real Arsenal team with that thanks all for given me time to comments

  3. Both men are “tinker men” and tend to prefer negative, counter-attacking football as opposed to direct attacking football.

    I think both of their preferences are opposed to what we have come to associate with Arsenal; direct attacking football. They also like very structured, scripted movement and passing rather than allowing players a bit more freedom and trusting in their strengths and talents.

    We also see where they position players based on what they “think” is best, as opposed to analyzing a players strengths and weaknesses and positioning based on those dynamics.

    For example, Tireney as a LCB, Pepe on the right, Saka on the left and Auba on the right, Laca as a 10, to name a few examples.

    They tend to go with their tactics and THEN put square pegs in round holes, rather than looking at strengths and weaknesses of the players and THEN designing their tactics.

    1. Exactly Durand. It seems they are more into nullifying the opposition rather than taking the game to the opponent. Not saying that they shouldn’t pay attention to the opponents, but having a tactic that is only meant to nullify the opponent disrupts the fluidity of the attack. The other issue with MA is he is very inconsistent with player selection. When Pepe showed some sign of improvement, he was benched the next few games or switched to the wrong side. same with Willian and Laca.

  4. Emery was bad. I believe many Arsenal More Arsenal Fans might have had heart attack during his reign. Opposition team were having 20+ shots against us. Poor strategy. Inshort wartford had 25+ shot against us. Spurs, Saint, Liverpool and many others had like 20+ shots against us. Our style of play was horrible.

  5. After much digging I got the stat of shot faced under Emery
    Newcastle 9
    Burnley 18
    Liverpool 25
    Spurs 13
    Watford 31
    Villa 14
    United 16
    Bournemouth 10
    Sheffield 8
    Palace 10
    Wolves 25
    Leceister 25
    Saints 20
    Arsenal faced more shots than any team in all of Europe top 5 league.
    Arsenal had faced 96 shots this season, more than any other side in the PL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 & the Bundesliga.
    Lolz. Good Riddance

    1. Good work Alex. Emery was a disaster. Arteta is looking very much like the novice he clearly is.
      This is a very good squad of players.Just how exactly has this manager allowed the club to be as low as Tenth in the league? Emery was no doubt the wrong choice, but had a much better success rate than Arteta. So why is Arteta not being made accountable?

  6. Perhaps you should try to compare their last 20 games. Did Emery has to face a pandemic and start his second season without summer-break and proper preseason preparations? How many titles did he win at the helm? In our last 15 league games do we have the following results.: W8, D4, L3 which is top three in the league. We played an awful 35 minutes yesterday, but was able to get back to life and grab one point, I doubt that would have happen during Emery’s tenure. Even after the terrible game yesterday are we conceding less goals pr game than the previous two seasons. Statistics can be used in many ways, and without perspective it can be summed up like the pathetic article above🔴⚪️

  7. Emery inherited a team that was challenging for top 4.
    Can you say the same of Arteta? Of course not.
    Arteta is having to rebuild the club from the ground up, after the mess Emery left it in.
    Emery quickly showed how well Wenger had done to have punched above his weight with that squad.

    1. Make your mind up Chris, one minute the squad Emery inherited was top 4, the next minute wenger was a genius for keeping that squad in the top four because it was so bad. Dont forget wenger didn’t keep the squad that Emery inherited in the top 4. The squad now is far better than Emerys but we are way down the league, speak facts not fiction.

      1. Emery arrived to Arsenal in 2018 when Arsenal dropped out of top four for the first time since 1996. Emery left us in much worse conditions than Arsène Wenger did in May 2018. He even managed to lose his dressing room totally in less than 18 months…

        1. Sorry but factually incorrect. Wenger finished 5th and 6th his last 2 years, hence he was forced to step down. Emery inherited that squad full of deadwood and was tasked with returning to the tip 4.

          I’m no fan of Emery’s, but let’s stick to the facts about the team’s table position when he stepped in.

          1. That’s correct, in 2016/17 Man City became third with 78 points, Liverpool fourth with 76 and Arsenal fifth with 75 points. But it doesn’t change the fact that Emery left us in total chaos…

        2. Although you got slightly muddled you have still got to the point. Arsenal were slipping in the dying embers of AW’s tenure and Emery oversaw a year of two halves culminating in a disastrous closing spell with a final in Baku that we’d all rather forget. It picked up at the start of his second season only to spiral downwards with the players disinterested and not playing for him.

          This is the single most important difference after a similar number of games. Arteta very much has his players playing for him – more so since some of the senior players left in January. I’m not missing them in the slightest and it doesn’t look the rest of the team does either.
          You made really good points in your posts

          1. I have been in love with this club since 1971 and nothing will ever change it. We have gone through much negativity in recent years and I don’t believe there’s a quick fix to our problems. Now we are almost building from zero to get a better foundation and I believe we are doing it the right way. I’m optimistic about our future…

    2. A very big lie Arsen wenger had already play two seasons with out Champions League before Emery. so what are you talking about?

