Mikel is right to warn the Arsenal players ahead of “difficult test”

Mikel Arteta strangely had his pre-match conference ahead of Arsenal v Sheffield United on a Wednesday for a change, which seems a little premature to me, but at least he always comes across as articulate and intelligent, something that not all Spanish coaches are able to pull off.

There is no doubt this is a very serious test for the Gunners, especially without Aubameyang who normally scores all our goals. Sheffield did lose away to Man City and Liverpool recently, but that is the only two away games they have lost so far. They are very hard to beat and Mikel Arteta is very aware of it. “I’ve been very impressed.” Arteta told Arsenal.com.

“I’ve seen a lot of games and everything is prepared. Everything they do has a real sense, they are really difficult to break down. The solidarity in their team is incredible, how hard they work for each other and they have very clear principles – in attack and in defence, restarts of play, set-pieces – with what they want to do. So it will be a very difficult test. I already warned the players today.”

That sounds exactly like the mentality that Arteta wants to instil in the Arsenal squad, and he is certain that this resilience comes from the Blades manager Chris Wilding: “The work he’s done is phenomenal and he’s done some special things as well with some movements and characteristics of how he moves his team around, and the demands that he puts on his players. What I like about a manager is when I see a team and they are a real team that fights for every single ball with their attitude and behaviour, as well as their intentions for what they want to do every time. It’s very clear what he’s trying to do, so I have big admiration for him.”

So this will be a very big test for Arteta as well as the players. Is it possible that he can get Arsenal to that level in just the few weeks he has been in charge?

We will find out tomorrow, won’t we?


  1. Very intelligent from Arteta. A thinking coach with a thinking cap over him. Arsenal players must also work hard for each other as SHU players do. Also I think with this type of approach and attitude Arteta is instilling preparation and belief in the players and also asking of them to look at the opposition strengths and weaknesses. It would be a great thing for Arteta and the lads if they give a solid performance and victory to the Gunners, because SHU is above us and a direct rival for the EUL position(unfortunately the CL is not for grabs for us this season). Defeating SHU can give us the momentum required for the remaining matches.

    1. Yep CL is up for grabs if we win the EL.
      But heed this warning Olympiacos are on fire right now
      and are like Liverpool unbeaten this term.

  2. Every manager “warns” his team before every game about the
    “world class” opponent they are about to face.
    No doubt Wilder will be “warning” his team about the genius Arsenal manager
    Pepe Lacazette and Martinelli who have scored 300 goals between them already this season.
    And the Emirates crowd is larger and louder than the Bernabeu and the Nou Camp combined 🙂

  3. If Arsenal can’t win against a mid-table team like Sheffield United at home, Arteta would have to replace the senior attackers in his front four with the young guns

    1. Arsenal must win Shefield United at Emirate. We narrowly lost by 1:0 to them on the road last year. This is the time to prove that other strikers are no “fluke” in the absence of Auba. If they perform otherwise the, Arteta must enter market.

    2. In my Opinion this is not the most serious test at the Emirate for Arteta but Chelsea and Man United game.In both games we did well and was unfortunate with Chelsea game. Other players in the absense of Auba won against Leeds. This game can’t be tougher than Leeds game. I think our strikers would be out to convince the coach of their capacity.
      I am looking forward to the game and I see a narrow win Bcos we have not been banging many goals lately.

  4. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since the words Arteta spoke about Sheffield United, have been applicable to Arsenal.
    Given the relative positions of the two teams in the table, this game will be a real test.

  5. Firstly Arteta is showing that he is real coach and I hope he gets enough input into acquiring the players HE wants. As supporters we watch the Arsenal drama, and rightfully comment on it, whether it’s the morals and ethics of our owners (it’s all online), or the capabilities of our board and management. We all know the present squad is not as good as it should be and our league position is precarious (and tells the truth). Because Arteta will not get the financial backing this winter he must work on survival and giving opportunities to many of our young players to grow. The summer window will show the reality of not just the Kroenke’s desire, passion and pocket, but the capability of the club management structure. I hope we haven’t gone from having a manager like Wenger who had total control, to placing Arteta purely as a coach who is having players chosen by the management. Let’s hope Arteta is given the opportunity to build HIS team with the help of Edu.

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