“Mikel is helping me a lot” Midfielder praises Arteta

Thomas Partey has praised Mikel Arteta for the impact the manager has had on his game.

The Ghanaian joined the Gunners in the summer from Atletico Madrid as Arsenal sought to bring more quality to their team.

Having spent the last few years as one of the best players in Europe while playing for Atletico, it would have been understood if Partey didn’t have too much more to learn.

But the Ghanaian seems to be a humble player who is open to learning, and he has just revealed that he is adding new knowledge from Arteta.

He claimed that he played in a similar position at Atletico, but the system isn’t the same with the one at the Emirates.

Adding that the new style of marking he is learning from Arteta is “amazing”.

Partey, 27, told Stadium Astro: “Mikel is helping me a lot. At Atletico, I played in a similar position.

“The system is not the same back there, you have to be well positioned to be able to go around your marker, and here Mikel is helping a lot because I remember

“You don’t have to be in the same line and opposite the defender.

“You have time to be able to do whatever you want and this is amazing.

“It’s just as important, you need to keep it in mind and whenever your teammates have the ball, you know who you are in line with, who you are not in line with and this is helping me a lot.”

Partey has struggled with injuries in his first season at the club, but his qualities are obvious to see and Arsenal will be keen for him to maintain a good level of fitness in this second half of the campaign.

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    1. Sue you have all the information 😁 speaking of Leeds it doesn’t look like Bielsa will ever speak in English although he does seem to understand it.

        1. Haha unless the entire Leeds squad understand Spanish that’s the only the way they can do it 😆 watching Leeds they have to be the most unpredictable team I’ve seen, they can win 5-0 one week and lose 9-4 the next 😂😂 not sure I could withstand that sort of football lol

        2. “barking ” Sue? That little ineffectual but loyal translator would be more likely to lick him and then wag his tail!

  1. Partey is a very good player and I am glad he is here. But with the benefit of hindsight, did we make a mistake spending so much on one player when we could have had two other midfielders for the same price? Just a point to ponder for the future.

    1. I hope its the bad porous leads that shows up. We can bash them real good. But doesn’t expect then to roll over. They are coming for us like hounds! Sue and Kev, I think Beilsa can speak English but that man is just damn entertaining!

  2. Partey needs to work on his movement off the ball. How many times we saw our right center back and right back bypass him because he didn’t make himself available to receive a pass? Just compare him to Xhaka, for all his shortcomings, he always makes himself available to receive the ball from his teammates

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