Mikel Arteta’s man-management is key to Arsenal rising up the table

Mikel Arteta has got the players responding positively and a major reason is his man-management skills.

Arsenal is playing far better now than they have for a long time ever since Mikel Arteta became the club’s new permanent manager.

The Spaniard has improved the mood around the club and credit also has to go to him for the renewed hunger in the players.

I believe that Arsenal have made the right decision to name Arteta as their new boss and I am excited about the changes that he will bring.

It seems to me that the key to the new spirit around the Emirates is the personal relationship between Arteta and his players.

When I reminisce on Mesut Ozil’s performance against Manchester United, I am even more impressed by how he was willing to run for the entire duration of the game.

This was the same Ozil who was too lazy to put in a proper shift for Unai Emery and even Freddie Ljungberg.

Arteta may have been at the helm for only a matter of weeks but it is obvious that the Spaniard has great man-management skills.

He is also set to persuade Granit Xhaka to remain at the Emirates and that will be another major event that we can attribute to his man-management.

When you have a great individual relationship with your players, that makes it easier for them to follow your instruction and want to give that extra for you.

This is not a knee jerk reaction to a solitary win but a reflection of the improvement in attitudes in three consecutive games.

You really do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the difference that Arteta has already made from the very same players that were so lacklustre under previous managers.

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  1. Arteta has brought a unifying spirit that we have lacked at the emirates, may the almighty GOD BLESS ARTETA.

  2. JJ Pawn says:

    “This was the same Ozil who was too lazy to put in a proper shift for Unai Emery and even Freddie Ljungberg.”

    What a pathetic attack on Ozil.

    Think a bit, before writing. Would run when the game plan is, well, stupid? Ozil told Emery to his face that he is not coach.

    Arteta has Ozil’s respect, so Ozil’s willingness to work in a system that can work. Ozil is the key to Arsenal in the short term, and you “fans” writing about our team better understand this quickly.

    It is not only Ozil who is working well. All the senior players are working better with a proper set of goals and a proper plan.

    Even the back line is showing creativity that was not allowed Emery.

    Emery’s biggest problem was his ego. He cannot manage big names. Those Arsenal supporters who liked him we blinded by their hate for Wenger. Wenger’s influence on Arteta is obvious. That is why Pep picked up Arteta and that is why Wenger wanted Arteta back.

    That said, we are going to struggle to get to the top six. The EPL is heavily influenced by the L’pool style and it poses a challenge to the type of game Wenger played and which Arteta has the DNA for.

    We need to mix some of the tactics that work with a fresh approach. That will come. I am hopeful that Arteta has recognized the importance of an aerial attack. But, we need FWDs with more aerial capability. Most of all we need a better CD who can impose himself on FWDs of other teams.

    1. Glorious says:

      @ JJ Pawn,

      What is wrong in saying that Ozil didn’t put a good performance during Emery and Lungberg reigns, he was actually lazy, there is no need for argument. Mikel Artetar will one day adopt the 4-3-3 system when he has his own players or existing players in the team that can play this pattern, l am not sure that Ozil will be around then

    2. Chuxzzy1 says:

      Ozil told Emery to his face that he is not a coach..@JJ pawn, ozil generally is a spoilt guy i mean players are meant to respect their coaches no matter what..so now for the fact that auba was scoring and putting in a shift under UE, Does it make auba a fool No but he just had to do his work..that is what i was expecting from ozil
      My point is ozil plays when he wants to which is bad..who says tomorrow this rejuvinated ozil won’t start misbehaving again under Arteta

  3. Viju Jacob says:

    The best managers believe that football is played as much inside the head as on the pitch. The moment a manager has got his players’ ears and attention the game on the pitch improves. Simple management philosophy that guys like Emery doesn’t understand.

    1. jon fox says:

      Do you not accept though that Emerys key problem was lack of English. How CAN players understnd when a man does not speak English. He had a decent CV prior to coming here, so I think that , yes, he certainly failed but proper analysis of the reason would lead you to a more considered reason.

      1. Andrew Elder says:

        I agree Jon, but I would also add his lack of man management both here and at PSG was a factor.

        Remember Poch needed an interpreter when he joined the Spuds yet he was probably one of their best managers.

      2. Viju Jacob says:

        Jon, language issue was secondary. Emery’s man management skills were highly suspect, vis-a-vis big players in big clubs. He just couldn’t get the players going.

  4. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Just 3 games under artera there are signs of much improvement..one thing is certain now and that is we are on the right track..am still positive of a champions league spot either by PL or EL

  5. Kenya 001 says:

    I have seen enough in 3 games under arteta than what I saw in 1and half years under unai,the intensity,the fight,work rate ooh boy torreira is massive to even think he never started games under unai just baffles!! Than man u win will be the turning point for a good run.

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