Mings is not the answer for Arsenal

Arsené Wenger please stop the excuses by Joe A

Hey guys Hope you are fine. So I saw this story about Wenger not wanting to risk Koscielny and it does make sense. But Mr Arsené Wenger it is you that did not get another centre-back in. To make it worse, all your known targets are not really top level players.

Now I wuld understand if you don’t go for Matts Hummels or Neven Subotic. Both would want to be starters meaning one of Mertesacker or Koscielny or the new guy, would have to take a seat on the bench. The part I still fail to understand is how much better than Chambers, Hayden, Ajayi and even Monreal is Mings? He’s a Championship player and we are failing to trust those we have – probably because of their level of talent.

I understand the Monreal situation. He impressed at the centre but we risk not having a left back. Chambers is still too raw, I don’t know why Hayden and Ajayi have not been given a chance, but I figure it means they are not trusted enough, and then there would be the point in wanting to maintain stability by not bringing in a big ego but I am sure there are many defenders that are the same level or nearly the same as, or best but not too big as to want to call the shots. Now I know many of you will say “real simple. drop Mertesacker”, but having a centre-back pairing of two pressing defenders usually results in getting caught flat footed. So you need the thinker who is more suited to positional awareness, and the presser who applies pressure and that is why Metersacker and Koscielny play well together.

In my opinion, we should either get a left back that’s good back up but not a big ego (one that is 70% through their career with nothing to lose) so that we can confidently play Monreal at CB when necessary and then, get a defensive mid (at the beginning of his good years) that can also fit in at centre-back occasionally. That gives us fewer sulking players on the bench and enough stock for the back four. I’m not so sure Chambers will ever make a good central midfielder, but I think he’s worth a try. If he can nail it, then we can have deep mid covered with a new signed player as first choice, and also give us an option in the middle, Arteta being the experienced old man for the games when experience is required and Chambers being back up to the centre-backs, right back and deep mid. Monreal being the back up to left back and centre-back, and having another left back just to hold on in case Gibbs and Monreal are both injured. so two players would do – but Wenger, you gotta play with that Lego….


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  1. Why are we doing wenger’s job, if he doesn’t kno his job, let him Go now. Enough is enough! We r being disgraced everytime.

    1. Exactly why talk about the players we need when what we really need is a manager capable of putting together a proper squad to challenge for the league title.

  2. Targeting a championship player for arsenal is disgracefull,we need a quality player who will go straight in to the starting lineup in place of per.the time wenger accept that per is not a starter is the day we will see arsenal having a great defence that we will be proud of

  3. “Chambers is still too raw, I don’t know why Hayden and Ajayi have not been given a chance”
    “we should either get a left back that’s good back up but not a big ego (one that is 70% through their career with nothing to lose”?

      1. Spend spend spend!
        Spend some money. Buy Bejarano.. he is world class.

        PS: Shout out to Hafiz Rahman.

  4. I heard that some fans attack wenger . If it is true then please continue doing it until he gets into his head that we have had enough of his outmoded tactics .

    1. Attacking the manager will never be good for the club in a million years. I love Wenger, but he has been pissing me off lately. I still think he is the best option we have for the near future. But we need to show that we are unhappy so that he can wake up.

    2. Insulting or attacking wont upset AW,
      he will say something like, we learnt a lot from fans throwing bottles at us hope OG was watching so he can learn from this attacking formation and yes we lost Sanchez his out for the rest of the season but we are not a one man team,
      no i wont buy a crash helmet we don’t have the funds like other big clubs i will make do with Padolskis jockstrap his not playing so he don’t need it,
      yes it was nice that i was finally in the injury room i met with someone called Diaby, Walcott, and few others so i sign them up for January transfer,
      next season top spot…. i don’t think we can compete with the likes of Chelsea, Hull, Crystal Palace next season they are too far ahead of us.