  8. How we overlook the fact that this is rookie time and a 1st year of being manager. Teething problems indeed. But When did we ever past 6-7 years confidently say ” we won’t get spanked or bullied” by top teams? Exactly, even when we mess up, the squad actaully belives they can beat anyone that’s been missing for decade plus. We need a second season to see how Arteta builds in consistency and learns from his mistakes. It will take time

  9. Mikel Arteta was considered a better manager to Unai Emery – because he spoke better English. Period.

    — However😌, I genuinely think we’ll finish in the top 3 in the 22/23 season if Arteta isn’t sacked —

  10. I’d be interested for some of you to read the following professional coaching analysis and tell me if you think it was written about Emery or Arteta:

    He favours the positional approach and tends to combine through short passes. However, his teams are generally focused on the wider areas where they can advance the ball and then send passes into the box. Generally speaking, the Spaniard prefers the 4-2-3-1 formation, but is also not afraid to change things up, also utilising a 4-3-3 that could also look like a 4-1-2-2-1 system as well. This has been both a strength and a weakness of his since he is quite adaptable and will tailor his system to the opposition. But at the same time, he has been criticised for not having a set structure nor a gala XI in place. There are, however, two ways his sides approach the first phase of build-up play: A single pivot dropping deeper or a double pivot helping the centre-back duo bypass the first line of press.

    Good reading…and guessing

      1. eerily similar, yet Unai is more tactically flexible, which I believe logically suggests that he would have gotten more out of our current bunch

        1. TRVL, provided the Board had backed him to discipline the players. We all saw what happened when Emery dropped Ozil, pressure was applied to reinstate him and how Ozil and his “mates” reacted on the playing field, particularly in Baku to undermine him. Player power won out.

  11. West Ham game 3-3 is Arsenal of the last eight years…inconsistent…mistakes..casualness of exhausted players. Why Holding/Soares/Martinelli did not start is unclear. Partey, Auba and Leno have been poor. We have one player in Tierney who is top four in his position in the league..with Saka close. Summer signings need to be quick, technically sound men of steel like a Souca of Westham. Arteta has gone backwards this year..with team not following his orders. November 2021 will be his judgement period. Hope he succeeds.

  12. My question remains “what are the performance criteria and targets set for Arsenal managers?”.
    Terry Neil loses 11 games in a season, sacked.
    Arsene Wenger two seasons outside Champions League places (5th, 6th), semi final of Europa League, sacked.
    Unai Emery 5th place, Europa League final, second season 8th position, lost 3 from 8, away win against Olympiakos in Europa League, sacked.
    Mikel Arteta 8th in EPL, loses home leg against Olympiakos out of Europa League, wins FA Cup and Community shield, second season, loses 11 games in 9th position after 29 games played.
    Where is the consistency?

    1. I am neither for or against Arteta, but you lot need to chill. Context, Patience and realistic expectations would do you lot a world of good. Do we want to start getting rid of our managers every other 6 months because we are not winning as we like. Any manager will need 2 years to implement his style of play with the players they prefer. You all need to leave these social media platforms or circles where you get dissed thus making you impatient. I don’t care about the process but I know the manager need at least two summer windows and a proper pre season

    2. Unai did not win against Olympiakos in the first leg of 2019/2020 Europa league round of 16.
      Get your facts well bro, Arteta took over the team in December so how could Unai win a game in February?

      1. My mistake (we all make them), but what other “facts” do you want to disagree with?
        My points are about lack of consistency of treatment and lack of defined performance criteria and set targets for an Arsenal manager/head coach.

  13. You guys keep going back and forth on this subject but the way I see it, under unai emery we won a number of games but I felt most of them where lucky and the football was boring and players didn’t know what to do half the time so we kept playing sideways and backwards passing and to be honest it never felt like arsenal where getting any better and don’t grind me too much but thats my opinion.
    Under arteta we aren’t doing well but I can see the vision, I know how arsenal are trying to play, I can see arsenal improving and arteta is removing alot of dead weight but he also said it himself that the team he has is far from what he wants. This season arsenal have been let down by experienced players especially in the first half but after the introduction of younger players from that chelsea game you can see that arsenal are playing alot better and most of the goals we conceived came from individual errors and we are 10th in the table because we aren’t consistent. You guys need to understand that pep spent over +400million within two seasons to get the right players and arteta has only been given 80million what do you guys expect? Another thing you guys forget is that some signings won’t work like willian people where angry that arteta signed him but he had a 10 year bpl stint with plenty of trophies and he was free I still feel he was a gamble we had to take. Pep had a number of expensive players who didn’t cut it, nolito, Danilo, bravo and stones who’s only found his form after 3 seasons, arteta needs the right players to find consistency and thats all we need consistency

