Mind games? Arteta seems much more positive than Klopp…

When the mind games sets the tone for victory. By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello friends. I spent virtually all my day playing soccer video games! Each time I finished a game, I quickly started another. Guess the two teams I kept choosing? Yea you guessed right, Liverpool versus Arsenal!
In my video games, Arsenal had a better head to head record! If my game was to give me a glimmer of hope, then I am positive that on Saturday, Arsenal will get a good result. However, if my video games didn’t give me hope, the pre-match press conference held by both Arteta and Klopp, surely did.
In their various press conferences, Arteta sounded positive that the form of his players will give him a edge on Saturday, while Klopp sounded like he was not sure of his team yet according to the Mirror. This kind of gives me joy.
When asked about the relevance of international games in between seasons, Liverpool’s coach, Jurgen Klopp, had this to say: “I hate international breaks and it didn’t help with the injuries,” Klopp began.
“The break was not helpful, I would have loved to have played the week after [the 3-2 defeat by West Ham United].
“Coaches have their own targets and very often think they have to do physical work with the players. The break was not helpful.”
When Arteta spoke, this was what he said: “Well, I see it as a reward,”
“In Emile’s case, because it was his first time, not only for what he’s doing on the pitch but the maturity he’s shown to handle many different situations that happened very, very quickly for him in his career and in the last few months.. I just see enjoyment and happiness.” Arteta said.
I see enjoyment and happiness too all around the Arsenal team, and when a coach sounds so happy in his team, be ready to see the positive impact on the field of play.
I share Arteta’s optimism, and for the first team in a while, it seems Arsenal won the game, even without kicking the ball. Ain’t you excited folks?? Wow!
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. Nice thought, Sylvester, but you’re cherry-picking snippets of gossip to make a positive scenario. Not one word that you have written has any bearing at all on today’s match.

  2. Nice one Sylvester…i actually enjoy your writing style..Arsenal is winning today, and nothing is stopping us.

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