Mikel has done something special in bringing the Arsenal fanbase back together


Like most other Gooners, I am really excited about our new coach and his way of coaching the players he inherited.

Not only that, we are seeing the reward of his methods by the commitment of said players as they sign long term contracts, despite the rumours that clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and City, amongst others, were keeping a close eye on our younger players and their contract negotiations.

On top of that, we have seen wins against clubs higher than us and, joy of joys, at their grounds, progressing to the FA cup semi-final in the process and climbing up the league table.

All fantastic news and, yet, there is another undercurrent that I sense starting to return at our club, something that has been missing for at least four years…and that is our fanbase beginning to act like they are together, under Mikel, in a big way.

Not only do I like reading and comparing the different views on many of The Arsenal independent websites, but I also feel the need to defend or attack some of the articles that, in my opinion, are wrong, including views that I feel are out of order… and I am also attacked for the views I have, which are sometimes in the minority, as I readily admit… life would be boring if we agreed all of the time!!!

But, apart from two subjects*, there is much more agreement on where the club is heading, the players contributions, and the tactics that MA uses as he coaches the team.

I don’t intend to comment on the two subjects here, but I will highlight them as being Mesut Ozil and Arsene Wenger’s contribution/timing of his departure.*

For a site such as JA, we have different viewpoints on many subjects, but these are now being given in such a positive way, even when they differ from another person’s, and I believe this is down to MA’s involvement with the supporters.

Of course, having something to be proud of, such as Mikel’s transformation of our club, will bring out positive articles and/or views, but that was not the case in UE’s reign, or the last year(s) of AW stewardship.

UE went over twenty games undefeated and took us to a European cup final, but there was a real division as to what he was doing in nearly every aspect, from coaching, tactics, man management and his ability to communicate (this one I have every sympathy with), while relegation became a serious possibility.

AW was like a red flag to a bull, regarding the players he left, the players he bought, when he should have left, how he left; all guaranteed to split the fan base every time it came up for discussion…and discussed when it didn’t as well!!!

Now we have a coach, in the real sense of the word, who communicates with such clarity and authority, who keeps the fans on board when discussing players and what he wants, is not afraid to tell those above him what he wants and expects and, finally, comes across as a thoroughly decent and knowledgeable individual.

He loves the club, is honoured to represent it, respects the players, tells them what is required…but also loves, honours and respects us, the supporters of this great club… and we have responded in swathes of support for him and what he represents and wants.

We, the fans, in my opinion, are now seen as a part of the plan going forward by MA and we have responded in such a positive way. He has first-hand knowledge, as a player, of what a united fanbase brings to The Emirates and he wants it back!!

No longer is there the toxicity around the club, no longer are there players throwing their dummy out of the pram, no longer the need for MA to ask players to select a captain, no need for fans to worry about relegation issues, rather we are contemplating another FA cup final and a top six finish at least!!!

There will ALWAYS be differences of opinions, that is the nature of the beast called The Arsenal, but we can now see and believe that Mikel Arteta is the man to take us back to the level our club have drifted away from these last few years.

For me, I see these early days of Mikel, akin to the early days of Arsene… excitement aplenty, players wanting to play for the man, tactics that work and, finally, a fanbase that is united and willing to support his every decision – this is Mikel’s time and he has brought the supporters along with him – GRACIAS MIKEL!!!!!



  1. OT
    Saw this crazy fact,
    “Last time Granit Xhaka finished 90mins and was defeated was on December 5,2019. The last time Arsenal won without Xhaka was on August 17,2019”

    And people question his importance to the team,not a fan but if the manager sees something in him its because of a reason.

    Trust MA

    1. Talk about twisting to suit. How many games did we lose where he started and was subbed while we were losing. What about the stat where the player that has made the most individual errors that have led to goals in the prem was xhaka. What about other players stats when we have won or lost. Stats are there to suit.

      1. “Dont let the past blackmail the present and ruin a beautiful future”
        Saw this somewhere.

