Mikel Arteta’s confirmed Arsenal team to face Bournemouth – Trossard starts

So Arsenal are having yet another World Cup Final at the Emirates today with the visit of Bournemouth, and I am fully expecting Mikel Arteta to carry on playing his very best team, and right now he has incredibly got a full squad to choose from.

As the Boss said about the team news: “Yes, everybody is fit and available so now it’s a headache to make the right selection. Good headache.”

With that in mind, this is the way I expect to see us line-up today. In goal, David Raya retains his position with confidence despite his howler at Spurs.

In defense, a probable back four includes White, Saliba, Gabriel, and Tomiyasu. The Japan star’s solid performance likely earns him another start. Gabriel and Saliba are a given. I would only expect Timber to get a run out if we have a healthy lead near the end.

The midfield trio may consist of Odegaard, Partey and Rice for extra stability against the in-form Cherries.

But, enough of my idle speculation, it is time for us to see exactly who Arteta has chosen to enable us to keep the pressure on Man City…..

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  1. Have already buckled my seat belt, and would give anything for another classic as in the last fixture

    1. One thing for sure, if push comes to shove, the sixth goal won’t be scored in an empty stadium

  2. Unlike the Blues and Spuds, the Cherries would most likely park the bus to wait for a smashing time

    It’d be interesting to see whether the Gunners have improved their creativity or not, when playing against such cagey and ultra-defensive team

    Hopefully we’ll see another set-piece magic and Wolves’ victory or draw against Man Sheikhy

    1. Gai, It is a must win for Arsenal. Even if Cherries park the bus our Boys have learned to win in various ways.
      Realistically it’s a win for City because Wolves aren’t inform and they are less effective without Pedro Neto. But then anything can happen in football.

  3. Congratulations to David Raya on winning the Golden Glove. He has kept 14 clean sheets this season. His nearest challenger was Pickford of Everton but by letting a goal against Luton yesterday, the most Pickford can do is to equal Raya. No doubt, Raya winning the Golden Glove is also a tribute to our strong defence which has been exceptional this season.

  4. Not gonna be an easy match as Bournemouth are one of the most in form team. My biggest fear is City dropping pts then trashing spurs to beat us on goal diff.

  5. I hope when when get partey replacement, we get someone solid and technical. The no 4 role is far too important to ignore these days

  6. Fantastic line up, now let’s show it on the pitch and bag the much needed 3 points. Could also like to appreciate the medical team , it’s been a better and lesser injury list throughout the season.

    1. The studs up tackle on Saka’s knee? I thought that should have been at least a yellow. In days gone by Xhaka would have seen a straight red for that!

  7. This is the type of match that needs Jesus

    Someone that can work in tight spaces

    Just like he did against Bayern

  8. We need to score asap
    Slowly and gradually pressure will increase on us if we are not scoring

      1. Yes but I believe Havertz initiated the contact by dragging trailing leg
        Nevertheless I won’t mind these kinds of goals at this stage of campaign

      2. Contact was from Havertz moving his leg to get the contact. Happy for the goal but that is going to make a lot of noise.

  9. We needed that after all the possession
    A shame that there was a suggestion that KH was the master of the dark art of cheating

  10. The big German starts this one with a bang, was a little surprised he didn’t get up and take it himself

  11. Bournemouth miraculously blocked our shots. Christie should’ve gotten a red card, at least a yellow one

    Havertz’s off-the-ball movements were great

  12. How that was not referred to the screen only VAR officials know. Hope this won’t affect in future games. Clear dive by Kai.

    1. What? He did go down easily, but there was a clear contact and a very obvious penalty.

        1. It was an attempted sliding tackle, in that case, almost every contact made before touching the ball is a foul.

    2. It’s not a dive. It’s just being clever to get contact. A dive is when there is no contact at all

  13. Rice has been terrific today
    So many times he has won the ball for us
    His defensive capability is amazing

  14. Bournemouth have started play now
    We are not dominating the way we were
    I hope we will score 2nd goal before Bournemouth scores, If they gonna

  15. Thus referee is giv8out yellow cards like confetti to us, seems like they have to butcher us for him to give one to them.

      1. That’s why arteta loves him football intelligence off the chart. Same reason he loved xhaka.

      2. Over the course of the season, my opinion has completely changed about Havertz. What a brilliant performance today and improving game by game ❤️🤍

  16. Trossard always popping up with a goal nowadays. Not a good game but so effective.

        1. It looks light but as someone who been a keeper even a light nudge or push just when you’re about to go airborne can destabilise. Correct decision.

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