  5. It amuses me when people say “Arsene, please stop with excuses” like he can do anything else but try to understand what happens. What’s the alternative? Wenger leaves, right? I am fine with that. But you morons writing stupid articles and putting out banners forget the huge elephant in the room : our board have no clue what to do. The have no strategy, they have no vision, they have no back bone and they are simply greedy. They depend 100% on Wenger to have their dividends paid up on time. If Wenger is gone they will have to find a guy willing to do the same job as Wenger (which is not only coaching mind you). Now, how many managers in the world you know (bar SAF) able to cope with coaching and managing? Mourinho? If that’s true why doesn’t he go train a club like BVB? Ancelotti? Mancini? Guardiola? These people ASK for money from the board. They have no clue on how to make money. These people coach and get trophies but they don’t want to be bothered with the finance stuff. Because they have a competent board (Bayern) or because they have an oil sugga daddyo (City, PSG, Chelsea) or because they can loan trillions without UEFA to tell them anything (Barcelona, Real).
    A lesson to all Arsenal supporters yesterday from BVB fans. They sang the whole game even if BVB was in the relegation zone. They always do that, for them football is a celebration especially when their team is playing it. No one yelled Klopp out. The sentiment is well, we’ve been through rough times, we will go out as we always did. But before let’s enjoy our team and be behind the boys.
    So, before saying again “wnough with excuses” think about the alternative AT OUR CLUB. Not elsewhere because no one is stupid enough to come in the middle of the season and be a scapegoat for whatever the board put in place thse years.
    Personally I am pretty confident that we will come back again at the form we used to have but there’s no denying in the fact that two thirds from our team is simply out of form.

    1. NNAAAA sory mate apart from top Spanish clubs who gets huge share of the TV money and Monocco who is tax free there are no excuse for any teams following FFP rules as we found out when it come in to force last summer.

      And will you stop protecting 8 million a year AW his messed up badly last two seasons by not bolstering with necesery players, and explain to me when even most people who only have a small understanding of football was saying our defence is thin he AW goes and loans out our RB Jenkinson to Westham who is ahed of us becouse of their great defensive work.

      If we won’t make a noise he will not bolster the team in January, if he buys what we need and I mean deacent players DM and couple of CB I will back him all the way until his contract runs out.

      1. Where does it look like I am protecting Wenger? To me the whole team (board,management, squad) are the ones responsible for this f up. It is not about the fact whether Wenger will leave or not, it looks like no one is responsible for the sorry state we are in. This is what pi$$es me off.

        1. Yes but Budd the board is doing their job by making shore the Arsenal fc LTD is afloat and doing well with financess,
          you can’t blame the players if we don’t have defence, so all points to AW it’s his job to argue or even resighn if necesery to to make the funds available, I know me and you desagree on how much money we have but we could of kept Jenkingson and afford to buy a class DM last summer.

          1. So you think Mertesacker or Chambers or Monreal or Gibbs they don’t want to play because themselves think they are no good enough.
            Who the fu ck should I blame first if they put such a pathetic show in the field? My gran’ ma?

    2. There is a point in there, but it is invalid…

      It is invalid because your Prof is the one who hired his boss the CEO who is part of the so called board you are talking about. So critisising the board means critsising the prof who is in reality part of the board.

      Moreover, this so called he has to be a finance expert. Please, give me a break. We are talking about Wenger who for years has had one of the highest wage bills in Europe for average players.

      So to conclude I would rather take my chances with an ignorant board minus one of its members as CHANGE is needed asap. What is there to lose? 4th place? Champions league money that we never use? If anything we can save 3-4 million on manager wage only!

  6. Good article. The poster is thinking of ways we can manage the resources we’ve got already. No need to go after unrealistic targets.

  7. New LB – new CB – new CDM is all I want for Christmas.

    And top quality players non of these hand me downs.

  8. We need Hummels, Benatia, Varane or De Vrij. Not someone from the Championship. It will take him at least a season to adjust. Remember Koscielny first season anyone?