        Suits Xhaka,he is playing well under MA and we are undefeated when he plays in the PL…He is not the most technical or versatile player but MA sees him as one of the most important players and he has a point doesnt he…🙄

        And i know that football is not all about stats but this is a fact

        1. Lets all hope xhaka keeps his stats up tonight, if he starts and finishes the game and we win, regardless of how he plays. The win is the only Stat that matters.

  2. 👍 Nice one, Ken!! We’re certainly heading in the right direction.. he’s ruthless… he knows exactly what he wants… he won’t stand for any crap.. sorted!
    The future is looking bright – now where’s my shades!! COYG

  3. If you only we had employed Arteta at the start of the season ,what a difference he might have made .
    What we are seeing now from this side is a more compact feel ,players helping each other out and that is now showing in the defensive side of our game ,he has players that was deemed shite now playing above what most thought was impossible.
    Still think there is a massive way to go but he has us heading in the right direction which is all we can ask ,just hope the doom merchants don’t start poking there heads back out their holes when we lose a couple of games .

    1. @ Dan kit they will come out as soon as we lose a game,it is sad,very sad indeed!the fact that these people call themselves fans when they wish for our team to lose just so they can tell us how right they are is beyond me to unless I am missing something??

      1. I agree Siamois
        Lots were laying into Arteta and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again
        The assistant or rookie – so not enough experience. It even matters to some that he wasn’t the most talented player!
        I hope those people have to pipe down for quite some time. Positivity please

  4. People have a short memory,when MA came in the club was in shambles,so much toxicity,fans base divided, players underperforming,lost…I could go on,I am not getting carried away but it is time that he was given credit for the turn around, still early days but the signs are good,keeping hold of players on long term contracts,results, players buying into MA vision/plan..all this in 6 months and the same squad,this is only the beginning and really can’t wait for next season,amusing fact MA said in a recent interview that he issues instructions in french and spanish so the opposition can’t understand them! lastly talking about “fans” I am certain that some are just waiting for our next loss to come out and tell everyone we told you so but I hope the majority will stick up for MA and the players as long as we keep seeing improvements hunger,desire,sweat…like Eddie says#believe in the process!COYG

        1. Life long Arsenal fan, that’s a good start,we need people who really want to be at the club!

  5. Not trying to be a raincloud but just 2 weeks ago we had a fast-growing Arteta Out brigade calling for his head. Not sure the fanbase is fully behind him but if we finish the season with that FA Cup trophy I think we shall all be convinced 🙂

    1. QD, not sure about a “fast growing Arteta out brigade”, to me it seemed the usual doom and gloom merchants, who see negativity with everything the club does, who were questioning Arteta.

      How anyone can judge MA, after coming in and following UE, plus the corona virus interlude and seven injuries is beyond me.

  6. OT:I read this morning that Guendouzy hasn’t been near the first team since the Brighton game,no training with them…is it the end of the road for him at Arsenal or is MA rightfully showing him that the way back to the first team is still open but not that easy?I said rightfully because banning a player for only a week is pointless especially with the young ones !Matteo needs time to think seriously about everything and realise that he is not indispensable ,a point reinforced by the team winning without him!

    1. Looks like he’s on his way out ,if the reports are true ,for me won’t be missed but I know some fans rated him ,if Arteta can get funds off his sale then I’m all for it ,or maybe a swap deal which everyone keeps bringing up ,so maybe there is some truth in that also ,fingers crossed

      1. Truth being told I was one of them fans who had high hopes for him,but then again like you said if we can get good money for him or if he is used to get a player like Partey I’d easily get over it!I read somewhere that his market value was around 60M,if true we could do with that kind of money big time!Partey and a new LB to replace Kola if we were to sell him!

  7. People have valid reasons not to trust the board but this time around is different,I think they have seen and realised that MA is the man to take us forward only if he is properly backed by the board and if they don’t everybody will blame them and not MA and bring back the heat ,the fans anger on them the last thing they want but then again I could be wrong!

