Mills names the three things Arsenal ‘need’ to close in on the Champions League places

Danny Mills has praised the signing of Ben White, but insists that Arsenal will need to get three things right before they can close to return to the Champions League.

The Gunners have been moving quickly so far this summer, bringing in young and exciting back-up options at left-back and in central midfield, as well as signing the impressive Ben White from Brighton, who is expected to have a major impact in our first-team.

Danny Mills has moved to praise the work of our club in the current window, admitting that he was shocked that we we were not challenged for his signature by ‘more successful’ teams for his signature, before naming three things we will need before we can challenge for the Champions League places.

“I still think it’s a long way to go for Arsenal,” Mills told the Football Insider.

“He’s an outstanding player, I’ve said it many times. He’s a fantastic defender who is very, very good on the ball. He’s now got himself in the England squad.

“If he’s fit, he plays for Arsenal week in, week out. Without a doubt.

“I’m a little bit surprised clubs who have been a bit more successful in recent years did not come in for him because I think he’s that good.

“What’s he going to win with Arsenal in the next three years? Maybe a cup. Are they going to get into the Champions League in the next three years? I don’t think so. Maybe in that third year but it will be tough and I don’t see it happening immediately.

“I still think Arsenal have got a long way to go. They just need to get their consistency right. Work out who their best starting XI is. Get Aubameyang back firing.

“The pieces seem to be there but they just haven’t managed to put their pieces together.”

Could Arsenal’s lack of European football this season not give us an upper hand in our bid to return to the Champions League places this term?


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    1. OR

      “Can we get our consistency right for the entire season?”

      “Can we work out our best starting XI in time for the start of the season?”

      “Can we get Auba back firing or backfiring for the season?”

  1. If we did two to three signing of James Madison, Lautaro Martinez and Ramsdale. We will fight for Premier league this summer we can won it.

    1. I doubt, all their good work will be undone by the likes of Elneny, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Bellerin when they play. Add Leno to that list if he still a gunner end of August. You just saw silly mistakes by Elneny and Bellerin in preseason. Missed chances by Auba and Laca too.This is the preface of our story book of errors this season. We need 7 more Ben Whites in all other areas.(except Tierney,ESR and Saka). Not going to happen as the dross will not be moved out. Top ten maximum is what we can achieve.

    2. So what you are saying is…MA is a cheque book manager that needs to purchase really good players instead of coaching? I agree!

      The fact is 3 years ago our squad was actually worse than it is now and we were doing better.

      1. @ Martineli
        you forgot that others teams has already upgraded their teams also..So any manager that upgrade his team is now a cheque book Manager in your own logic

        1. Can you please list the teams and the players signed by those teams that have already upgraded in this summer transfer window?

    1. That would be THE DREAM
      Then sell Laca and Willock with a buy-back
      Don’t wake me from this dream please.

  2. With consistency comes confidence. That is what we need. He’s right about getting Auba back firing. Without getting the right players in though it’s going to be tough to get that consistency because every time we have bad moments and bad results you can see that confidence drop very quickly. And we all know how that turned out over the recent seasons.

  3. Even with only a domestic schedule we don’t have the quality to challenge for top 4.

    We’re miles behind City, way behind Utd, and not close to Liverpool or Chelsea. Not to mention City, Liverpool, and Chelsea have proven managers with winner’s resumes.

    I think Leicester have a better team and manager than we do; not hating on our club just discussing reality.

    So far our tactics have not changed from last year, still repeating avoidable mistakes, and so far only White is a starting addition.

    We still have the same woeful midfield, and until that undergoes an evolutionary change, even top 6 looks unlikely.

    It will take investment from Kronke and Arteta to progress away from his negative tactics to have a chance.

    Otherwise top 6 will be our new top 4, and our war cry will be “trust the process” and “be patient, wait until next year.”

    1. our “process” is starting to look eerily similar to the failed endeavors of teams like the 76ers and the Rockets, minus the “tanking”, I guess…I so wish clearer heads had prevailed in the days following our fortuitous FA run…there’s no doubt that this had earned him some much-needed cred with a considerable number of logically skeptical members from within the fanbase, thereby affording him the perfect opportunity to embark on the more arduous but vitally necessary “rebuild”…unfortunately, he couldn’t seem to ignore the oft-times overzealous headlines that invariably come when success comes ahead of schedule…as such, he mistakenly opted for the seemingly more expedient “retool” option…by deviating from the original plan, at the very least, a year was functionally lost…what makes matters worse, it’s even more difficult to make those tough decisions now that you’ve undoubtedly shortened the once lengthy leash and the fanbase is exceedingly more restless

  4. It’s not all about buying a midfielder! Look for a midfielder who will be like Patrick Viera those days in arsenal and Roy kean of Man Utd. A midfielder who is outspoken and strong. A midfielder who can correct your mistake in the field of play. If Arsenal want to get back to BIG4 again, go for strong and fearless outspoken midfielder not minding the price.

    1. We already have such a midfielder. Sadly, he was TOO OUTSPOKEN, owing to certain undesirable circumstances created by a bunch of miscreants.

  5. Three things?…I think it will take at least three years to get back to the Champions league if we don’t change the way we operate as a club.

    As far as White is concerned, I am not expecting any miracles; I refuse to drink the White cool-aid. Ben White will need at least half a season (20 games) at least, to learn the playing styles of our keeper, defenders, midfielders – the entire squad.

    There’s going to be heavy pressure on everyone for results, very early.

  6. Have we played terribly for half the season? Yes
    Did we improve after Christmas ? Yes
    Still we finish only 6 pts behind 4th place with our best striker shooting blanks for most of the season. Getting auba to a relatively good form alone will give us 6-9 pts. Other teams will improve so we must also improve in all areas to compete with them.

    1. It does seem like our obvious improvement in the second half of last season is often overlooked.

  7. I don’t mind the way Arteta wants to play and I believe he can get his squad to play in his way.

    I am more worried about his team selection and his interpretation of the skill level of his players.

    I am not 100% sure that the best starting 11 in his mind are in fact our best starting 11. Nor am I convinced he won’t continue to tinker all season long despite us only having the PL to focus on and thus not needing to rotate players to rest them as a result of too many games.

    I know Elneney might be a good workhorse to have in the squad but as long as he is in our starting 11 (like against Chelsea) we are unlikely to boss the midfield IMO. Elneny is backup material. Bissouma!!!!!!!

  8. I don’t understand how MA who spent time at City with Pep doesn’t realise the importance of having at least 1 proper DM surely he knows how important a player like Fernandinho is?

        1. Nothing wrong in keeping faith in a player as long as the manager can back his faith with the right tactics, to get the best out of the player whom he trusts, to benefit the team.

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