  9. I’ve said many times in my rants on here that I am completely disillusioned as to why we are competing for players that the likes of Tottenham, West Ham, Newcastle, and to a degree Liverpool are going after. Did we not build the Emirates so that we could compete with the cream of Europe? Well surely to do that we need cream on the pitch?

    I’ve also stated that i admire Wenger for getting us through the times when money wasn’t available yet he kept us in the top four. Not to mention his past successes. Successes that will forever linger in my mind. Tony Adams banging in the fourth against Everton, The doubles, The Invincibles. I must say I think the attitude of the few at the station on Saturday was disgusting, and I hope these people take a long hard look at themselves. There is a right and a wrong way to air your feelings.

    I read an article in which Wenger is quoted as saying he didn’t want to get off the bench and stir the Stoke fans up and give them more reason to get fired up, and fire the Stoke team up. Well Mr Wenger, if this is the best tactical decision you could come up with on Saturday then we really are in trouble. He must also take the blame for the lack of reinforcements made to the team. No-one else can carry the can for this. He’s committed managerial suicide in the transfer market.

    I’ve also read an article in which Nigel Winterburn states that Wenger is changing, as we’d never have bought the likes of Ozil and Sanchez in the past, and he’s convinced he will bring in the players needed. There are two points i’d like to raise here. Yes i think he will bring in players but will they be the right player of the right quality? We currently seem to have too many of the same type of player (Except defenders). Secondly. I’m not convinced that even if he did bring in players that add to the diversity of the squad, that he’d tactically be able to utilise them correctly or alter the pattern of play. I really think that tactically he’s out of his depth against even managers like Mark Hughes who I don’t really rate. The result against Stoke wasn’t really a surprise, the manner in which we were letting goals in was. At one point I feared another Chelsea or Liverpool result.

    I can, to a degree, see where the AKB’s are coming from. After all he’s our most successful manager. But i also think the AKB’s are scared of change. They have fallen into a safe little place where Arsene will almost certainly guarantee CL football, and might come close to winning trophies. If Arsene were to leave before his contract expires then these will be the same fans that will say i told you so if the new manager doesn’t come good.

    My feeling is that come the end of the season, whatever position we finish in Wenger should walk away. The board should sit down with Wenger and have a frank discussion. They need to start the process of finding Wenger’s replacement now. Yes it’s a risk. We can all point to Man U and say look what happened with Moyes. But In Louis Van Gaal they have a top manager who I believe is turning the club around but it will take a bit of time. We had Bruce Rioch before Wenger! so Arsenal fans are well aware of the risks. But the scenes from Saturday should not be dismissed by the club. There is potentially a major issue brewing within the fan base of this club that could have far worse long term implications than getting a new manager would bring.

    I also read another interesting blog earlier in which an Arsenal fan says that his love for football is waning. And I must say it’s something that really hit home with me. I remember years ago under George Graham when I was growing up how much passion i had for football and for Arsenal. I remember getting the train from Brondesbury as a kid and travelling to Highbury & Islington station, walking up towards the ground with the other fans and then back again after the match. No matter what the result I had passion in me. I remember one game in particular against Leeds in which we were losing and Keown picked the ball up and ran most of the length of the pitch, weaving his way through, only for his shot to hit the corner flag. But I felt a connection with every fan in that ground. We all had that passion and belief. This continued into the short Rioch era and Wenger Era. But now I have the strange feeling in me and I don’t like it. I’ve lost some of my passion. I don’t feel inclined to come to the matches as often as I once did. I don’t mind if the other half says she wants to watch some soap or other meaning I don’t watch the game on TV, to which she asks if i’m feelign alright. She even finds the subject of asking how Arsenal did easier to broach. In the past id have probably sulked if we’d had a bad result.