  14. What was our records against Chelsea, man utd, Liverpool, man city and other top teams in epl during emiry and arteta, the embarrassing result of europa league final against Chelsea is bad,even though they will beat us under arteta not by that margin, can we really name many improved players under him compared to arteta, let’s check those players we loan now compare to Denis suares of his time that he fail to develop

  15. A coach is replaced by another not to repeat the predecessor’s mistake but to correct his mistakes. Arteta had gone from unai mistakes to his own personal mistakes and diplomacy.
    Unai was accessed before his appointment that he can’t speak English fluently, that’s isn’t a criteria , but unai had check and balance, which arteta has free and easy check even if there is any check on his performance. We kept on patching and endure on his process and sat 9th position with Aston Villa having a game at hand.

    We ‘ve gone from bad to worse.
    Kept on fielding the weakest player statistically this season, luiz and auba. Unai had no option than to field players that can deliver , that was why he lost the dressing room base on ozil attitude and still arteta worsen mesut case.

    Klopp was giving a full year and he got to Europa league final in his 1st half season ,tho lost agaunt sevilla’s unai, but wasn’t on 10th position for 3months and still counting just as arsenal. Kloop 2nd season, he got to UCL final , lost against the best ( Madrid) but with all this, there was improvement in his work and as pep’ work too,
    What are the major improvement of arteta to unai’s mistakes ?
    Am not an anti arteta neither I’m in support of unais’ consistent change in tactics every games. But what did we appoint arteta for. We have no fear factor again, Aston villa, west ham , wolves embarrassed us with our senior players and skipper doing nothing.
    He kept on fielding those that are bigger to strive for the club after hitting a mega deal (auba) he’s been our weakness, martinelli has been tested and trustes , a boy who can challenge him in his spot, laca has been sacrificed times without number for him. No captain vibes, no eagerness , no fighting spirit like tierneys’, so what the different BTW unai and arteta statistically, and approach to games, except arteta had / has the backing of the board cos he’s our player and understands / speaks English.

    We are worse in both coaches era. No major improvement whatsoever.

    1. @Joash
      How can you ignore the fact that we got a new head coach / manager three months before the pandemic and lockdown?

      How was the state of our club when Emery arrived and how was it when he left? Emery completely lost his dressing room and left us in chaos. We finished previous season three weeks before this season started. You are totally ignoring the fact that our players and staff almost didn’t got any summer break. You also ignoring that we didn’t have proper preseason preparations. How do you believe weeks after weeks with negativity are influencing their mentality and energy level? You are also ignoring how complicated this season are, same number of games in a shorter time span, which leads to fatigue and injury issues. I know there’s a lot of mental issues as well, because nobody can live in limbo and do their best day after day and pretend life is normal when everything outside your cohort say something different.

      From my point of view it’s not fair to judge Arteta this season, no Arsenal manager have had a more complicated year in modern times, probably not since the 40s and the level of competition have probably never been better. The state of the club was terrible in December 2019 when Arteta arrived. Despite conflicts, internal and external obstacles he has build a better foundation and been able to win two pieces of silverware. The two previous seasons did we let in 1,4 goal / game, now we are letting approximately 1 goal / game. Last 15 games starting with win against Chelsea 26th of December have given us the following results: W8, D4, L3 which is top three in the league.

      Yes, we were awful first 35 minutes against West Ham, but we got back to life and grabbed one point after playing good football last 60 minutes. I have seen many strange Arsenal games letting in lots of goals, but this time we showed a new quality to get get back from a totally lost position, not a typical Arsenal quality. And definitely not a quality we had during Emery’s tenure…

      1. Didrik, many on here have forgotten the run of serious injuries impacting on players available for selection under Emery, including a whole defense. In addition he had no say in the transfers into and out of the squad of players he was expected to coach. This was a ridiculous situation.
        Fairness and equity in treatment.

    2. Klopp first full season he got his team to the Europa league and league cup final which his team lost both right? He also finished 8th on the league table after winning 13 out of 30 league games in charge.
      Arteta few months incharge of Arsenal he won the fa cup right?

      Klopp second season he narrowly finished one point ahead of Arsenal with no European games to play and crashed out of the cup games to teams below Liverpools standard.
      It was in his third season he got to the Uefa champions league final so get your facts well bro

  16. As long as the players keep backing and keeps believing in Arteta, y’all just arguing and chatting nonsense here.
    There must be something the players who talk highly of him and are backing him knows, that you all are blind to.
    So, No matter what any of you has against Arteta is irrelevant. None of you here can know more or better than the players.