  8. Fans I’m afraid tend to be fickle, particularly the younger generation who have little appreciation of the real difficulties inherited by MA both on and off the pitch.Their solution is to submit a list of highly priced ,established, players on the assumption that a Club like Arsenal should be in a position hoover them up, with the offer of huge wages .They tend to forget that our Club is owned by a man who has decreed that we only spend what we earn ,unlike Clubs such as Man City and Chelsea.In essence , financially, we simply cannot compete with these Clubs and therefore we can no longer buy ” finished articles” but are obliged to forage for up and coming ,talented youngsters.If fans would just accept,like me and others of my generation,the reality of the situation, the would hopefully get fully behind MA and give him the support he needs.Matches against Leicester,Spurs and Liverpool will be difficult, and any fan who thinks we can win all three with our current squad is deluding themselves.I would be delighted to take six points from these matches but I would not be calling for the head of MA if we fail to do so.As Ken has alluded to in his article ,the players have bought into the demands made by our Manager and win or lose, those selected are all giving 100%.

    1. True,some fans should forget about players like koulibaly 70M but I believe Partey is a realistic one also they don’t realise how difficult it is to get rid of what some call “deawood” that would free up spaces and money(wages and fees),this should be our top priority because as you said we can only spend what we earn, that’s why we should try everything to move them on ,meaning even accepting small fees for certain players,loaning them out again anything I am that desperate!

      1. Siamois, but the point is, what deadwood are you talking about?
        We are so used to fans belittling our players, that it is now accepted by some, that we have to rebuild the entire squad, apart from Auba and two keepers.

        Mikel has stood this opinion on its head, by improving his inherited squad of “dross players” to the point where most of us can now see a brighter future.

        As Grandad has said, patience and a reality check from some of the fans, wouldn’t go amiss, but MA is, in my opinion, the man who will take this so called dross group of players, improve them 100% and bring in the type of player required to replace those he doesn’t want… meanwhile communicating to the fans, why and what he is doing.

        Just a little suggestion, check out our “terrible defenders” goals conceded, to a couple of the teams above us and then realise that we have gone four games and conceded just one goal – for a group of so called useless defenders, that’s not bad!?!?

  9. MA will be ultimately judged on where we finish in the league, this season and beyond, not perception. Things are better than they were that is for sure. Nothing has actually been achieved until he actually achieves something concrete. It all looks better at the moment but in truth it was so bad, that it should be. He is a rookie and he is learning but success woll be when he wins something and gets is back to where we think we should be.

  10. I disagree Reggie,the situation was so bad that even experienced managers didn’t want the job because they knew that with the resources available at the time they wouldn’t be able to turn things around,as MA should be judged on where we finish at the end of season sorry it doesn’t make sense, he should be judged on the results since he took over which by the way so far would put us behind only Liverpool and Man City,how can he be responsible for the results of UE and Lungberg?could you explain it to me?also like it or not he’s turned things around on and off the pitch in a short space of time that includes taking over at the busiest of time and a pandemic all with the same squad bar 2 players ,once again I think it is ludicrous the guy hasn’t even had one summer transfers window???

    1. its your opinion experienced managers didn’t want the job, not fact. Ancelloti wanted it 100% we chose Arteta. I dont know who else wanted it or turned us down but your statement is wrong.

  11. Reggie ,I think you are correct in that Ancelloti wanted the Arsenal job, however after watching Everton on a number of occasions this season, including the match against Spurs last night,I am glad they decided to go with a young aspiring Manager rather than someone who has been round the block and is on the way down.Ancelloti has been a very successful Manager in his day, but his day is gone.

    1. Not disagreeing with you Grandad at all, i was just challenging a statement made in a previous post. I personally think/thought Ancelloti has his best days behind him but a top top manager in the past and i would not be surprised if he improved Everton.

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