    I know that every club has it’s ups and downs. As supporters its something you buy into. But the frustration for me and perhaps many other Arsenal fans is the fact that we seem to be our own worst enemy. We have the funds to turn this around, but we have a silent board, a clueless owner and a manager with grand canyon pockets, tyranosaurus arms and a stubborness most women would struggle to match (Sorry ladies no offence meant).

    Sorry Arsene but I have to say, Thanks for the memories, but it’s time to go.

    1. “We are 3 points away from our usual berth” sums up the problem with the club and where we are heading! Because fourth is good enough. One FA cup in 10 years and a community shield win against a team that didn’t really care and I should feel happy that all the money I pump into the club keeps us marginally better than the spuds!

      I never said I agreed with the fans that abused Wenger. In fact it’s disgusting behaviour. But I’m afraid I expect success to a degree. Not just to sit here thinking well we got fourth and have loads of money in the bank so I’m happy as Larry! We don’t have to spend like Man City or Chelski to compete. As fans we aren’t getting value for our ticket prices. But the greedy board are getting healthy profits. And as Wenger gets £7 million a season I expect him to deliver and he’s not doing it anymore.

  10. Can I just point out that this is just a rumor. He has also been linked to Chelsea, Man City and United, Liverpool, Tottenham, and I vaguely remember a Hull link.

    He is youngish and playing quite well so he gets linked… This always happens, it doesn’tmean anything.

    Stop overreacting.

  11. Clubs arent trying to buy Mings for the player he is now they want him for the player they all believe he will become. We bought Chambers with that same view point.

    1. And The Ox and Walcott, and Campbell, and Miachi, and so on and so forth. Why can’t we buy players for now? Because we inevitably buy players that either don’t turn out to be as good as they promised or do then bugger off! Then we get back on the merry go round of buying yet another player for what he might be in the future. Is anyone else getting a feeling of groundhog day?

  12. At the end of the day the abuse against Wenger is simply disgraceful. On the other replacing Wenger may be an option and I understand those who wants him gone where they come from but at the same time I have that feeling that he can still be that man for us. If the team is not performing well it is a factor of a couple of things, sure the manager plays a big part (transfer windows policy,tactics) but the players also have to perform to the level required at Arsenal: sure we could have better players at certain positions but talent we’re not lacking across the field. 1)A lot of game this year when you look at the lack of composure in front of goal where we could have led 3,4 maybe even 5 goals it is not down to Wenger. He is not the one shooting but surely he is here to help them improve. 2) Defensively himself and the board is at fault as the board should give him more room to operate (money we have and we’re the fans paying the most) but also not blindly trust him. In retrospective letting Vermaelen go was a good move for 15m pound with his injuries but getting only Chambers and trusting him to play at a high level every game filling multiple positions wasn’t a wise one. 3)Injuries is really an issue as well and hopefully with the on going investigations and new fitness coach by next season we will cut that by half. 4)Half of our problem can be fix if this winter window turns out to be a success in the players in (DM+CB priority) for more stability and recapture that blend of flair and steel…again no need to overspend 30 millions on each target, just getting the right players early and ones with quality and proven on a high level: there’s a few out there just need to be done but the board and Wenger must fix those issues…for the names everybody as there opinions

  13. I understand the fans anger against wenger, but never the less it was quite disgraceful in the way we behaved, in this particular circumstance..

    Now on to the topic of MING (flash Gordon), from my understanding he is actually a center back that was asked to play left back and has gotten good at it, do we need him when we have young talented players such as Hayden, Chambers, O’connor, and Ajayi, well i would say YES. He has the built to compete in this league, the speed and height is also a plus.

    Where experience might be lacking we still have the services of Mert and Kos to pair him with and to gather experience on the job. now many will be calling for Hummels, Schar, Van Dyck and so on, but all those players are cup tied and though for some that dont matter, but i say it does , the main objective is to go as far as possible in the CL, many feel we can not win , but i feel anything is possible in the knock out stage.

    If we could get Vlaar and Ming i would be quite Delighted, i would rather a DM and 2 CBs though, so just couple more weeks to find out

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