    You can compare him to whosoever you like or believe is better than him to draw up your own stupid conclusion that he should be sacked, you are still shanting gibberish as long as he retains the support of his players.

    If his players says he is steering them in the right direction and they are seeing improvements, who are you to say otherwise or have a contrary opinion.


    1. @GPeter
      Totally agree with you, they have been trough a lot and stick with him. What I here from people close the club they are all positive. We were in really bad conditions and it takes time to build something lasting👍

      1. Exactly, they’ve been through the worst of all with him in charge, yet, they are sticking with him.
        The league position, their struggles in games, they are out of the F.A and Carabao cup, the disciplinary actions and publicly making an example of some, even their captain. The Ozil treatment and eventually getting rid of him (Ozil), and so many things have happened under him that’s more than enough for the players to turn against him. Yet, that has not happened.

        There must be something the players know that’s Oblivion to us, for them to trust the process.

        I think I’ll stick with that.

  17. I didn’t like Emery for his Boring playing style and no results … like Arteta game plan , we will soon start winning , when we have the right players in all positions . We were losing our identity under Emery

  18. Arteta has made it so clear to every team out there that attacking from the left with the occasional switch to the right , is not the way Arsenal should only be playing

  19. I hate this idea of comparing coaches in different seasons with different teams. How many points did Klopp collect during the same 51 games under Unai Emery and how many has he so far collected during 49 games under Arteta time??? So many factors can play the role including the level of competition and this is an external factor to which any coach has nothing to do with it.

    1. Spot on! From December 2019 until today have probably been the most challenging Arsenal months since the 50s. Based on the state of the club, their total shake up in all departments, all the conflicts and obstacles and finally the pandemic. Fortunately we are still floating….

  20. It is the trend that matters! Emery was gaining ever less points as his tenure progressed and the team had lost its way.
    You could split his record pre-Europa-final and post.
    A huge difference ensues. With Arteta, the team is more stable, concedes less and plays with an identity. I think Emery is a good coach, but he hit a nadir and had to leave.

    1. Elias, given player power in the modern game, once the players turn on a head coach/manager, his days are numbered. It is less costly in the short term to replace one manager, rather than a number of players. At least the Board backed Mikel Arteta and he was able to instill his form of discipline. Troublesome players are gone and Arteta can work with the players he wants.
      I’m sure Emery is happy to be back at Villarreal in Spain with his ample retirement package from Arsenal.

  21. I have followed Arsenal since 85/86.

    I realise in football the term “face-fits” is true.
    Emery was no-ones first choice after Wenger left. However, he has respectable credentials.
    He got the squad fitter, playing from the back, some players showed improvements including Iwobi and Xhaka. The team regularly won from behind during the 20-game unbeaten run. He had studied his players well which helped with the Arsenal interview according to Ornstein… And probably contributed to his inspired substitutions.
    Unfortunately, the bubble burst with the final few games of the season. CL prize money spurned twice.
    Now Emery had made some dodgy man-management decisions. He failed to get the best out of record signing Pepe. He also failed to organise the defenders into a drilled unit with the rest of the team providing cohesive defensive support. So Emery was rightfully sacked.
    Emery had lost the confidence of the players and fanbase, results were poor, the team did not play as if they knew how to score without Aubameyang.

    Arteta has a “pattern-of-play” Arsenal are harder to break-down, playing from the back still brings individual errors, hopefully, this can be minimised a bit more. However, it is worrying that missing out on Aouar meant that we played with no-one in a No.10 position until the New Year, despite bad result after bad result.
    I expect a new manager to get more out of the players at a club than the old manager. Transfers enhance and hone that success. Therefore I look out for a manager’s use of tactics, formations and training to utilise the strengths and conceal the weaknesses of the most useful players at the club.

    End of next season as a minimum Areta’s Arsenal need to be 3-4 pts off 4th place to keep the fanbase relatively happy. Maybe he can achieve that, but I’m not sure.
    Lacazette probably already sold for knockdown price, Aubameyang at 33yrs, legs and injuries will be a factor. If we buy Odegaard, what other players will we be able to afford? We will probably have to sell, before we can buy (Guendouzi & Torreira again probably knockdown prices). Teams above us will undoubtedly strengthen.

    For me, I think Areta may eventually become a good manager. But he has failing to get the best out of previous star signings; Aubameyang, Pepe, Torreira, Guendouzi and Saliba

    1. …The initial statement of face-fitting applies to Arteta vs Emery;

      Ex-Arsenal player, and Wenger signing no-less

      He played as a No.10

      Arsene DNA seemed to have No.10 players in all the midfield positions

      Worked with Pep; Arsene’s Arsenal were known as Barcelona-lite

      Endorsed by Pep as having a great tactical mind.

      The above has helped Arteta buy some patience, but the FA Cup victory and consistent style of play is whyhe still has his job

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