Missed chances and VAR give Arsenal another disappointing weekend

Back to square one we go!

Another weekend and another loss for our boys. Two back to back 1-0 losses in the Premier League with the strongest team Arteta has at his disposal. What is going on?

The team was revealed and going into the game I felt as positive as ever. Maybe the second half against Rapid on Thursday filled me with more positivity then what it should have, and again I underestimated our opponents. But seeing them start without Jamie Vardy was more than a blessing. A back four for Arsenal, differed for Leicester as they went three at the back and five in midfield. It seemed as though Brendan Rogers was clueless with his formation, I know I questioned it myself, but it seemed to help Arsenal and although it was an evenly contested game in those first 20 minutes, I felt like Arsenal slowly grew into the game.

We got an early goal which was debatably ruled out for offside it seems, and that seemed to knock the confidence out of our boys. But things like this will happen in games, you have to dust yourself off and get on with it pushing for more goals and the win.

But Arsenal struggled to find the back of the net despite having both Aubameyang and Lacazette upfront. Then on came Pepe and again to no avail, the goals dried up during the game, it could also be said that Rogers’ formation worked wonders as the game went on, they pegged Arsenal back and defended well then on came Vardy and ruined the night!

So yet again it turns into a disappointing weekend for Arsenal, rueing the missed chances with the 6-1 shots they had within the first 20 minutes.

Arteta needs to analyse and analyse much deeper than just the lack of goals. Something is clearly up with the boys, but they need to dust themselves off and pick themselves up because it will only get tougher from here!

Shenel Osman

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  1. A back 4 system without a number 10 playmaker?
    Not sure what we were trying to do. We in fact reverted to playing as 3 at the back with all balls being forced through the side ways and backways as before.
    Secondly we can not have a midfield of 3 slow players Thomas, Zhaka and Cebs all in one team.
    Because we lack a number 10 and Ozil was locked out of the team, then play Smith Rowe or Willcock. I know fans do not rate Willy, but the boy presses the opposition and forces them into error.

    1. Secondly, Arteta saw the game plan of L.City but did nothing about it for 90 minutes.
      We did not try to pull the out of their den.
      I cant understand but it seems playing back wards, and side ways is the new Arsenal way.
      May be its to limit heavy loses.

  2. I will keep saying it, Lacazette cost us the game, and what exactly was Leno doing coming out when gabriel was already closing down Under, but I’m not even going to talk about Leno too much because I already know his ability. And Arteta is needs to sort some things out, why buy Saliba for 30million but he’s not good enough to come on when David Luiz got injured🥺

    1. Leno has already proven that the wrong keeper was sold! Leno is full of arrogant confidence now that Martinez has gone. Leno is number one and seems untouchable. Leno is a really good keeper. But, he’s also a liability. A ticking time bomb!

      1. What did Leno do wrong?

        Is he responsible for mustafi not being in his position?

        Let Leno be cos every good goalkeeper will come out to close the angle

        1. I think goals are not alwyas conceded because of faults or low efforts from defenders and gks. It is clear that teams score againest us by CREATING clear cut chances and neat finishing.
          including yesterday’sgame

      2. GunneRay, So laughably wrong as to be sad that a, PRESUMABLY , thinking fan can actually believe what you believe!
        Can you please explain to “we less intelligent fans than you” how it is even POSSIBLE to be “a really good keeper but also a liability”!

        Which is it, as both, obviously , CANNOT be true! Perhaps you believe that the greater the keeper, the more he is a liability? Do you?

    2. I don’t understand the situation with Saliba is some have said he is too young and inexperienced for the PL how will he get experience if he is not given game time? His former team mate Fofana seems to be coping in the PL playing long side an experienced cb.If he was supposed to be a very good defender when we signed him what has happened to him?

    3. You clearly has zero knowledge on goalkeeping. The goal keeper should always cover his near post, which is what Leno. If Leno positioned himself in the middle of his goal yesterday I would’ve call for him to be sold.

  3. Just when I had the courage to go and watch our game after a very long time…booom! we are set back to default settings. I don’t know anymore what is wrong with our club. Some may blame the manager now for not playing ozil but we’ve had same results for much too long even when ozil was playing. Extremely disappointing result. Next is our butcher ground Old Trafford, I think we all know the result already, only the scores.


  5. The coach is clueless didnt have plan B or may be doesnt know what to do no experiance with such big club meeds to sign better manager but arsenal is run by a cheap minded board or the owner

  6. Phenom may God bless Any sensible person will see and know that yesterday’s goal was mustafi fault and not Leno buh I don’t blame some people here tho.

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